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I am going to ask each of you to look at things a little differently for the next week. Actually it is a sort of challenge, a dare if you will.

I am going to ask you to really think about how you treat those older than yourselves. Not only the 80 year old great grandma figure that shuffles with a walker... but those who are your parents age or older and I will tell you why.

When you think I am not looking I see you roll your eyes, I hear that long drawn out sigh that tells me louder than words what you think of anyone "over 30". (ok... I am way over 30.. there I said it! :)) It hurts my heart when I hear those comment about "what does she know". Believe it or not... I have probably been there and done that more often than you have.

I remember the day and time when John F Kennedy (he was the president of the USA for those kids out there who don't know it) was assassinated. I saw the country go into mourning.. and to this day I still feel the pain of it.

I was there when Martin Luther King was assasinated. Another day that pushed many of us into a 2nd mourning.

I was there when Robert Kennedy (who was running for president) was assassinated.

I was there when George Wallace (a bigot who was running for president) was shot and crippled for life.

I was there when man first landed on the moon... and I was there when Apollo nine was in trouble and the country held it's breath to see if they would live or die. (it was not just a movie)

I was there when people were killed at Kent State for standing up for their beliefs.

I was there when we were told to hide under our wooden desks in school in case of a nucler bomb. (I know... I think about that now and wonder what their reasoning was! :)) I lived in fear just like the rest of the country that Cuba would kill us all.

I was there when color TV's were introduced to households that could afford it. I remember Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo and the original Mickey Mouse Club (which was in black and white).

I was there when portable radios were first affordable.

I was there when soda pop was in a glass bottle, diapers were made of cloth, pants were not allowed for girls in public schools (dresses or skirts to or below the knee only), gas was 19 cents a gallon, and bread was made in the oven.

I was there when Starsky and Hutch, Star Trek (the original), Bewitched and Get Smart were weekly television series.

I was there when the Soviet Union was considered our enemy. My grandmother was Russian.. something I never found out until after she died... it was considered shameful to admit it.

I was there when typing class was done on a typewriter that didn't plug in and later when we got the first electric typewriters. I was there when home computers were first invented... and I was one of those people who wondered why anyone would want one in their homes.

I was there when we had a party line. This was a land line we shared with our neighbors who could listen in to our calls and vice versa.

I was there when "free love" drugs, booze and rock and roll were just starting with people under 30.

I was there when cable tv was made available, but not always affordable, and I was one of many who wondered why anyone would need more than 2 channels.

I was there when televison stations signed off at midnight with the commercial "do you know where your children are?" followed by the national anthem.

I was there when the Vietnam war was still going strong. I had 3 brothers there all at the same time. I heard the horror stories of napalm, agent orange... and worst of all how parents would strap bombs on their children and send them running to our soldiers.. and I cried.

I was there when the Challenger blew up.. and I cried.

I was there when we attacked Iraq the first time... and I cried.

I was there when Manson and his followers were in custody... and we wondered if he was crazy... or truly evil.

I was there when the people of Jonestown committed mass suicides.

I lived in a time before cell phones or other portable communication devices were even a thought. I lived in a time where the phone went unanswered because your visitors were more important.

When I was young I did things that you probably have never heard of to my body and my mind. I was a "wild child" who's best friends boyfriend was a dealer. You can guess where that is going. I was angry at the world... I did my share of fighting with both men and women.. but guns were never even thought of. I ran with a lot of other "wild children" and now I guess you would call it a gang. The worst thing we ever did to anyone else was key their car or put a paper bag of burning dog poop in their door step. Well.. there was that other thing.. but if I say it here.. someone will try it as well.. lets just say someone's had to do some major remodeling to their home. nuff said.

I am older than most of you... I have lived through major inventions, tragedies, horrors and happiness. I have seen the birth of children and the death of parent and siblings. I have rejoiced and I have grieved.

So the next time you roll your eyes and think "what does she know".. remember... we usually know a lot more than you ever will.

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Comment by Cassandra on December 11, 2008 at 7:10am
I agree with you on that. I do notice that... alot. I see how my brother (19) and sisters (17 &16) treat my parents and me. Really rude and disrespectful. I understand what you are saying. I really do wish that they would listen... not hear or ignore what people say. It is true, they think they know what they want or know everything. For example: my sisters are living lifes that my parents and I don't approve of. They come and go as they please. They never ask permission until they are doing whatever it is. All of them have been in trouble with the law. They have sneeked out of the house. Drugs and drinking have been involved. (it's terrible) We have talked to them, voicing our opinions... but they just don't listen. They want us to listen to them, but they don't in return.

I really don't remember being like that with my elders. I have always listened to their opinions. I know that there were times when i would not agree, but i would sit still and quiet and listen to them. Afterwords when i was alone, i would do the eye rolling or she's crazy thing, (but i did think about what they said). But never to their face. I listened to my parents.... and i have not been in trouble with the law, or lived a horrible life. I'm glad, i learned from their experiences and opinions. But i have been told by many people that i am mature for my age. No matter what age i was, at the time. I had to grow up quickly and there are times when i messed up... but i learn from my mistakes. These teenagers now, don't learn. They repeat what people before them, their friends or they do/did.

I don't know...
Comment by erthgoddss on December 10, 2008 at 2:53pm
Absolutely Cassandra.. I agree that everyone should listen. But that is the meaning of my post. Because I occasionally... not often but occasionally... can offer little pearls of wisdom, those times are met with rolling eyes and the old "she doesn't understand" or "she doesn't know what she is talking about"... and that just isn't true, if THEY would listen... they might learn something or take away a little pearl. What makes is even more sad... I used to do it to my parents when I was young too. Now that I am older... I remember what I did. The difference between us... I have an outlet called the internet... they didn't.

I am an extreme liberal. Most people like me.. most respect me.. most listen to me or befriend me. For as old as I am... I shouldn't have 20 something friends.. but I do. Actually all of my friends are under the age of 30. They say it is because I am accepting... I am not sure if it is that or immaturity. At any rate.. most people I come into contact with for any time.. don't treat me like that. It is the younger late teens and early 20 something people that I find rude and disrepectful.. not only of me but of anyone who is older. THEY are the ones not willing to listen.. they believe they already know it all, and they do not.
Comment by Cassandra on December 10, 2008 at 2:16pm
I will say that i have never really disrespected anyone "older" than me on purpose. I know that there have been times that i disagree with my elders, but i listen to their opinions. Sometimes i learn from their mistakes. I'm 24, and i try to respect everyone around me, no matter their age.

Also, i know that everyone has experienced different events in their lifetimes. Some have had it with less drama, others have had really bad experiences. That is why i never say that my life has been hard or bad. I realize that i had/have it easier then several others.

But i will say this (no disrespect to anyone) No matter what age... we can all learn from each other. There are older people that can learn from people my age or younger. There are people younger than me that can learn from people my age or older. Or people my age that can learn from people younger or older then us. Like I said before... we all can learn from each other. And... we all have had different lifes. We are all different. So really nobody knows more then anybody else. We just have experienced different things at different times in our lifes.

There are good points in this post ( i will say that) because i see teenagers now that are worse with the attitude.

Like i said... i don't mean to disrespect anyone or you erthgoddss. This is just my opinion.

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