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A psychologist friend recently told me that all prayer is self talk. He is an athiest. He says that no matter if you pray silently like most Christian religions or chanting out loud like many non-christians... it is still just self talk. If you want something bad enough you will talk yourself into figuring out a way to get it. When we get the "idea" of how to get what we want... it is then considered an answer from our God or Goddess. In his opinion when we ask a question, we already know the answer... we just don't like that answer, so when our "prayer isn't answered" it is because we didn't think of any different way out of that particular situation.

I know how I feel about his statement (we had a very long discussion about it :) ) But I would like to know what you think.

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Comment by strangeambitions on December 1, 2008 at 2:14pm
you can argue that everything is self talk. you can even use physics to say that in a real way we create the universe by observing it so there's no neutrality in any self talk and we control the universe to our own detriment most of the time. I'd prefer to believe there is a little commonality, a little impenetrable solidity that exists. somewhere in there is room for ritual, prayer, a focusing of individual or group consciousness that affects that hazy rest and can create different outcomes.

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