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SIMPLE PRINCIPALS & SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS TO GET STARTED ON THEIR SOLITARY MAGICAL AND SPIRITUAL PATH (NOTE: The word “Magic” or “Magick”, I have been told, has connotations of pulling a rabbit out of a hat for the lay person or for people unfamiliar with the art of working with, connecting with or becoming nature, ones environment or the sole singular creative source of energy or other lesser sources of energy. Sorcery is exactly that, working with or becoming one with energy sources to create a specific response, result or effect. While Many of those who are adept would say that why amend words for the reluctant novice or neophyte when they should already have in their heart an earnest desire to enter the mystic realms, I would answer that though this may be true, conditioning religious oppression as well as parental, social and over all societal pressure can stifle even a most natural witch and disconnect them from their inner call. Everybody deserves a chance to be free and to learn even the most delicate and simplest steps that can empower and lead them to their own path to ascension. Isn’t that any true Adepts job? To heal and make sure everybody gets a fair shake and opportunity to evolve and find ascension or at the very least whatever that means to the individual?) Sympathetic magic is simply put a “symbolic act”. For example the Christian and Catholic sacrament, the Holy Eucharist is in essence a sympathetic ritual performed in commemoration of the “Last Supper” before Jesus Christ’s inevitable capture, arrest and crucifixion when, as the bible, indicates he said as he gave his disciples bread “This is my body…” and gave wine saying “This is my blood…” Not only does this ritual commemorate Jesus Christ but also allows a follower of that faith to become one in Holy Communion. Though I am no longer a Catholic or Christian I think that this ritual is the most beautiful and sacred of all the Christian / Roman Catholic rituals save for marriage. Sympathetic magic must be a symbolic act which conveys ones intent. 1) Sympathetic magic practice session: Close your eyes. Imagine / visualize an ornate goblet before you. The goblet must be bejeweled and lined with gold and silver. (Always concentrate on details.) Now, imagine / visualize an iridescent milky white liquid in the goblet glowing and illuminating the darkness around you. Focus is key. Look into this liquid and tell yourself that this liquid is spiritual wisdom; it is the energy of all beginnings and limitless light that no darkness can tear asunder. Focus on the liquid. Then when you’re ready, pick up the goblet feeling the texture of it and the weight of it noting the buoyancy of the liquid inside. Then drink. *****************DO THIS SIMPLE EXCERSISE BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN******************** It seems like an uncomplicated meditative technique doesn’t it? No one would ever know that it is actually a minor sympathetic ritual via Incantation with keys weaved in to it to kick start your spiritual energy. The bejeweled goblet= your higher self, which is connected to the divine and one with all the secrets of creation but separate from your current personality. Gold and Silver= Male and female energies for balance and the balance of spirit and body. The shining iridescent milky white liquid= positive infinite universal spiritual energy that we, all of us have access to regenerate, heal and empower ourselves from the inside (spirit) to the outside (Physical body). This liquid is also the key that activates our spiritual awakening on deeper conscious levels gently and at our own pace. It will assist in our understanding along whatever path we choose to embark on and whatever spiritual sojourn we see fit to take. This is also an excellent beginning in terms of practicing as well as sharpening your skills of meditation, visualization and creativity. 2) Sympathetic magic practice session II: Get a glass from your cupboard. Pour wine, water, juice, coffee whatever liquid you prefer and fill that glass with it. Then perform the practice session ritual. Using the glass you’ve just prepared. Try visualizing with your eyes open and visualize that glass as being the bejeweled goblet with gold and silver. Visualize the liquid being the shiny iridescent milky color.Doing this is particularly important. Because you will be merging your actions on the astral and mental with the physical which will be giving the sympathetic ritual three times the potency it originally had when you first did it. 3) Meditation Technique practice session III: Now that you tried a little spell casting, you may want to work on your meditation skills. I can already hear people ask? What?! Meditation?! What does meditation have to do with sorcery, wizardry or witchcraft? Simply put? EVERYTHING! Being able to silence the mind on cue is the most coveted power in the history of magic itself. No one can excel if the mind cannot be willed to do what you want it to do. You must be in total control of your mind, your thoughts and know every nook and cranny of it. Our minds can be so cluttered, unfocused or too focused on things that we can’t change or that are temporarily out of our control. Some of us toss and turn not able to shut off our minds and some of us don’t even try to use are minds opting for self medication as a way to slow our minds down. We tend to forget that or minds are as complex as the universe because it is not our consciousness which is purely temporal. Our minds are the part of us that is not only exempt from time, space, distance, matter, light, dark, death and life but it can go through these states of being as if they were doorways because that is exactly what our minds are, a doorway. A doorway to our inner universe and when were ready, to the outer Universe. What helps me to get familiar with my inner Universe is Sacred Geometry. No, I am not telling you to do equations or figure out the circumference or radiuses of circles, I am talking about art which finds its foundation with geometric shapes. How does this work? I’m glad you asked?! Here is a geometric Shape. Just look at it for about 2 minutes or so.

Note: that after a while of staring at this geometric shape you will notice 3rd dimensional features which will fluctuate from being round to a bowl like feature. It will take other features and characteristics as well. I have noticed when meditating with geometric shapes a slight headache in sues. I have found however that my perceptions become clearer, my thoughts more ordered and my thought processes more manageable. Sacred Geometry, through meditation can tame a savage and chaotic mind. (Find more art samples on line via any typical search engine.) I would first meditate with actual “BLACK & WHITE” diagram before actual art works based on sacred geometry to condition the mind and establish some order and for initial clean up. The Use of Affirmations (personal truths to be focused and/or self programmed in to your mind.) can be helpful to clean up mental and unconscious debris in conjunction with sacred geometry diagrams. Useful affirmations: • MY MIND IS AS CRYSTAL CLEAR AS A CLEAN TRANSPARENT POOL OF WATER. • I OPEN MY MIND ONLY TO POSITIVE ENERGIES TO HELP ME EVOLVE. • I AM A SPIRITUAL BEING PROTECTED, LOVED, LOVING AND POWERFUL. • MY CONCIOUS OR UNCONCIOUS FEARS HAVE NO POWER OVER ME. • I AM A SPIRITUAL WARRIOR PROTECTING AND PROTECTED. • UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS A SACRED POWER, NOT A SHAMFUL WEAKNESS. • I AM NOT A VICTIM, I AM A SURVIVOR. • MY KINDNESS IS NOT A WEAKNESS AND MY KINDNESS WILL NOT BE ABUSED BY THE WEAKNESSES OF OTHERS. • I LET GO OF ALL SELF DESTRUCTIVE PATTERNS OF THOUGHT, HABITS AND SELF IMAGES THAT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY CAUSE ME PAIN. Do these practices for at least a month or two. Create a journal be it on a note pad or purchase a note book so that you can record your experience on this journey. I urge you to practice visualizing anything and everything focusing on detail. Practice visualizing with your eyes open. Work with sacred geometry and create your own sympathetic rituals and spells. The more creative the better. Do your own research, look up books buy them if you can and read them. Compare opinions and thoughts using your own judgment and connect with others on the path even if it is just to ask questions. (ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS! DURING THIS PROCESS! PERIOD!) Part two “CROSSING THE LOOKING GLASS” Magic is an amalgam of religion, mysticism, occultism, science, and psychology. Magic is also the taking of spiritual responsibility for our own immortal souls and accepting the fact that we are co-creators with the Creator in all it’s multi-cultural and forms. It is our actions and reactions alone that influence, shape, create or destroy reality. Not the GOD archetype but our own. We also have a role to play in our own salvation. I’m sure that any adept you speak to will tell you that magic is not a toy nor is it to be used to placate an idle fancy. I am from an old school of ethics in which they dictate, that if one truly has a desire to be a witch, healer, sorcerer, mage, or any type of magic folk then one must eat, sleep, drink, think, feel, practice , study and poo, magic until it is a part you. Body mind, heart and soul. You do not work magic. You work to become magical and if successful you ARE a magic. (Maybe not so much the poo part, but you get the point. One must be diligent, and willing to put in considerable time, work and effort to become part of the magical realm.) Your intent is key. What does magic mean to you? Why do you have an interest in magic? What are your motives for learning magic? What is your agenda when you do? What is it that you want from magic? Only you can answer these things and so before you continue write an essay about Magic answering these questions in detail. Be as honest and heartfelt as possible because should you pursue this path, in the future you could delve back to these pages and read your own words. You could very well renew your own purpose and spirituality. Think long and hard before entering the world of magic. It is real. It is as beautiful and wondrous as it is at times frightening and misunderstood. Magic can make peoples reality brighter, kinder and happier. It can teach, heal, protect and promote unity. Always remember that your biggest adversary will always be yourself. Your ego, your need for power, your pride, your abuse of power, your attraction to the dark parts of magic which can soil your soul with guilt as you get older and wiser. Again magic is not a game. So having said that if you have waited, contemplated, wrote the essay and have practiced the above exercises, then here is a personalized spell to open the energies to get you started on your path of the solitary practioner seeking knowledge and magical wisdom. Through voracious study, practice and unwavering honesty to the self you will always be guided by the divine. MAKE SURE AND BE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE YOU CANNOT BE INTERRUPTED! “THE LOOKING GLASS” Items for the ritual: 1) A Mirror 2) 2 Candles 3) glass of water 4) A crystal or stone 5) A feather or knife Athame. (Athame=ceremonial dagger) 6) Sand/dirt from a bus stop or bus station (half a handful) 7) Sand/dirt from a train station (half a handful) 8) Cornmeal This ritual must be performed Naked and in the dark. (It must be very dark for this ritual to work.) You may use one candle to aid you in the reciting of the incantation. Place the mirror on the floor before you. Around the mirror, place candle to the North, the feather or athame to the East, the crystal or stone to the South and the glass of water to the West. (The elements and symbols for the elements are always the same but the directions in which the elements are situated tend to vary from magical tradition to magical tradition. This directional setting is based on the qabbalistic tradition.) Sprinkle cornmeal in a horizontal line left to right over the mirror. Make sure the line is pronounced. DO not light the North candle YET! Once all is in place, kneel before the mirror in silence. Breathe in 9 short bursts of air then hold and count to nine. Then exhale. Do this rhythmic breathing and exhaling 9 times. Then take a deep breath hold and count to nine then exhale. Listen to the sounds around you. Focus on your heart beat. Think about all the fears you carry. All the anger, all the shame and all the confusion. Think about all the pain and sorrow and all the guilt you carry. These are your demons. Visualize them. You need to let them go. They have no power over you. Visualize yourself on the other side of the line you drew. This part of you is your negative self. The part of you that wants to fail. The part of you that wants you alone. It wants you to be in pain, to sabotage all you’re trying to achieve. It too has no power over you. (REMEMBER: YOUR POWER IS YOUR INTENT AND YOUR PURPOSE. YOU ARE SELF INITIATING AND LEAVING YOUR OLD SELF BEHIND.) See these things and feel these things in the living darkness with no fear. INCANTATION (In Latin): Putus est mi anima et psyche. Venire Lumen de mea anima immortalis. Defendere me. Venire foras primus lumen quod vinco omnis obscuritas. Translation: Pure is my soul and mind. Come forth light of my immortal soul. Defend me. Come forth first light which defeats all darkness. Visualize a great mirror form where the cornmeal line was drawn. Apertus porti de speculum! Porti ad mundus de magica et sapientia. Porti ad vita de magica et sapientia! Apertus, Apertus, Apertus! Translation: Open gates of the mirror! Gates to a world of magic and wisdom. A gate to a life of magic and wisdom! Audire me Titanide de omnis porti et omnis ostiumi. Sacer testis, tus quae audire omnis votumi de magica. Audire me! Translation: Here me Titaness of all gates and all doorways. Sacred witness, you who hear all vows of magic. Here me! HERE YOU SPEAK HONESTLY ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS AND WHY YOU SEEK TO CROSS THE REALMS TO WALK TWO ROADS. THE ROAD OF MAGIC AND THE ROAD OF THE COMMON REALITY. DO NOT CROSS IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS, IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE NOT READY. (IF YOU ARE NOT READY AND NEED TO END THIS RITUAL, JUST SAY “CUM AMOR ET SACER RESPECTUS ME CLAUSUS OMNIS PORTI ET OSTIUMI! ME CLAUSUS MEA RITUALIS!”/ “WITH LOVE AND RESPECT I CLOSE ALL GATES AND ALL DOORS. I CLOSE MY RITUAL!” IF YOU PROCEED AND HAVE SPOKEN HONESTLY AND TRUE, Now you light the Northen candle. As you pour the sands you have gathered on to the mirror you say: "I open the gates that I may travel into the world and reality of magic. To live, protect, learn, love, heal and be one with magic. I travel from my world to the world of magic. I leave behind all that I was. I leave behind my fears and my doubts. I leave behind my negativity, my anger and my confusion. I leave behind all my guilt, sorrow and pain. I forgive all that I may be free to leave this world for the reality of magic and light. Hecate grant me safe passage into the reality of magic and wisdom that answers may find me and that I may find them by thy will, mighty Hecate, Titaness of Gateways, doorways and witchcraft. Once you have poured the contents over the mirror and you can still visualize the mirror over it, you may rise and walk through the mirror. Once you do, kneel and sit facing where you were once sitting. It will seem like it is a thousand miles away. If it does, it was a successful ritual. You are now on the other side of the looking glass. Remember to research different pantheons, different mythologies, different magical traditions to find one that calls to you. Keep studying, practicing and learning and always be at peace with yourself and everyone else around you. Protect yourself and others when you need to. You can always learn from anyone and anything. Let me know how it goes!

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