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About 7 years ago something happened to me and to this day I haven't been able to figure out what it means. I was outside one summer night it was a full moon. I've always loved being out on a full moon. All the sudden I was in the middle of the road and couldn't move. I heard whispers all around me but couldn't make out what they were saying as though they were speaking another language. I saw a woman in a black dress or cloak float across the moon. I know and could feel it wasn't cloud because I felt someone there with me. After that I saw these hands reaching out to me. My brother tried yelling for me to get inside 3 times before I heard him. As soon as I got in I went to the window to look out. all the sudden the whole outside turned red even the moon. I felt this. burning sensation flow through my veins. Can anyone help me figure out what this means? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Comment by tiffany on January 29, 2014 at 7:04pm
I'm more on the first and second theory of yours. I think the woman is me from the past cause of her clothes and also is probably why I never see her face cause she probably looks like me or I look like her lol. I think she practiced witchcraft cause of her necklace. the third one about me being crazy I know isn't true cause I have seen a doctor to get tested and nothing is wrong with me crazy wise. I think the woman might have practiced witchcraft or something cause after I saw her the first time is when my sense for things were woken up. thank you so much though what you said is more information and possibilities then I have ever gotten from anyone and I really appreciate it.
Comment by Unjest on January 29, 2014 at 7:06am

Well, it could still mean any number of things. Precognition is a possibility, depending on your beliefs on how the future goes about happening. Some precogs have noted that sometimes when they have more violent visions, there is sometimes a sort of backlash to it, leaving them marked with some things that had happened, such as bruising and cuts, but that's also pending on the beliefs you follow. In relation to that, it could mean that the women you are seeing is yourself from a different timeline, either past or future.

Another variation could be that you have an acute sense of energies around you, which is why you see ghosts and sense when places are "haunted" and the intent of those things. You pick up on the energies left behind by things that have happened, and energy would hold a more violent feel if there was violence involved, or more of a calm, passive feel for things that were of a more normal nature. In such a thing as that, the women could be something that has been in your life for a while that has a certain energy signature that you are tuned to, so you see different things that the energy signature consists of.

And the final possibility I can think of is a form of psychosis, which would probably be schizophrenia. The hallucinations are possible with that mental disorder, up to and including the darker figures and "ghosts". There are recorded cases of people waking up with scratches and bruises in places they could not have managed to do to themselves which are psychosomatic. The mind convinces the body that these injuries are real to the point that the body actually reacts to them, causing them to actually happen on their own. The dream about your grandparents dieing can easily be related to you hearing something about them being sick, but it not registering on a conscious level, but you still knew it subconsciously, so when you fell to sleep your subconscious picked that for you to dream of.

Most people will say that the third one is the least possible, but I'm not here to tell you what the truth is. I'm just telling you things that I see as a possibility, because in all honesty, it isn't possible to actually put an exact truth on such things. It always falls back to your beliefs and the perspective you have on everything. Some people only wish to accept certain things, and then there are people such as myself who keep all possibilities open for thought, even the less favorable ones such as you just being crazy. So take what you want from what I've said and form your own thoughts on it, because in the end you're the only person who can really know what it is that makes those things as such for you, and what the woman you see actually means.

Comment by tiffany on January 28, 2014 at 8:33pm
Things have happened to.me since then. I have seen that same woman in dreams more than I can count. I've been able to tell if a place is haunted and I notice things normal people don't. I can feel when a spirit is present. If its good or bad. I've become really good at reading people and telling what kind of person they are. What happened to me means something I can just tell and feel it. Its really hard to explain what I felt that night. Before it happened I lived there for about a year and a half or maybe 2 years. Before that happened I always woke up with scratches and bruises on me that I know I did not do in my sleep for one I've always kept my nails really short for 2 they were always in places Iwould be impossible to do myself. One bruise where finger prints. After the night when all that weird stuff happened I lived there for another year. When we moved stuff still kept happening like the woman showing up in dreams. That still happens today. I see things sometimes too like figures of cloaked shadows I've actually seen my grandfather's ghost before. It wasn't a dream. Before my other grandparents passed away a few years ago 4 months before it happened I had dreamed that they passed in a hospital.
Comment by Unjest on January 27, 2014 at 7:17pm

Unless other things have happened to you in a similar nature to such things, I would say it was a minor psychological lapse, but there are many things that need to be known about the circumstances of it that have not been mentioned. Things such as how long you lived in the location it happened, both before it happened and after. Those answers could help point to more plausible answers, but with the information actually given, nothing but pure speculation on something that can't really be understood will be given, and more then likely would hold no flame to the actual truth of it.

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