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“Evolution is eternal, Ascension but another door way…” I am a knowledge whore. I love to research anything and everything I find interesting to death and when I’m done? I research some more. I feed off of it, really. It nourishes my soul. I love to learn and assimilate any and all paths of spiritual wisdom and knowledge to assist in my own soul’s evolution culminating into ascension. So, I have waited a long time to share this with you the reader. Having said that, I have been guided by whom I believe is Metatron Ketheriel, Ipsissimus Primus (First of those beyond comprehension of the lower realms or ranks.) or the First Ascended being( At least first human ascended being anyway.). He who has become one with the Universe and thus, beyond the comprehension of the lower more dense dimensions. I think He has been guiding a lot of people since the beginning of time as well as lately and that he is of pivotal importance for all those making it their business to prepare for the coming ascension. The rise in spiritual curiosity, religion, mysticism, magic and faith invoking paths is erroneously attributed to the fears of extinction, annihilation and oblivion of the impending 2012. But if we think about it clearly? EXCINCTION, ANNIHILATION and OBLIVION are all “high falluting” names for DEATH. Death has been a terrible fear for all of humanity ever since we crawled out of the primordial ooze, so to speak. These dramatic synonyms for death also invoke religious guilt, feelings of punishment, the wrath of GOD and a overwhelming need to be spiritual in some way or at least more so than the next person or how you, yourself used to be. Fear is a useless emotion and a poison that will deter you from any true spiritual path. All things ascend eventually and it is not a path for a chosen few. The path for ascension is quite simply evolution. Garnering a solemnly genuine respect and understanding of evolution, your spirit, your connection to your surroundings, environment, first terrestrial, then spiritual, then extraterrestrial and finally interdimensional, is an excellent beginning that may expedite Ascension. What delays Ascension for everyone is not being able to make the internal distinction between your current personality and the true inner immortal soul you have always been, even through countless re-incarnations. Understanding this is difficult let alone commencing the inner search for what and who you really are on the inside. The immortal self does exist within all of us but it is easier to navigate in the physical mundane realm with our albeit, temporary but custom made personalities forged by genetics and then nurtured by physical and material consciousness and the collective consciousness of all those around you, i.e,; family, peers, authorities, society and so forth. We ascend every time we pass from this world to the next one. It is the conciousnessof our immortal self that absorbs and assimilates our terrestrial personality and that chooses to comeback to the physical realm to glean more education, experiences, commune with other souls and teach them and be taught by them until we once again pass only to return again. This is done until we reach the ascension stage which is FINAL ASCENSION. Final Ascension means that we no longer have a need to come back to the physical realm and can proceed to other levels, dimensions and states of being. Not all souls who ascend desire to return to the physical but choose to evolve in other planes, dimensions, and states of being. Death is not the end but a birth into a different state of dimension and reality. We are perpetually evolving. Here when talking about Ascension we specifically discussing FINAL ASCENSION. Death seems to be the cutoff date for an exuberant amount of people. Where everything ends. “The party stops when you die!” though a popular and reinforced myth perpetuated by orthodox religions the globe over, it is a limiting and soul enslaving paradigm which does nothing to liberate the human condition from its present spiritual oppression. Some may ask “how do you know Death is not the end when we pass?” I would counter by asking “how do you know death is?” It’s a question of belief and faith isn’t it? I just believe it isn’t and I have faith that GOD in its infinite wisdom has more planned than a couple of rotations around the sun before we expire. This accomplishes nothing and when I look at creation itself? Everything has a reason. A purpose. Even if we can’t discern it at the time, it does reveal itself later. It is my experience and faith that tells me all things have a divine purpose. Everything. The fear of death has been a corralling factor that has inhibited the spiritual evolution of our species for some time. In more popular religions it is said that only after death is judgment set upon you. Yet, It is also said we are judged before birth and said to be unclean or in a state of sin due to a mishap with a man, a woman and an apple. It is again, said that we all will be judged at the end of time if we are not faithful “sheep” to certain religions and their edicts because more so than edicts, these principals are professed to be GODS divine truth and truth has always been the one and only law. The truth is creation and the created, were NOT created to be “sheep”. We were NOT created to be judged, rewarded or punished. It always been Humanity who had the market cornered as far as these “manmade” concept and reward systems are concerned. This is a purely human and mundane paradigm that was created for spiritual enslavement and for the elite to control. Control not only over our minds and bodies but over the transcendental part of our beings. That is to say our souls. The majority of humanity are not being allowed and haven’t been allowed to ascend. We haven’t been allowed to join GOD because we have been subjugated and conditioned for millennia’s of generations to believe that we could only serve GOD or be punished by it. This crippled humanities call to ascension for many a millennia and still does today. Our souls are crippled by thoughts of not being worthy of GOD’s unconditional love and our divine birthright for ascension because it is somehow easier to believe that we are powerless and subject to the whims of an almighty being. More accurately we have been taught this and taught that we must fear GOD. This was a lie. A lie perpetuated by all orthodox religious hierarchies that wanted control and power over humanity using the belief of GOD and transforming it into a fear of GOD and thus, using this fear against the people of the world when they were the ones charged to instruct us on the path to ascension. Jesus ascended, Mohammed ascended, Moses ascended, Enoch ascended and Buddah ascended as many others have, throughout time and history even though those in control and power built religious institutions to prevent this from happening. This is precisely why GOD created a counter measure to inspire and teach mankind ascension which is the only and one true law in terms of the evolution of Humanity and thus the one and only true religion. To this end, it created intermediaries that could bridge the gap between humanity and itself. These intermediaries were called Angels. THE ANGELS To be succinct. The Angels were designed by GOD to be teachers, protectors, watchers, beings of inspiration, healers, reconcilers of conflicts both internal and external and Messengers of the Divine Law which is evolution and Ascension. There are many books on Angels. But very few reveal their true purpose. I have always been partial to the Hermetic Qabbalah’s anthologies on the subject of Angels because of the fact that this knowledge was passed down orally over many milenias and can be crossed referenced by other ancient civilizations, their mythology, religious practices and scrolls, texts and books. The ancient name for Angel in Aramaic is Malak Angels would be Malakea. In Modern Arabic it is “ Malayka”. in Hebrew it is “Melakh” disregarding the regional and dialect similarities, Angels were an acknowledged part of religion, mysticism. They are the living symbols of Ascension and union with Universal and trans-universal divinity. Our divinity. Their wings allude to the rising or ascension that they are designed to help us achieve. All things exist in a constant state of movement and evolution. No matter how slow or fast, all things have a destination and a reason for being. By the very rules of cause and effect any and all actions that happen within creation directly or indirectly, has a reaction equal to the force of that action. This logically demonstrates that there exists a connectivity between all things within creation. Creation is not just limited to what we can or cannot perceive but much more beyond. In fact, creation encompasses an infinite number of dimensions not comprehensible or perceived by our current personalities which were created in the physical and material plane. Only when we can awaken the immortal aspects of our soul can we begin to perceive other more subtle energies, entities, planes of existence and states of being beyond the world we see every day and believe to be the only world around us. The Qabbalistic study of the Tree of life (The Sephiroth), the study and meditation of each of the 10 branches (the Sephiras) and the corresponding names of GOD and the archangels of each sephira as well as the archangel of the order of angels within each sephira. Ancient Egyptian, Hermetic (fusion between Greco-Roman and Egyptian) and Hebrew mysticism are all of the same core teachings of Spiritualizing the human condition, becoming more than human and expediting Ascension. All of these traditions were given to humanity by the way of Angels. Angels, Gods, Ancestors, Ancients, Aliens etc…, they have a multitude of names given to them, by us, since the first dawn of civilization. In the cradle of the first recorded and known Ancient civilization in Mesopotamia now Modern southern Iraq, was the ancient civilization known as Sumeria. To the inhabitants there, the Angels were known as Anunnaki. Much of our government and religious structures throughout time up to the present in fact, are modeled after the teachings and knowledge of the Anunnaki. High Priests and leaders of the people were chosen to be taught and later to disseminate this knowledge to the people so all could be enlightened and have an equal chance to Ascend. However, this was not to happen because those who were taught chose to horde this power and keep it from the masses for purposes of greed and control and thus, began the interweaving of deceit, religious zealotry and the murderous conspiracy to end any and all people who would dare challenge this regime of greed and power that has spread so very far in our history and prevails even now in our present world. There are those that blame the Anunnaki and claim that it was they that enslaved humanity and by some miraculous event humanity rose up and found a way to banish them from our world. This is simply inaccurate for the fact that the Anunnaki are enlightened beings and their technology would be more spiritual and interdimensional rather than 3rd dimensionally based and material. Though there were Angels or Anunnaki if you will, that were seduced by the physical and took wives and enjoyed the titles of GODS given to them by primitive man and indulged their passions, subjugated humanity and ruled with cruelty and bore children who followed in their footsteps, these actions were not the norm for all. Those who did who fell from the grace of their true mission which was to teach and protect us not to rule us became the fallen ones. They were vanquished and banished some went into hiding and their blood intermingled with humanities. The children of the Angels or Anunnaki and humanity were called the Nephillim. They were feared by humanity because of their hybridized Angelic and Human history however, not all Nephillim were destructive. Some Nephillim were Humanity’s greatest heroes and taught humanity to strive for peace and personal ascension. Some of those Angelic beings that turned their back on their original mission, forgot the state of enlightenment they once had and forgot that they were mandated by GOD to teach and indoctrinate humanity. So they linger on a spiritual plane that humanity crosses upon our minor ascensions and block the path. This is what we would refer to as demons. They are fearful to ascend to their true station once again and hold on to the personalities they had in physical life. This is also the reason many spirits stay behind and haunt or hold on to a person, place or thing and are unable to let go and return unto the light of the divine origin. They hold on to the personality of who they were in life not realizing that that is not who they are. The personality is just an insulation suit which was created to navigate, inter-connect with other personalities and cover the true immortal being inside of all of us who cannot function or understand the physical realm. Get in touch with yours. Question what you believe is true. Understand that Angels are real and walk among us and sometimes we can even see them. Some of them look just like you and I. Some of them we cannot see. But they know we are destined for ascension and though there are some entities that do not want you to ascend you in truth cannot be stopped from fore filling your destiny. Your true self is immortal. Your mortal self is an illusion. That which ends is pure illusory because all things that live forever is in actuality, the only true reality. Evolution is eternal Ascension but another door way. Are you ready to walk through it?

Angelic Seal of the Seraphim "The firey serpents of GOD" these angels are the protectors and defenders and warriors of the evolution of GOD's creations. (My Artwork!!)

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Good artwork and blog, really informative.

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