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When I wrote this I was thinking what it must be like for people who have to live on the streets. I felt that this could be used to grab people’s attention on how difficult it is for kids who have no choice to flee their homes do to drugs, violence, abuse, etc. It is my hope that this will help people realize just how lucky some of us truly are to have what we do have, and how there are people that would kill for the chance to have half of what we do. The way I see it if this makes you think about people you see on the street, and not judge them based off of looks and what not then it did its job…The truth is we don’t know them well enough to judge….Hell for that matter most don’t even try, let alone want to get to know them…..Now what does that make us?

The words of Nicky


Cameron Smucker

Somewhere, out there, there is a place for me. Somewhere a place that I belong, and can call my home, a family to hold, and to love…. A place with brothers and sisters where we live in peace without poverty, yet only enough that is needed to get buy and enjoy life. Somewhere with a roof over my head; walls to protect from even the worst weather. Maybe even with a fire place….Yeah that would be amazing… A place where people help each other instead of roughing someone up for a few scarps of bread crumbs….where being at the wrong place could cost you more than your dignity and even more than your life.

That’s what I try to picture when I can’t take it anymore I try my best to forget what it’s like to be on the cold hard crusty floor of an ally way on the side of a dumpster behind an Italian restaurant trying to block out the cold harsh unforgiving winds. The smells of freshly made pasta lingers constantly while leaving hinting reminders of the food that’s so close yet so far out of reach. As I said before living this way can cost you a lot more than your life….It can cost you your sanity. Being out here like this I can truthfully say I’ve had to do things I’m not too proud of, then again for me to survive what choice did I have. Out here it is truly live or die. You want to know about living life try having to fight people who are more hungry then you are and driven insane because of it. Out here we learn the true way of hustling and stealing and most importantly how to run. This is what we have to do to survive out here there is no other way….out here….out here you got nobody….nobody, but yourself and hat ever your willing to fight for…out here….just getting enough to eat is a good day in itself….. SO now that I’m telling yuh about myself….you gotta do something for me…. Give me something……anything really….just something to hold on to. In return I’ll show you a grateful and just how dedicated a person can be.

Oh I almost forgot to say something. My name is……people call me Nicky….No, no last name… Just Nicky, and I’m an Orphan, and a runaway…All I’m doing now is searching… just searching for a place to call home, and for something to hold on to….yeah….That’s all I need.

If you have a heart donate to an organization that helps people that are in this kind of a situations, and orphanages. Even if it is not to adopt you CAN make a difference whether it’s old cloths blankets, food, or money. For remember all it takes is a helping hand to save a life.

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Comment by Cameron S. on January 17, 2011 at 9:52am
I will have to write one for that now :) lol Thanks for the great idea!
Comment by machelle unrue on January 5, 2011 at 5:14am
i can understand were ur comein from on that sweety but what about something for the people fleein home because there being abused by there parents who do drugs or foster kids who r gettin abused or wifes who r gettin abused or flat out abuse... i was abused in everyway possible but luckly i got away from that along time ago

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