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I have been studying Wicca for beginners. Last I was amazed at how much of what the author wrote that I do, or have practiced in the past. I have practiced meditation for over 30 years. I have used the (force so to speak) since before Star Wars was ever made a movie. When Janna, a friend, said I was Wiccan and didn't even know it I thought “she’s just being kind” I knew she saw my love of nature and of course my ability to see things as they truly are. The ability to look past the superficial as it were and get to the core and center of things. But I had no idea until I began to read this book how truly deep into this I have been most of my life.

I have told the stories of how I was fortunate enough to witness the Northern Lights when I was about 16. I had come home from working as a busboy in a restaurant, it was around 1 a.m. in northern Indiana. As I got out of my car I saw the strangest lights in the sky, blue, purple, reddish flames leaping out like fingers.  I have sat back and actually heard trees breathe. I had a Brown Eagle land on a stump right near a campsite and just sit and watch as I went about my early evening business of getting a fire started and preparing my supper. I have had creatures of all kinds come up to me when I was at peace with myself, (yes even in my using years) and watch with curiosity how I went about my day,watch me as I just sat on a rock and watched the world.

I have sat on top of Mountains and Hills and visualized loved ones. I have sent my own spirit out to them and touched their hearts and minds. Then received calls later that day that started with the words" Bob I was thinking about you today" I have felt the presence of Ghosts and spirits in many different places. I have relaxed and put my own mind and spirit into the past, such as I did at Gettysburg, Or J.C.R.S. ( a tuberculosis hospital in Denver), Or even the old Part of Prescott AZ, one of the oldest towns in that state. I have felt the Spirit of sadness on the eastern edge of Denver where the Kiowa Indian tribe dwell-ed. I have also felt those same spirits here at our house in the bottoms.

Am I excited? Yes. I may sound like a little kid who just came back from his first visit to the zoo on a class trip,  ( and I saw this and that and this and that and you should have seen this), as he relives his adventure to his parents. But the revelation that others have felt this or saw these things in one form or another has showed me that I am not alone in this.

The freedom of not having to hold to Christian beliefs of the ten commandments on a literal basis is also a relief. Don’t get me wrong they have their good points but I have never fully believed anyone could truly live up to those perfect standards nor should they be expected to.

Today I am free to enjoy my life as I have never done before. To be free of civilizations constraints and perceptions of a moral judgment. Simply put... It’s okay to love more than one woman or man. To be free of the “thou shalt’s and You musts” and the moral trappings of the intense Christian religion. To walk through the woods alone or with another Naked as we were put on this earth and enjoy the freedom of positive sexuality. One in which I enjoy the simple beauty of the human body with all of its natural imperfections not sexually but spiritually. (of course making sure that those who do not share my beliefs are subjected to this as it would cause them discomfort or harm as we say An Ye Harm None comes into play. I can and always have accepted that others may believe as they wish but do not try to convince me that y “Yours way is the only way”  I am excited and honored to be able to share this path with you both. To share and to learn from each other and love one and other as One Family.

Long have I studied the different realms of spirituality so in that regard I would be an elder but as far as the Magik goes I'm a novice. This will come in time. For me it's the spiritual aspect though that holds the most importance.
In closing I wish you all pleasant days and Long nights

Bob Mountain Dog

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Comment by sharon on June 21, 2011 at 8:40am

Your son has a great dad to share his adventures with.  I had to join Brownies to get that kind of exposure.  Never did figure out why the Scouts had more fun and we got stuck with the chores - go build your own fires and cook your own food guys!!.

I did the Blood River trail from Dundee to Johannesberg once.  You follow the graveyards though most are neglected and overgrown and hard to find but I found a stone with my surname on it - turns out I had relatives I never knew existed and caused excitement when I told grandpa and got the whole family history.  We even have the remains of a concentration camp outside Alliwal North that was built by the British when they tried to kick the Boers out and got their buts kicked in the process - apparently they had never heard of gorilla warfare until then, but to be fare the Boers were shooting rabbits when they were 6 years old so were crack shots.

I worked in an old hospital once that had many a spirit to its patient list.  I even had some of them aid me with feelings of warning when patients were running into trouble.  Of course some were not friendly or helpful - quite the opposite infact but I kept things neutral and friendly so we got on just fine in the end.  Personally I think that they liked the idea that they were helping the staff but tell that to a nonbeliever and it was just heading for trouble.

We have an old jail in my home town called Lockstreet Jail.  It was were prisoners were hung but there was only one woman hung there after she killed 5 husbands before getting caught.  The thick stone walls have kept all the fear and misery trapped inside and if you go to the gallows room which is still intact (woodend trapdoor floor and all) its plain creepy.  The truely empathic keep very far away from the place.  The cells have been turned into little shops but its not well patronised and the few that go do not stay long.

South Africa has lots of historical jewels if you are willing to go off the beaten path though they have been sorely neglected in the past 26 years.  Old buildings are getting wood rot and the stones are falling apart due to the elements, human vandilism and neglect.  Its tragic that we are loosing so much of the past in order to satisfy the ego as they "wipe the white names and influence off of the books" (Their words not mine).  They have not learnt that you cant undo the past - only build on it for the future and that the wheel turns so care of the past is needed - and Ill bet its making some spirits really angry in the process!! 

Comment by sharon on June 21, 2011 at 7:59am

Its amazing how history can come back and bite you - usually when least expected.  We have a trail in South Africa called the Blood River trail.  It starts in Dundee and goes all the way to Johannesberg.  You follow the trail by finding all the gravewayds (there are many).  They were caused by a war between the Voortrekkers (settlers) and the Zulus and the stones tell their own story.  I followed it to find that I have family bueried in one that we never new existed!!

We also have a jail in my home town where convicts were hung in the 1800s.  Only one woman was hung there after she managed to kill off 5 husbands with poison and if you go to where the gallows are its plain creepy and the really sensitive empaths cant go near it.  The cells have become little shops now but the artifacts and photos of the etchings that the prisoners put onto the walls are in one of the cell rooms that has been converted into a museum.  The thick stone walls seem to have contained the dispair and pain within.

Ive had a few unpleasant and plesant experiences within the hospital that Ive worked at to.  It is old and had many restless patrons to add to the patient list.  Ive seen them walk the halls and have even been aided  with warning feelings to check on patients only to find them in need.  To tell this to a nonbeliever is imposible so I than them for their help and keep it friendly.  Personally I think they like it that they can help evenif its through another.

Your son is privelaged to have a father like you to share his adventures with.  I had to join Brownies to get that kind of wildlife exposure.  Never did figure out why cubscouts had more fun and we had to do the "girl stuff"!!  Someone should revise the program!

Comment by Robert aka Mountain Dog on May 31, 2011 at 5:56pm

I know what your saying. I have sat on the battle field of Gettysburg on July 3rd. My friends and I arrived there at 6 a.m. and the guard let us in. We got our hands on a map of the trails and began to walk them. I found a spot on the trail at big round top and sat watching the morning mist rise. I can't explain the feelings I had except chills fits the bill. To sit and know the history of a battlefield is one thing to experience it and relax your mind and feel the sadness, pain, and fear is something most normal people avoid. I have also stood overlooking Utah Beach and trained in the Ardene Forrest. Again the spirits were present still.  I love going to places where the possibly of Ghosts or spirits still thrive. The U.S. is full of them. Not all are battlefields. One in particular was an old Tuberculous Hospital on the west end of Denver Colorado called JCRS. 

As far as cemetery's go I have one about a half mile from my home.you can't even see it from the road even if you know it's there. My son who was about 7 came home all excited one day he'd been playing in the woods and found it. So Dad had to follow him up one hill an down another. We finally broke through the brush and there sat this small grave yard. I had brought piece of paper and a lump of charcoal and showed him how to use it to pull the faded names and dates off of the gravestones. ( a little trick my mom taught me.) We found that some of the dates were as far back as 1809. Which we found out was when Illinois became a territory. This started a little quest for us to find unknown graveyards. We have a few around here but the most interesting one was a found when we attended a family reunion in Fairfield Iowa. We were talking to some of the locals and mentioned that we had stopped by the family cemetery outside of town. An elderly woman came up and opened an old photo album. In it was a picture of a man from 1868. He was standing by a smaller version of the Washington monument. She looked at the picture and the at me and smiled. "You look just like your great great Uncle Jerome." When my mom and I looked at it the resemblance was amazing. Later on I was talking with the woman again and asked where the picture was taken. I could tell that is was some sort of civil war cemetery. She smiled once more, "Son it's over in Glasgow, about five miles from Union cemetery ( our family cemetery) She gave me directions and again it turned out to be one of those that if you didn't know how to get to it you never would. Glasgow Iowa is a four stop. LOL  you head south and there is a farm house on the right. There are two dirt drives the first goes to the house the second goes back behind it to a small cemetery. The monument was in Honor of the men who had served and died from the 19th Iowa brigade. My great great uncle was one of them men who had come back and helped  with the monument. A couple of years later my grandmother passed.  As we packed up her house we found an old Wells Fargo trunk and inside was a bundle of letters. The next morning I found my dad sitting in his fathers office going over the old letters. He looked up and said "Bob these are history, Jerome wrote letters home describing his time in the civil war. Later dad transcribed them and typed them out exactly as he had written them. The spelling in most cases was bad. Except when he had a big word, then it was always spelled correctly. We figured he went to an officer when he wanted to spell a word that was big. Dad photo copied the letters for each of us Myself and my two brothers then put the typed copy next to it. We also did some research and added some extra info before each letter. We did take one letter and donated it to the Veterans home in Quincy IL which has a war museum. I've rambled enough for tonight. Memories you know how they go

Blessed Be

Comment by sharon on May 31, 2011 at 6:39am
Theres nothing better than sitting in an old iron fort and just taking the time to listen.  When I went to Bath I caused a stir when I refused the tape tour but just sat at the edge of the crumbling stones and listened to the waters.  Ive been places most would dream of and theres still so much to learn.  In old forts and castles the ghosts of the past are very close by and Ive even spent time locked up in an old graveyard when the keeper forgot me there.  I ended up sleeping under a tree and getting scolded by crows who thought it was all my fault I was in their territory.   Even South Africa had places of interest - The Karoo is steeped in history and the desert has preserved many a Bushmans painting for over 1000 years or more.  They are facinating to sit and try interpret and dont forget Starkfontien Caves if you visit - theyr just plain eerie inside.  Swaziland has some magnificant red moons which actually get a red ring around it on a full moon and Lesotho has magnificant rivers and grasslands - and the lighest pub in Africa.  Its a wonderful world.
Comment by Robert aka Mountain Dog on May 17, 2011 at 6:35pm
I was always interested in History. It was my best subject in high school. When I entered the army I trained  for months and then because of my job I was able to travel to many different countries. I have literally been around the world twice. I have seen the Buddhist Temples in Thailand, The Churches in Germany, The Pyramids in Egypt. I have seen the sun rise and set on the same day on beaches in Japan. I've never been to Australia that is the one place I would love to see. I guess too that is why I live in a quiet little part of the Midwest today. I love sitting here looking at the sun setting through the trees and Knowing what's beyond them.....
Comment by sharon on May 17, 2011 at 11:50am

I heard about the floods as its all over the news here and it sounds bad.  Im beginning to wonder why our Mothers so upset but then one doesnt have far to look as destruction generally follows in civilisations wake. 

 As for Bin we all choose our own path and the consequences are ours to bear so I dont really think much of him.  He chose his path and now bears the consequences of his decisions.

Ive always been facinated with history - probably why I travel so much - and the symbols that flow through historys doors can be very enlightening once researched with an open mind.  The more I learn the more I realise that life is not so different as the circle of life turns.  New experiences and interests make the small things worthwhile.

Comment by Robert aka Mountain Dog on May 3, 2011 at 5:39am

As I said in the beginning I am new to all this but I'm learning quickly and being surprised constantly. Years ago I purchased a small Emblem, A Dragon/ Serpent swallowing his Tail. At the time I merely thought is was a cool little necklace. Now that I am doing my research. I have been enlightened to many things.



The serpent is an important magical symbol in Celtic mythology, its image found in carvings and sacred jewelry. Those born near St. Keyne's Day, October 8th, are empowered with good fortune and wisdom. Because snakes shed their skin, they are symbolically creating themselves anew. Their venom, which can kill in sufficient quantity, has also been used in healing and inducing trance like states.

The Celts believed that when you see a snake while on a shamanic journey, prepare to shed something in favor of something greater and better. Daughter of Welsh King Brychan, Keyne brought the new Christianity to a land plagued with venomous snakes which her prayer turned to stone. Copy and Pasted from....


Imagine my surprise when I saw the part about being born around October 8th, (my birthday is October 3RD.) My Wiccan teacher has told me that things call to us or come to us. I find this to be, more and more true for me. I am like a child sometimes with all the new discoveries that I'm coming across.

All my life I have searched for a path to bring one in tune with this world and all it has to offer. I have found it


Blessed Be.


Comment by Robert aka Mountain Dog on May 2, 2011 at 10:56am

Well at least you made the best of it. I had soft rain showers off and on yesterday. Was able to spend about a 1/2 hr looking for the elusive Morel Mushroom alas they still stay hidden. Though I have no doubt I will find a few. I'm still waiting for the sun to shine a few days in a row it would be nice. Plus the Mississippi is once again rising there's talk of blowing a hole in a levee down by Cairo Illinois. to relieve the pressure off of it. It has hit a record high of 57.9 ft. Last I heard the levee at Cairo is rated at 64ft max but it is already showing signs of wear. I'm not near there but my wife has family down there across the Ohio in Barlow KY.

One final thing before I go. The whole world has heard about Bin Laden, You be careful where your at.

Blessed Be.....

Comment by sharon on May 2, 2011 at 3:58am
Hope all had a good May day.  It rained here but the temperatures hit the 30 degree heat - still celebrated though so it was a good one.  Not complaining about the rain either as the Desert needs it.  The Dogwoods must be beautiful in the wild - they dont grow well in SA
Comment by Robert aka Mountain Dog on May 1, 2011 at 7:54am

I apologize for my late response. Things have been a bit hectic both here and at work. I'm blaming it on the tail end of the Mercury retrograde. I was able to get down to my bottoms, My house sits on a hill and the rest of my land slopes down towards a creek, hence the term Bottoms. I have large meadow that I keep mowed and was able to accomplish that. I have lost a lot of Cedar trees but since I have a forest of them I do not worry about it there are plenty of new ones that are taking there place. I will collect the ones that have fallen and will use them as firewood this winter.

On the other bright side today (May 1st ) Is a wonderful sunny day and a good omen for the coming month. I have planted some new tulips and hycinths. My own gardens of Columbine flowers of several colors and the rose Bushes are already filling out and my Flowering trees, Dog wood most are in full bloom.


I bid you all a wonderful Beltane day I'm heading outside to enjoy it


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