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At 4:32pm on November 15, 2012, Sam Morgan said…

I hope you and your friends have a great little circle. It is not the numbers that counts but the hearts that care. As long as there is two then she will be there to magnify your efforts. Spread love, joy and happiness in your domain and you will be blessed with love, joy and happiness.

I am going to take the Winter Solstice off from work. That is my Christmas day but this year it is the day that the world is suppose to have a big change happen. I guess I will have to set on my back porch and drink some wine and watch this event. Then I think I will set on the back porch the next day drinking some more wine to rejoice what happened (if I noticed anything). You know a good pagan need to cove all his bases.

Sandy was 2,000 kilometers away. I didn't even see a rain drop. Only thing that I noted was the change in the ether. Most people can't feel that but I do.

At 1:45pm on September 19, 2012, Sam Morgan said…

So nice to hear from you!!! I am glad you are enjoying home and have lovely storm to play with. Thing are quit here, most of my friends are out of money. We have been hit hard by the recession. I know: why don't you do magick!!! I am finding I am lacking other things worst than money. That has been a recurring theme that has run thru my life for everrrrr. I just can't break the rut that I fall back into all of the time. I was reading my journal from last year and you got it. Same old rut. I am in the process of getting my MOJO back on. A litle magick here and a little magick there.

Our big Pagan Pride day is this Saturday. The organizers got a lot of support this year. I have to work so I will not be going. I hope you get a lot of support for your pagan drive. I know the kids will enjoy it. 

You are very lucky to be close to the ocean. I still have a couple of months before I will be able to be on a beach. I do miss the beach when I can't go for several months. It is the middle of the hurricane season now. Neat to go down before one comes in but messy afterwards.

Hope you get your green card soon. I think you may enjoy the states if you go to a cool place to live. Many the Goddess bless you and yours.

At 9:32pm on May 29, 2012, Sam Morgan said…

Glad to hear you are back home. Are you planning to stay there for a while or will you take another assignment? I know what you mean by having water in your life. I am lucky that my creeks have been running for the past few months. It is so nice to set by the water falls and just be alive. My nymphs are happy and that makes me happy. I need to head to the coast early in the fall. I didn't make it this spring so I have to wait. The beaches are nicer when the kids are in school. Hope you are getting a lot of beach time.

What stone did you pick out for your dragon?

At 9:22am on April 5, 2012, Sam Morgan said…

Hi Sharon

I was wondering how your dragon was coming? I could tell it was important to you. What stone did you decide on?

Thing are very quite in my corner of the forest. I had a very mild winter with no real cold weather. The animals are not following their usual patterns. The earths energy is very weak around my house now. The local Nymph is not full of life. She seam to be barely hanging on to her realm even though she has running water. Last year was a rough year for the realm, a year of destruction and this year is rebirth. To early to tell how the changes are going to manifest. I do have wonderful wild flowers coming up. I know they will change the energy patterns. I'm babbling, just miss talking to you.

At 9:40am on September 11, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

Here are a few ideas. Hope you find a right stone for you. It is time to put life in your dragon.

Seriphos green quartz - My first thought for you but hard to find. I have not been able to find one for myself that I liked.

Serpentine - close to Seriphos and could work. I use this to ground my house. One of my major carrying stones.

Peridot - might be to powerful for your purpose but would be a good stone. One of my alter stones.

Moldavite - might be to powerful for your purpose but would be a good stone.

Larimar - Nice sea stone. You will love this stone if not for the ring for your collection.

Gem silica - might be to powerful for your purpose.

Emerald - easier to find

Moss agate - always a good choose. One of my major carrying stones. Love this stone.

Morganite - stone you can't go wrong with. What do say about the most powerful love stone. One of my major carrying stones.

Spider jasper - wraps all of a dragons energy into one. Hard to find but nice to have in collection.

Jet - best protection. I don't need protection so I don't have one. Others swear by it.

Good luck and let know what you think.

At 9:48pm on September 6, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

You are looking for a protection stone that is subtle. What do you want protection from? What color of stone do you think that would look nice in silver? I think silver is a very versatile color. Are you looking for a crystal or stone or shell? Is your ring going to be used as a talisman or amulet? I know so many questions but when you know the answers you will be closer to the stone you need and love.

Things to think about: do you want firey energy (fire dragon), watery energy (ice or sea dragon), earthy energy (lazy dragon). Who know if your dragon has wings airy energy.

At 6:00pm on September 5, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

I will meet with her next week and we will see how that goes. Thanks for you offer to help. I will give her some exercises to do and we will see if she does them or leaves the path. So mote it be.

What type of protection do you want to have in your ring? Are you looking for a black stone?

At 11:45am on August 14, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

You have me curious about your quartz knife. Why do you think it helps with negnative energy in fire magick? Inquiring mind wants to know.

I don't have a familiar nor ever had one but I thought they were suppose to be in the circle when you performed to help.

I accepted a new apprentice last weekend. I think she is very serious about learning. Not like another I have offered to teach before and he lost interest. Do you have any suggestion on how to make magick easier to understand and more interesting to learn?


At 6:37pm on June 8, 2011, Santana said…
hello yes it is! how are you today?
At 3:29am on April 20, 2011, Rebecca (Community Moderator) said…
At 9:30pm on April 19, 2011, Sam Morgan said…
I hate to say it but that sounds very normal. That is the way my life is all the time. You where smart to make friends with it. It makes life a lot easier to live with them.
At 7:51pm on April 18, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

Tell me more about your entity. How long did you live with it? What type of entity?

At 8:22pm on April 17, 2011, Sam Morgan said…
Hope you danced in the moon light tonight. Did you find your cards?
At 3:56pm on April 9, 2011, Sam Morgan said…
Now what about your story? The world is waiting to hear.
At 6:22am on April 1, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

The Fates had woven a twist of fate for the boy. They let he be a great creator but would not let him keep his creations. The boy tried and tried again to secede with what he wanted just to watch it vanish in front of him. That does not mean that he did have a good life just he could not accumulate fame and fortune.


Now that the boy has gotten older but not any wiser. He enjoys the paradise that he created for himself knowing that the Fates can change it at any time. He is left with the power to create great things but does not know what he wants to create anymore. The desire for fame and fortune are things of the past. He lives with his entities enjoying a quite life in the middle of a forest.


I hope you enjoyed the story.

At 7:12pm on March 30, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

The boy ran across a posting that the local university was going to offer a class in past life regression.  He was so excited that he could not wait until it started. The class was small but covered what he needed to learn. His lab partner was a dream come true. She was the perfect guide for the regressions. Oh my Goddess his world was turned upside down. How would he explain this in his belief system, it did not fit. He had to find out more. After the course was over he made his own regressions. He was hooked to find out what the other world had to offer. He spent hours in the regressions. Over the years his belief system became more and more bazaar with what he was experenceing. This was not enough for him so he start to channel entities. He was very disappointed to find out they were not any smarter after they had died.


As the years went along the boy started to pick up many different entities that he was talking to. Some where there to teach him. He had four teachers but was not ready to learn the wisdom that was being taught. Their point of view was very different than his. He could not get past what he wanted now and how to get it. The entities tried their best to teach what they had been contracted to teach him. They gave up after a few years and left him to his foolishness.


The boy was spending so many hours in the other realm that he got stuck with one foot in each. The two worlds had bleed together. The boy was seeing both worlds all the time and this was as bad as it gets. The fates stepped in and took control of this miscreation. The moment in time came he stoped his car in the middle of the road to not hit an entity. He then knew that he could not continue and be safe in the material world. The boy gave up all regressions and channelling. He still thinks about starting again today.

At 6:21pm on March 29, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

The book is Earth Magic a Dianic book of shadows by Marion Weinstein. Another book that I will not let go of is Good Magic by Marina Medici.


Due to pressures of war the boy decided to have a family very young. As they moved from place to place Entities keep moving in. The boy had a daughter that was born with the sight of seeing Entities. The daughter had a traumatic childhood because the Entities keep scaring her. She has emotional scares about her childhood today.


The boy's magick was very strong and he created great things thru his life. One of the great creations was a house that he built. On completion there must have been an unseen sign posted somewhere because every type of entity you could think of moved in. They each had their own little territory and did not fight with each other. The boy's family learned to live with them and everyone got alone just fine. He had the poltergeist upstairs, transparents in the bedroom and front porch, touchy feelies in the kitchen and oh yes the shadow people running lose where every they wanted. When the boy left, he was told that all of the entities left.


The pull of the otherside was strong on the boy.  He had to find out more about the dominating forge that was driving his living. He had to know more about why the entities were attracted to him and what did he have they wanted. The boy tried automatic writing, past life regressions, and every other occult topic he could find. He became good at some of these thing and to good in others. His life was about to change forever with the knowledge he was about to have to simulate into his belief system. There were no magick book that could have prepared him for this journey he was about to face. 


The makings of a necromaner next.

At 6:53pm on March 28, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

How I got into the craft? I don't know if I can separate the boy for the magick. There was not a begining that I can remember. It just was. The best thing I can do is to tell you a story of a boy that lived in a Christian land a long time ago.


There was this three year old boy that was terrified of this presents that made foot steps coming up the stairs then stop and open his door. It would then come in and stand next to his bed. Couple of years went by and the boy gave this presents a name. Will wouldn't you know it. It was not so frighting when it had a name and it could be talked to. This five year old was the first on his block to have an entity as a friend. Then he found out he was the only person with an entity for a friend and that was not good. The years went by and the friendship grew between the seen and the unseen. Then the word got out the boy was friendly and then other entities started coming to come talk to him at night.


The boy found out that he could create his future and things he desired. He found out that there was a price to be payed for his magick. After a few miscreations a twelve year old boy swore to the universe that he would never make another wish and that pack has not been borken to this day. At this age the boy has learned how to use several of the universal laws. By the time he turned sixteen he had created a complete value system of the the two worlds and how they related. There were no books to be read just what the entities had told him in their talks.


When he was twenty or so books started to show up on the occult. He read what he could find but they did not fit what he had learned in his life. Then one day a catolog showed up in the mail. There was a book in it that he ordered. That book started his search to find out more. That was one of the few magick book that he thought was worth keeping. 


To be continued

At 8:54am on March 23, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

What deck did you get?


My neighbors will they are all forest animals. My cousin is the closest human and she lives up the hill. Outside of family the nearest neighbor is 1/2 a kilometer away. I am not close to any of my neighbors. The majority of the people are so called Christians but they do not practice. I stay in the subcultures so I don't have Christian friends. Most of my friends are pagans (one flavor or another) and the rest are lesbians. I guess you could say I hang with the outcasts. I have found it very interesting to hear how pagan become pagans. Most grow up with Christian parents in this part of the world. They either rebel against the life style or they were just born that way and did not fit. I was just born that way but my adopted parents where Christians. Their beliefs just didn't work for me and what I was experencing. My entities were very real and they were telling me they were not there. I was developing pagan ideas that I have no bases for at the time. They hold true today. My core beliefs have not changed over the years. Where I got them I have no idea just that is the way I view the world and magick. One thing I have found is that pagans will not agree totally with each other. Each has the own flavor of what happens in the world. Cohesion of diversity. 


I can't wait until the coast is warn enough to go. I need to get a beach fix. Been a cold winter here but live is budding all over the place.

At 4:42pm on March 18, 2011, Sam Morgan said…

Did you find your cards? What books did you get?


Winter is over and the birds are flying to their nesting grounds. The birds come to my area to nest. I have this little witch that comes out and counts the birds for the government. She will be out tomorrow. It is alway nice to have lunch with her and we will talk for a couple of hour. Always nice to have talks from the heart over food. There is going to be a nice full moon tomorrow night. Time for you to dance on your roof.


Hope you got your beach fix!!! Did you do your dawn patrol? Did you you get a lot of beach time? It is still to cold to go to the beach here. Schools kids have a week off and they all flock to the coast this week. It is hard to enjoy the beach with the big crowds. Kids don't care if the water is to cold. But for me, I will wait until May. 


I had a transparent come visit me last night. I can't help but wonder why now. What could possible make one moment more important that another. Does the environment change? Does my vibrations change (attracts them)? Why do I not feel the presents of a transparent like I do the others types? What makes them different?

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