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Power Of Truth By Natalie Glasson & Master Kuthumi ... And ... Be Love In The Center Of The Storm By Ann Albers & The Angels


Dare To Be Different By Pamela Kribbe & Jesus/Jeshua

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua, your brother and equal, who has lived as a human being among humans. I am with you, although not physically, but in and through your hearts. You are connected to me as a bearer of the Christ energy.  

The Christ energy is one of connection, of being one on a level outside time and space. I am not the individual I was on Earth, that incarnation of Jesus or Jeshua. I am in you, and who you are speaks through me. Therefore, do not look up to me as a teacher, guru, or guide. I am one of you – in fact, I am one with you.  

When I am here and speaking through someone, at the same time I am in you. I feel what you need in this moment to incarnate more deeply, to express your light, your soul flame, your unique divinity, and to establish it on the Earth. Doing that is the only thing that will make you feel fulfilled.

You all have come so far in the development of your consciousness that you no longer care about the worldly images of success, victory, power, or prestige. These images still affect you, although not so much their actual attainment: the success or power so you can become acknowledged or famous. But you sometimes long to participate, to belong, and to feel a connection with the people around you.

However, these images of success and accomplishment in your society profoundly affect you during your childhood and as you grow up. Those are the times in your life when you are very sensitive to belonging or to feeling different. Belonging to a group is so important to people, especially to children, because humans are by nature a social animal. A part of being human is that you want to connect with others, or at least with one other.      


But it is when you are in connection with the world and the people around you, or even with one other person, that you often receive input that does not really match the impulses from your soul – your natural state – and you get confused.

This happens often when you are young: you get misinformation, as it were, that is not consistent with your being, and as a result, you become confused. You want to be a part of the community and to be loved: first by your parents and later by your friends and peers. You want to experience social success, but because of the confusion that occurs within you, you become, to a certain extent, separated from yourself.

You can not continually live outside yourself, without regard for your inner self, because this will eventually lead to an inner split and living a false life, and that is when things begin to go wrong. This inner split is expressed through your emotions: dissatisfaction, uncertainty, fear, doubt about yourself, lack of creativity. Eventually, you become lifeless or even depressed.

This split can also manifest at the physical level, because your emotions have a direct influence on your body. The split that arises in you, as you grow up, is experienced by almost everyone and is very painful, because your real purpose for being here is to pay heed to your soul, your unique light. You are here not to adapt, but to shape a new world, so you are almost destined to be different from others and to not be aligned with outside expectations.

I want to ask you to feel, right now, how you are different. Go back in time and realize how, as a young child, you experienced that: “Something is not right – I can’t fit into this – I can’t really go along with the existing standards or ideas of what’s good, exciting, and worthwhile.”

Feel your hesitation as a child. See if there are such moments from the past which are now bubbling up within you; times when you looked at the world, at the people around you, and thought: “There’s something wrong; I feel different. Other people seem to know what’s going on and what’s going to happen, but I don’t experience that.” Try to bring as much clarity as you can to this sense that you can not join in with the world around you; the feeling that you are different, but that you do not know how and why.

Yet you are very aware that: “I think and feel differently”. Feel your originality in that knowing. You have been trying, for a long time, to push away this part of yourself because you wanted to connect so badly with other people in order to be loved.

Have compassion for this part of yourself that longs to connect, to be seen, and to share your light with others. Have compassion for it, but step out of it, too. And feel how you have suppressed, ignored, and denied what you really are by trying too much to conform.

To help you feel clearer about this suppressed part, which is so original, I ask you to imagine the following. You are on a large empty plain in nature, open and vast – you can see the wide sky above you. You feel the earthly elements, wherever it is: a desert, a beach, a grassy field. There are no people there, no traces of human society. You are there in the wild, and you feel at home there; you feel that you are part of the Earth and nature. Touch the ground with your hands and feel the firmness of the Earth; feel the wind, the plants around you.

Now you see an animal appear, or maybe several. There is an animal out there that belongs to you and wants to come to you. It has come now to stand by you or to lie down beside you, and it is not afraid of you. This animal feels completely at home with your original natural energy, because it is at home in nature.

See if you can see or feel this animal and look into its eyes. See the beauty of this animal, so pure and unspoiled. It is not interested in images of success, of conforming, of how it should be, of having to do your best. This animal is very free and independent. It has no sense of social pressure, or of the social boxes or cages in which you lock yourself. See if you can name this animal, a name that feels good to you.

This animal represents your original self, the part of you that does not fit in. Feel the wildness of it and the pride, because an animal has a natural pride and dignity. It does not suffer from all the human concepts, and so it does not drive itself crazy trying to fit into them.

Take an everyday situation in your life: a situation at home, at work, or with people where you often feel uncomfortable because you feel pressured, or feel small, or are forced to conform. Imagine that you are in that situation as this animal; that you get into the skin of this animal and look at the situation from its eyes. Do not be afraid of what you will see. An animal is acute in its perception and does not respond to illusions – it looks through things. To change this world – and that is part of your soul task or mission – you need this animal.

Video - "Healing Your Inner Child Meditation" - By Steve Nobel



Dare to be different! Dare to again recognize your original self and take good care of yourself. Trying to conform, and overly absorbing the images of the world, goes against taking good care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself means establishing and guarding your own space, quite naturally and with certainty. It also means leaving if something does not nourish you or inspire you, saying “no” when someone intrudes into your space, protecting yourself in obvious and natural ways.

However, doing this is challenging for you, because you are replete with images of how things should be and how things ought to be. Throwing off these images requires of you to make an effort, where for an animal, what they are comes very naturally and does not cost it any effort.

Essentially, doing this is very simple. But the problem is, it is hard for you to do because you are afraid of being criticized or that it is even dangerous to do so. However, that is now not the case, and it is especially so in this day and age, because there is a great need for people who do not conform, who are different and original, and who have something to say from their originality.

This opportunity is, in a sense, unique to this time. There have been times when it has been barely possible to raise your voice and be different, and there are still places on Earth where that would be very difficult. But a turning point has been reached; there is movement for a reversal going on. In doing so, the voices of the original, the natural – the soul desires of people – can be more and more seen and heard. There is an urge for originality in humanity, especially in the younger generation.

It is important that adults take the lead to make sure that voice is heard in order to break through the old structures. The guidance of adults is necessary, because many young children are now being sold on these images, structures, and judgments of the past, and they are too sensitive to adjust themselves, even a little.

So we need leaders, spiritually mature people, who understand the importance of breaking through all those compulsive images and norms; who dare to show their originality, first of all for themselves, but also to prepare the way for the new generations to come who are bringing in something new. Preparing the way is necessary, because the new can only grow if it enters into a fertile environment.

That is why I am asking you to take yourself seriously, and in a very conscious way, to feel how you are different.Take it from me that this will not break your connection with other people. In this day and age, especially, it is quite possible to be yourself, as it is called.

By that I mean to be your original self, from which you overthrow things that have been held sacrosanct. At this time, doing this is not only possible, but is also desperately needed, because a wave of new energy is entering the Earth, and it can only be born through individuals. It will never happen through organizations, through political institutions and hierarchical structures. Something like this can only be born from the bottom up, and that means through large numbers of individuals.

Your individual path is important for you, of course, but through your individual path you simultaneously transfer a spark to the collective consciousness. And all these sparks of all the individuals together bring about something new: a wave of new energy. Embrace the animal within yourself that you just saw – it is a creative key. You can use your imagination to pave the way for your own soul energy.

Thank you so much for your attention. I am with you – you are not alone. There is a field of energy, here and now on Earth, that lifts you up. It is already so strong that you can readily connect with it, and you can tune in to it for your everyday choices.

Thank you so much for who you are.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies Divinely Perfect t Bless Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment

Video - "Making Decisions Meditation" By Opheana & Sikaal



Power Of Truth By Natalie Glasson & Master Kuthumi

Ascension Gift # 7

Greetings dear loving hearts, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today and I bring forth a heart, a soul, a soul group full of love. In fact, I bring forth the vibrations of Creator love to embrace, support, and to lift you up into your true self. I wish to encourage you to gaze within your being and acknowledge the divine truth that is present.

As the world around you alters and shifts due to so many transformations taking place within your being, within others around you, and across the world - it can be confusing and difficult to understand the truth of the Creator, and it can be challenging to recognise what is true and what is false.

Currently the Creator is bringing forth Ascension Gift 7, which is a surge of energy directly from the Creator. Within this surge of energy is the vibration and frequency of power, pure power born from the essence of the Creator. This power holds two purposes. It is to release the fear of power that can be held within many and promote the truth of the Creator.

When we speak of the truth of the Creator we are not speaking of information or even visions, circumstances, scenarios, or experiences. We are speaking of the vibration, the frequency of truth, and you might liken this to a note of music or sound that represents truth.

It is important to be aware that the sound or vibration of truth can be interpreted in many ways. It is and can be expressed through your being. It is your purpose to express the vibration and frequency of the truth of the Creator through your being, through your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and creations.

We recognise that each person expresses the truth and the power of the Creator in different and diverse ways. For human beings, the personality and the ego are present, this creates a fusion with the vibration of truth.

I wish to encourage you to acknowledge your personality and your ego. There may be things that you need to let go of or transform; however, you are born on the Earth to express the vibration of truth with the presence of your ego, personality, and your physical body.

There is a need to create a fusion that is harmonious and is a true expression of the Creator through your being. The more you can recognise truth as a vibration that pulsates throughout your being the more you will find that your mind, your emotions, your actions and reactions are inspired by the truth of the Creator, recognising the same within others.

I, Master Kuthumi invite you in your own time to place your attention deep within your being, to ask, to discover and connect with the vibration of truth, the truth of the Creator that flows through your being.

I, Master Kuthumi invite you to express this truth of the Creator through your voice, through sound, through singing or humming. As you feel the vibration being expressed through your body and through your sound you will allow it to activate throughout your being, on all levels of your being, both physical and energetic.

Video - "Ascension Gift 7 - Power Of Truth - Master Kuthumi" By Natalie Glasson



The more you practice this, the more you will become accustomed to the vibration of truth that flows through your being from the Creator. Thus, you will be able to recognise it in new and diverse ways. Expressing the truth through your sound is the beginning of you becoming familiar with the presence of your truth.

The Creator is expressing a surge of power, the vibration of power. Power is often something that many fears. They fear power, the control of others, they fear themselves in a role of power, or maybe they place too much importance upon power.

The vibration of power upon the Earth is somewhat unbalanced. With the power surge from the Creator that is now beginning to anchor, a new balance will dawn allowing all to rediscover what the power of the Creator truly is.

Within your mind you may already understand what power is and what power is not. You may understand how you accept power and how you reject power. You may also understand how others have power over you and how you give your power to others. These are all insights into the vibration of power.

However, in this moment, I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to connect with the simple vibration and frequency of power that the Creator is emanating. It is our wish that you gain a new understanding of power, a new expression, a new experience of power as the vibration of power anchors not only into your being but into the Earth and all of humanity.

You may find yourself becoming a magnet to observing power. You may discover yourself observing power struggles or power battles. You may observe areas where there is a lack of power and areas where there is too much power.

As you begin to observe the presence of power within your being, your reality, and the world around you, so you begin to unravel your beliefs about power. You allow yourself to come to a new understanding of the frequency of the Creator's power, understanding what it is, how it moves through you and how you can express it.

This contemplation and understanding of power are immensely important now, as it will allow for old beliefs to be discarded. As fear and pain dissolve, it may create chaos within your being or within your outer reality. Realise this is simply power trying to find a balance, as well as a deep cleansing and purification of power within your being and your reality.

The vibration of power that comes forth from the Creator is an amplifier, it is an energiser, and it emphasises that all that is in being manifested on the earth right now does not always manifest divine truth. It is designed to manifest truth; however, it is an amplifier of all things which are in being, in manifestation.

It is important to acknowledge that as this surge of power vibration begins to flow into the Earth, into all beings and humanity, it will create upheaval of some sort, maybe small, maybe large, as everything is amplified and magnified. There is a purpose to this, for it brings balance to the vibration of power to allow you to act powerfully from your divine truth in your reality.

There is another purpose, and it is to allow you and all beings to really see, sense, and acknowledge what you are creating. Everything that is in being will be manifested, everything that is in manifestation and that is about to be created will be emphasised, amplified, energised.

It will be as if your life is up on a television screen before you. You will be able to see things that you have created. You will be able to recognise things that you do not wish to experience. You will be able to recognise experiences that allow you to grow and lead you to a place of peace and joy and truth and connection with the Creator. You will be able to recognise what you are creating and if this is from a place of power and truth.

It is also important to remember that power is a vibration of action, so everything that is in your thought forms, in creation, will be put into action. You may feel as if you are juggling a million balls at the same time, as everything you are aware that you wanted to manifest and everything that you are unaware that you have been manifesting comes into reality.

It is for you to balance and juggle these. To achieve this there is a need to examine each of those juggling balls, casting away those that distract you and do not support you. Hold sacred with tenderness, love, and harmony the juggling balls that support you.

These are the experiences, and creations that really support and align with your truth, and the expression of the truth of the Creator that flows through your being and is aligned with your expression of power. Everything will move into alignment with power and truth as these are expressed through your being, supporting you in further gaining a greater connection and remembrance; an embodiment with all that is the Creator.

I, Master Kuthumi encourage you to contemplate this and to be aware of its presence in your reality.

My love, my healing my truth is with you always,

I thank you, Master Kuthumi

Click on this link to get a free audio download of Natalie's message: https://omna.org/ascension-gift-7-power-of-truth-by-master-kuthumi/...

Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, & Blessings of Your Soul's Peace, Joy,, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !

Video - "A Deeper Compassion" By Matt Kahn - https://youtu.be/mZN9B5RL2nQ


Blooming In Divine Love By Meiko Sawatari

Blooming in love ♡
Very naturally. . .
There is a reliable male yang energy. . .
In the energy. . .
Women naturally melt sweetly.
Because God created it that way ♡
Very honest feelings ♡
Very pure and very warm feelings of love ♡
The sacredness like of the white lily flower descends to the earth.. . .
She stood on the fluffy ground with my bare feet.
The glare of the sun
The majesty of the mountain
The incense of the earth. . .
She encounter the energy of this world. .
She is dyed in love. ..
Get to know the warmth of love. . .
The holy light women bloom...she becomes a princess.
Has soft pink petals
It became a gentle and gentle flower ♡♡
I'm happy with the warmth of love
I'm happy. .. ..
I'm happy. ..
It makes me smile like a warm spring ♡
How sweet and gentle ♡
Then. .. .. .. ..
A woman's smile melts a man sweetly ♡
Men are wrapped in love and healed. .. ..
Ah, the circulation of yin and yang splendor has begun ♡
Wrap in love,
Smile in love,
Love is healing. .. ..
Love creates kindness,
Love gives birth to a smile,
love is. .. .. Creating love ♡
Call for a wonderful spring ♡♡

Video - "Freedom Flame Transmission" - https://youtu.be/3vyrNJCglrY


Be Love In The Center Of The Storm By
Ann Albers & The Angels
Message From The Angels.....
My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Take a long breath in. Now let it out very, very slowly – as if you are a balloon slowly deflating. Do this once again. Breathe in. Exhale very slowly allowing your body to simply release the air. No forcing is necessary. One more time. Breathe in deeply and then allow the body to exhale, slowly, gently, thoroughly. How did you feel when you were doing this? Just notice.
Now, pick up something around you. It can be anything, a pen, a pencil, a glass of water. Just pick it up, and examine it carefully. Notice its color and texture. How does it feel in your hands? Is it heavy or light? Just be with this thing and really examine it. Imagine this thing you picked up is living being. Whether out loud, or in your head tell it how much you love it. Point out all the good qualities and characteristics of this thing. Appreciate it. Imagine you can it all the love in your heart. Breathe now. Exhale slowly. Notice how you feel.
In these two very simply exercises you took charge of your inner reality. You became intensely present. You chose to flow love forth from within. You became for a few seconds, rooted in the present, and rooted in love. How did that feel? Remember this simple exercise. Breathe. Flow love. Breathe. You can do it any time.
When you are rooted in the present moment and rooted in love, you become the peaceful, calm eye at the center of the storm. While chaos whirls around you, you can feel centered, grounded, clear, and calm.
This is extremely useful in a world where many are trying to convince you that things are going terribly. Covid is running rampant. Disagreements are at fever pitch. Friends, family, or co-workers have strong biases and suddenly don't feel you belong in their lives. You feel stuck, stir-crazy, unclear... Breathe. Flow Love. Breathe.
Dear ones some of you already practice being as present as possible. Some of you already play with the magic of your breathing. You already experience the benefits. If you've never tried it, or if you feel pushed and pulled and buffeted by life and the choices of others, then take charge of your reality, if only for a minute or two. Breathe. Flow love. Breathe.
No matter what is going on around you, you are the only one who can ever control your own energy field. The world can trigger you, influence you, push you, and pull you. Others can worship or attack you. Nonetheless, you and only you control your energy field. It is not your fault that so many of you still believe you are controlled by the external world. You have not been taught that your energy attracts your reality. Now, however, you are learning to start taking charge of your inner reality, your thoughts, and therefore your own personal field that will attract your own personal reality.
Try it this week when something stresses you and you feel you are not in control. Perhaps you honestly can't control the 3D world. But you can breathe. You can flow love. You can breathe again. You can control your vibration. And in that simple sequence of actions, wherein you decided to be in charge of your inner reality, suddenly you find yourself at the calm, clear, center of the storms around you. Suddenly you are truly – if only for a few seconds – living in the present, and living in love.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels
Video - "In The Midst Of Chaos We Are Moving Forward In The Light" By Patricia
Message From Ann .....
"Stress is a reaction when you're trying to control things you cannot," the angels once told me. They have a way of taking problems that seem so complex and distilling them down to the pure essence. It seemed so obvious when I started to look at my own life and the lives of the many I've worked with.
On a day when I'm feeling my connection to the Source, nothing stresses me. I don't need to be in control of anything other than my own mind! The rest is the job of the Creator of Universes, and everything that appears on my path I trust to be perfect. I drop a glass of milk and accept it, thinking how pretty it is as the white river pours over my kitchen floor and the glass sparkles in the sunshine.
On days when I haven't maintained my connection to love, and forget that I can control my inner world, I fall into old unpleasant habits of victimized thinking. I drop a glass and beat myself up for being clumsy. I get antsy in traffic. Someone gets nasty, I take it personally, and let my feelings get hurt. I waste time, miss opportunity, and forget my inner power.
The external world is exactly the same in both cases. The difference is that in an empowered, connected, 5D state I am aware that I always have the ability to control of my own mind, my reactions, my energy, and therefore the quality of my moments. I choose to be happy from within. In a disconnected state forget and give all my power to the outer world. Nothing has changed but my thoughts.
So while the wild world whirls around us we can be peaceful and calm and centered, healthy, and happy. These past few weeks it seems that the anger vibe was rising up in a lot of folks. Many were reporting gallbladder or liver issues, frustrations, anger, and impatience. If that was you, its OK. No one will ever judge you in the heavens, and there's no need to judge yourself. Nonetheless, there are tools as the angels say, that help us reconnect with Source, inner power, and a much better feeling reality.
Here are a few pointers how to get back into the calm center of the storm...
1. Breathe. Flow Love. Breathe
Do the exercise the angels suggested this week. Breathe deeply, and exhale slowly. Repeat this at least three. And think of the first thing or person that come to mind and talk to it like a beloved. Appreciate it. Flow love from your heart to it. Breathe again. See how you feel.
I always do the exercises they suggest while I'm channeling the newsletter. I picked up a pen and admired its smoothness, its sharp click, its wonderful blue color, its sleek design... and before I knew it I felt madly in love with my pen. I may never look at it the same again.
I've been having problems with my website being painfully slow all day, and suddenly as I breathed and flowed love, it didn't seem like such a big deal. It would get resolved. I stopped to appreciate that future in advance. Ding. An email came in from the support folks who were working on it. Problem solved. That's the beauty of breathing, being present, flowing love. It may seem simple, but in 5D reality it is a quick vibrational tune-up.
2. Take Breathing Breaks and Presence Pauses
Every time you stop at a stoplight, train yourself to breathe. Or if you're at home, set a timer and stop what you're doing when it dings. Take a few slow deep breaths. Pause to be present every now and then. Every time you feel yourself getting stressed, frustrated, or cranky, flow love towards the first thing you see. Keep flexing those inner muscles. It may feel ridiculous in our 3D paradigm, but in the 3D paradigm you're learning to re-tune your tuner!
3. Remind yourself often, "I am always in control of my energy"
It is a huge paradigm shift to stop blaming others and the outside world for how we feel. For some time we'll all be "works in progress" when it comes to reclaiming our power over our own energy. It is a new way of thinking. Most of us grew up with the blame and shame game, but as I recently heard, "when you change the frame, you change the game!" We're all working to change our frame from "external creates internal" to "Internal creates external."
As the angels like to say, "Reality is like hair. What you see today you grew on the inside yesterday! What you'll see tomorrow is what you're growing inside today."
After a few decades of working with angels I know that their so-called "small, silly exercise" are neither small, nor silly.
They understand that the name of the real game, the 5D game and beyond is one of learning to manage our energy and they'll use anything they can to assist us in doing so easily, quickly, and kindly.
Try it. Practice it. keep it up. We are all moving toward a more amazing reality, just one moment at a time :) Breathe. Flow love. Breathe!
Love you all!
Infinite Blessings with God's Infinity Energies of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !
Video - "Galactic Soul Healing Meditation" - https://youtu.be/EzL_3HYP0KA

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