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for all the people that liked or for the one's who love the show, hope you all will love this group.. blessed be piper, [patricia]

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charmed still

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The Charmed Grimoire

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Charmed spin-off

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charmed..~keep's going..

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Comment by TRISH-PIPER on November 30, 2010 at 2:38am

Comment by TRISH-PIPER on November 30, 2010 at 2:27am

Comment by TRISH-PIPER on November 30, 2010 at 2:00am

Comment by sandy on December 6, 2009 at 3:46pm
I loved that t.v. program. Miss watching The Power of 3, on the tube.
Comment by kenny lee lloyd on October 3, 2009 at 11:05am
i love this show so much
Comment by Mandi on September 9, 2009 at 3:39pm
hi i'm new to this group. i just wanted to say that i have always liked charmed ever since it first came out. even though i dont agree with some of the ways that they portray themselves, i am reminded that t.v. is never what it seems. over all i love the series. i know that it is still aired on tnt (ch.27) at like 8am. they run it back to back.
Comment by isis on March 14, 2009 at 5:00pm
Comment by Rachel on February 22, 2009 at 1:05pm
Sweet its my favorite show although their not very accurate but its still good!!!
Comment by TRISH-PIPER on January 16, 2009 at 1:07pm
It is the year 2024. Chris is to only a few days of expiring his first 20 years of life. The future has changed thanks to many included things Chris's appearance to save to the world of the darkness.

Piper has not died like in another reality that it towards when he had 11.Now she is a recognized writer in the world of the business and cooking, since the success of the series of her books on " How administering a club and to be mother and something more " and " I only cook good things " he has been a roller. She and his dad are now more united that, so Leo, now turned into the general headmaster of " The Magic School " having a schedule that allows him to be with his family much more than what it was in the habit of being.

Wyatt now with 21 years is a respected and powerful being who has made the underworld tremble, thanks to him, the life of the inhabitants of the family Halliwell has recaptured its line and now it is possible that their lives live without dreads and without " familiar emergencies ". He now is turned into the captain of the team of Futball of San Francisco, giving him popularity and a touch of normality to his life.

Melinda Halliwell, enters to scene, her real name is Prudence Melinda and she is the third daughter of Piper and Leo. She with almost 19 years, possesses aside from the basic powers of a magical witch, such as spellcasting and scryingonly, the gifts of her mother, because when she was born Leo was already a mortal. Nevertheless, from her birth she has demonstrated the power of " moving in the time ", probably Leo's sequel when he was an Avatar. Melinda shares the displeasure of her mother for the magic life and because of it she attends the mortal High School on the mornings and sometimes to workshops on the Magic School in the evenings. Shes cute but at the same time brave.

Phoebe now is the whole celebrity, because the success with her column has been so big that now shes possess her own tv show. Named it, of curse, "Ask Phoebe".(Without the previously damages). Being one of the women richest and more known about San Francisco and America.
The elders have allowed to Coop to change of complete time with his family, turning into a normal husband, now into search of employment. Phoebe has recovered her ancient power, gaining now one more, the elektrokinesis. Power that she saw in her trip to the future in 1999 and with the one that is capable of generating electrokinetics beams throw of her hands capable of damaging the cerebral bark of any adversary; situation that was useful to her to the birth of her daughters.

Phoebe Amanda Halliwell (Nicknamed LadyBug):
With her husband Coop, Phoebe will conceive her first daughter a few years after the birth of her nephew, (2006) Christopher Halliwell. Amanda (18) was born the same day that Melinda Halliwell, for which the two were present at the same school degree. She can levitate and see past or future scenes, but not as her mom, but " taking part in them ", power inherited by Coop.. Phoebe has been extremely proud of her, even years before her birth. (Phoebe's daughter was referred to as "Little Phoebe" by Piper at one point and it is possible that she is named after her mother.) She also has a life stay away of magic, studying gymnastics and starting being recognized.

Patricia Alexis Halliwell (Nicknamed Sparky):
Alexis (17), has the power the astral vision, (It is a form of " astral transport " that only happens when she sleeps. In it, she can go to where she wants, tied her physical body for the silver thread. ), and teleporation, inherited by her dad. She studies high school, and is a skilful girl scout. Always she is ready to help and is an excellent adviser, for what she is employed at "The Bay Mirror " as her mother assistant.

Penny Angela Halliwell (Nicknamed Angelly):
Angela (16) is just her mom, unhabited and a free spirit. She posses the power of premonition and empathy feeling, power generated on having combined both power of empathy of her parents. She loves the witchcraft and she wanna be a top model someday. She hates the regular school.

Paige is now a regular teacher of "The Magic School", founder of the W.O.W., (World Organization of Whitelighters), and director of the agency of Social services in San Francisco. Together with Henry, she lives in the house next to the Halliwell Manor, which at some time Dan Gordon occupied.

Hope Mitchell:
Hope (18), is one of the first-born twins of Paige, is a prophetic child too because her birth together with that of her sister happens under a solar eclipse. For what shares a dual power, a kind of power of two. She is an excellent athlete, loves the surf and certainly, to the witchcraft. She is present at Billy's class in the Magic school. Hope possesses the same gifts of Paige, that is to say of witch / whitelighter more of cryokinesis, the power of the ice, power inherited by generations possibly by her great, great, great, great...aunt Prudence Bowen, nevertheless, her maximum power is activated on having combined the power with her sister Holly.

Holly Mitchell:

Holly (18) is one of the first-born twins of Paige, is a prophetic child too because her birth together with that of her sister happens under a solar eclipse. For what shares a dual power, a kind of power of two. Shes loves the the magic school, she also loves to read about Romantic novels, and shes all the time is daydreaming. She possesses the power inherited from her mom and the power of pyrokinesis, the power of the fire, inherited by her great, great....-aunt Phoebe Russell.

Henry Jr.
Henry (17) He is the classic nerd of the school. With an excellent intelligence, he is the best company of Chris's study group in the Magic school, for his big knowledge he forms a part of the same companions of lounge.
He posses the same power of Paige and the temporary stásis inherited by his aunt Piper Halliwell or by his great-aunt... Piper Baxter. He is an expert in the topic of orb.

Prue Halliwell is re-lived for elders in compensation to the destination that the charmed ones fulfilled. To the awakening Prue asks her sisters for a second resurection: Andy Trudeau.

Andy is re-lived and together they procreate a child: Drew Halliwell.
As the only son of Prue Halliwell, Drew (19) can execute the telekinesis, to a very top level of what other beings have could. His mind allows him "to "move" matter or energy, making it possible to creating or destroying any organism in spite of only thinking it. His energy is comparable with his cousin Wyatt, because it is infinite. Drew is the first-born one of the oldest sister of the charmed ones, by what the prophecy of the two blesed child is effected again, but now with black hair.

Among Drew's skills, it exists the astral projection that allows him to multiply without limit of number and the deflección, power inherited by Andy, his dad, on having discovered recently that he also comes from a magic family

This is the intro
Comment by isis on January 10, 2009 at 3:05pm

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