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For most of us, we agree on a few things about Nyx. 1.She in the unearthly beautiful primordial Goddess of Night. 2. She inspires our admiration and respect 3. We all feel close to her.

Nyx herself is an astute goddess, and it is because of her that the Olympian or Titan gods were even born. I see her most when I meditate for an hour early in the morning when I wont be disturbed. Sometimes I'm sitting in my garden (My visual happy place), and she is there. Sometimes not. Give meditation a shot and see how that goes.

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I always since her as the mother that I need when my own mother can not be available. I don't have many times where I am not disturbed, yet she is always there for me when I feel on edge, scared, or frustrated. She's the calming voice in my head when I need it, and she is the stern voice that pushes me in the right direction when I'm procrastinating about something. I feel her trying to center me in my crazy world of chaos.
Beautiful words. We could learn a thing or two from you. Even in the hardest of times you can feel that connection with our Goddess and that brings you peace. Well done!
I see Nyx as calming when I need her. I have never except for once seen or heard her but night is the best time. You can feel the blanket of protection that Nyx seems to surround you with. The best part is that so many people are busy trying to be part of the "Light" as they think if it is light it must be good, that night is a quiet solitary time for relaxation and meditation.

Then I also see Nyx as fierce and horrifying in anger. I have seen an owl get shot by someone (and I have always thought that since owls are of the night, they must be Nyx's) and that person was in the hospital a week later for getting hit by a deer. No joke. He was standing on the sidewalk by his house when a deer ran out of the forest and right into him. Then the deer disappeared back into the forest.

Overall she is like the mother everyone wishes you had. Comforting yet not overbearing. Liberal yet strict. Nice yet fierce.
And as long as you believe that, it will always see you threw.
I love the way you described our Goddess. I've been absent from her protection the past few months and I believe that's what caused things in my life to unravel...I've gone through heartbreak and confusion and now I am just very happy to get back to being under the love and protection from our Goddess.
I found this Orphic Hymn to Nyx which i use as a prayer : http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/hoo/hoo07.htm
I find the Goddess through mediation...I find that while I can sense her in times of stress and upset I need to calm and centre myself in order to feel what her direction is for me. I see her clearest in the early hours of the morning when I can not rest. She is never clear in form, but I know her presence as the comfort and closeness I feel in the dead calm of the night.
I consider Nyx as the Mother. She gave birth to Hermia as the Day and the Fates...but she also gave birth to Strife, Retribution and Deception showing that while she nurtures she will be fierce to those that attempt to cross her desire. She is the iron grip tempered by the loving velvet glove of the parent. She is my Goddess.
I see her as a Mother, that understands and loves me through everything. She has called me "daughter" and "child". She brings me happiness when she is near.
oh I love Nyx, didn't know so many others did as well. She's the wife of Erberus, the mother of many of my favorite gods, like Thanatos, Hypnos , Charon, Nemesis, the Keres, and the Moirae. She's the mother of many others but I named off my favorites, in Hindu she's Ratri. Together her and Erberus are the void to me, in the beginning there was only the void, and in the end all things will return to the void, supreme calm. To me she's the most beautiful goddess.
Jeremiah I so fully agree with you. She is the strength with which I live my life I do not think I would be the lady I am today without her strong guidance nor would I want too. Through all life throws our way I'm connected with the night loving not only the goddess but her consort as well. their off springs are some of my most favorite god/dess. I feel her almost all the time its amazing.
Catholics have Mary, a great many people look to Gaia, but I always looked to Nyx, plus it helps that Erberus may be my favorite god (toss up with Zeus, Erberus, and Athena) but Nyx has always held the mother figure for me, but I am a creature of the night always had a great deal of love for Nyx and Artemis

Nyx is strong, calm, and can very brutal when angered. I feel as though she is part of me, because I too am of those ways. She is the beauty within us all, for within dark beauty rises. I love her and cherrish her, and the reason why I stated inn another article on here that I also follow Aphrodite, is because Aphrodite has such a strong sexual pull and in part so do I. They are both of beauty, and strength. One is of night the other of love, and sexual rapture. I feel as though they both took part in a project and that project is me. Is this too "stuck on myself" to say? I do not think so, for it is how I feel and in ways what I know.


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