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May sound like a crazy question but I live in a small town in the bible belt no less and am wondering where can I get a Ouija board? I used to have one that someone gave me but I don't have it anymorebut would love to get another.

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Hey Tammy - I think you can find these online now days... just google the name with "buy" and you'll have tons of options I hope! The best kind has little wheels on the gadget that moves, the one you lay your fingers on.
Ouija boards aren't the best way of making contact with spirits. It builds a portal straight into the spiritual real where anyone can poke through, whether they have good or ill intentions. A friend of mine has used on and he infested his house with spirits who fallow him, and another infested her home with low vibrating entities who tried to harm her.

i have a old Ouiji board i can send you , i collect boards , the gatekeeper... let me know . glouglas692000@yahoo.com



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