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...ah yes. It seems that the chalenges befor me are a guide to how strong i actualy am. The man i was suppose to give a hair cut to called to let me know his car over heated. Last time i cut his hair his bangs were past his nose. This guy prefers a clean buisness cut, he works with the sharrifs all the time so he has to look the look, ya know. But thats how much love i am blessed with. His wife is a witch too and the whole family (3 daughters&too meny cats) seem to like the hair cuts i have given them and love me. I am blessed. Maybe thats why i cant understand when things go SO wrong. I dont work in a salon any more because of something that happend, haveing to do with my daughter and a handfull of hair...long story. To sum it up, i lost my salon job for a violation of sanitary maintanence proceedure, but not the cosmetology license that i worked so hard to get. So i can do hair at peoples homes, as long as i follow state and fed. ordenances...
The last time i went through an eviction(7 yrs ago in Feb,so its almost off credit report) we failed to show up to the 2nd court date because, having no car of our own, we went up to the bus stop and the buss passed right by us. I couldnt believe it, and the boulder that i felt hit my stomache, almost brought me to my knees. We later found out the bus company had cancled some of the stops on all routs without notifying the public about it. The women bus drivers that i discussed it with said that that driver could have stopped...they would have!....
My ride is here, but my venting has only begun. I intend on keeping with the light and try not to take a ride on "the pitty pot"....but i need to release some of this, it could overwhelm me...i m feeling it.

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