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In our modern era of witches just the mention of the word sacrifice, brings to mind the paths covered in blood.I just stopped myself from stereo-typing them as darker faiths.Blood Magic is one of the more potent forms of magic out there it is also dangerous.People get very unsettled about animal sacrifices to begin with and not to mention in this country it is illegal.Besides I never saw the point of sacrificing an animal for my magic, it's not like the poor creature can speak up and say he's volunteering for the job. I know in those parts of the world where it is practiced the blood is given to the Gods, and the flesh is for the people to eat.that's all well and fine over there where they do the butchering themselves.

But here our food comes prepackaged.Where we haven't had to clean our on chickens in about a good 75-80 years maybe longer.The who point that I am getting at here is that we as a society are so far removed from the hunter/gatherer age. That we judge something that is natural to be fowl. And what offerings do we make to our Gods?
Do we did dig down deep within ourselves and make a true sacrifice, or do we leave out a plate of scraps just off the fence line? Not only that If you take the materialistic route then it would be more likely a genuine sacrifice would be to donate your car to that charity like you where planning to just don't take the tax deduction. It's not always about blood but it is about the signifigance of what you are giving up. Next to Blood the most desired commodity is Time. It has been equaled to money, and what you do with your time is important.A respected sacrifice is volunteering provided you keep to your word and honor your duties.

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