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Over the years I've seen some stuff to whiten your hair, in my case make you go bald.
Anyway we all have our little secrets that we hide away from the world,
from each other. Some we think so big & horrific,and others just embarrassing.
But truth be told it is those secrets that brought each and every one of us
into the Craft.

I myself am not going to divulge any details other than to say that 1981 was a very busy year.
By the time 1982 rolled around I was smoking a pack and a 1/2 a day & had began drinking.
Not to mention smoking weed. It was also at this time I left the Roman Chatholic Church, even though
my parents where still paying tuition and I was an altar boy. Pretty much I'd serve mass than cut school.
I didn't have anything against that particular faith, except the lack of understanding and self-centerdness
that only a 10 yr old boy could muster. Needless to say I was very bitter for a very long time.

For another 10yrs I had to endure being called the Satanic Son of a Bitch from my eldist of brothers.
And it wasn't until he started dating a Wiccan himself, that the insults and slurs finally stopped.Getting books
on the subject was a cute trick, during those days. The closest occult store was downtown, required me
having an adult buying my books, or me taking the chance shiffing them. Back in the day if you were a minor
you were unable to purchace alternative religions, or it was that particular stores policy to avoid any lawsuits.

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