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Hello and merry meet! I just started practicing Wicca in December, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting into a daily routine with it, and I don't want to be one of those people who say they're a certain religion but don't actually do anything involving their religion. I've heard of people doing daily rituals, etc. Can anyone give me some pointers on making a daily routine for myself?

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Hi Dee Dukes!

Do you have an Altar? Set an Altar in a quiet place, maybe your bedroom. Arrange all your magickal stuff on it. Put it on a pattern which makes sense to you, it has to appeal to yourr senses. Light a candle and burn some incense, it can be incense sticks in the beginning. Don't forget to pour water into your chalice or goblet as an offering. Do your prayers to your Gods, ask them for assistance, wisdom and protection. Do it every morning. Keep in touch!

Blessed be!


A daily routine? The only thing I might do daily is read Tarot. I have a portable Altar Box next to my bed and I only do special rituals...like for instance I really like doing skyclad moon rituals in summer or if I have special considerations..such as for someone's health I might or whatever I can think of or sometimes browsing the web I find things I like as to forms of worship but everyday...no don't think I'd be interested although I may be online everyday and do have an Altar group @ another site it mainly has to do with Sabbats & occasional Esbats..correspondences & decorating an Altar and that can be googled if there's nothing special of my own that I'd want to add...but usually after I get going I have to throw in my own two cents worth. But I think that if you set up an Altar in your living area, that it would give you the incentive to practice more...put things on it that are special to you. Daily worship has to be a special devotion or it has no meaning..Blessed Be!


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