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Dave Stevens posted a discussion

4 Elements, St. Germain Clearing, Mother Gaia Light Language Activating Transmission By Althia Lucrezia

4 Elements, St. Germain Clearing, Mother Gaia Light Language Activating Transmission By Althia LucreziaChanneling the 4 Elements Water, AIr, Fire & Mother Gaia, St. Germain & Diamond Violet Flame of Atlantis Clearing, Light Language Transmission I love you, I see you, I appreciate you.See More
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Navigating Your Personal Ascension By Saint Germain & Natalie Glasson

Navigating Your Personal Ascension By Saint Germain &Natalie GlassonGreetings and love, I am Saint Germain. It is a joy to be in your presence today and to bring forth information and guidance. I wish to inspire you to focus upon navigating your own personal ascension. I wish to bring to your attention that there is a need for you to focus upon creating intentions and focus points, creating thoughts, or contemplating…See More
Jun 7
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Update: Dragons Ride ! Light Code Transmission - Active ! By Sonja Myriel ... And ... Awakening Collective Success By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Clearing A Hurtful Relationship By Steve Nobel

Update: Dragons Ride ! Light Code Transmission - Active !By Sonja MyrielDearly beloved ligtgrid family, gridwork team and, motst specially today, dear dragons, dragon riders and dragon light bearers,Oisin has come to me this morning, the King of Dragons, the TREE Dragon, in all his unique majesty. His message is:UNITE!... Remember ...Fly together again.Your time is NOWto EMBODY YOUR LIGHTand light up the world,ushering in the GLOBAL AWAKENING!The fear is GONE.You are VIBRATING at ever higher…See More
Jun 1
Illiana Torres-Soto was featured
May 29
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Wesak Blood Moon Total Eclipse Mass Meditation ... And ... Jesus & Buddha By Tercy Logan ... And ...The I Am Pillar Of Light Transmission By Steve Nobel ... And ... A Vision For Love Energy

Wesak Blood Moon Total Eclipse Mass MeditationThis session starts in the Divine Presence Communion Temple. We connect with the Crystal at the core of the Temple. All Souls present are greeted by Ascended Masters Allah Gobi, Kuthumi & El Morya. They assist in the Activation of a Group Merkaba to receive the Divine Feminine Paradigm Shift Ki's, Codes, Downloads &…See More
May 25
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Web Of Light Meditation: Clearing Links To The Past, Present, & Future By Steve Nobel

  Steve Nobel:   In this meditation we begin to clear and uplift all strands connecting us to the present moment reality, all people, places, objects, situations, challenges in the present, each one is a strand of energy. We first clear with ultraviolet light, then we cleanse and uplift with golden-white light from the Christ Grid. Finally, we send a gentle light pink energy of love through all strands that have a positive orientation. This is then repeated for all strands connecting us to the…See More
May 24
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Quantum Energy Healing For Starseeds, Empaths, & Lightworkers

This is a Quantum Energy Healing Session that has been infused with high-frequency angelic healing energies We have embedded codes using 7th dimensional crystal healing tools, and thee tools allow you to instantly feel as if you are enclosed in a quantum healing chamber for the duration of this session and even for some time after to allow for integration This healing session will give each person tuning in *EXACTLY* the healing frequencies that their higher self recommends for them as are…See More
May 11
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Clearing A Hurtful Relationship By Steve Nobel

Clearing A Hurtful Relationship By Steve Nobel...Relationships can be a source of great nurturing, love and support. They can also be channels of karmic patterning and pain. This meditation is designed to clear a deep rooted pattern that keeps manifesting in your relationships. this could be a pattern of jealousy, blame, rejection, comparison, disinterest, lack of clear…See More
May 4
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Love Is The Highway To Liberation By Sonja Myriel

Dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team,Love is the highway to liberation.Do not let the opinion you hold concerning current affairs divide you! United we stand in the field of LOVE and we announce: FREEDOM for ALL!This weekend we have seen a high rise in energy. The Earth‘s Crystalline Field is receiving updates of unprecedented intensity from within and without, from the Galactic Centre and our Sun as well as from the Inner Realms and Dimensions.The Mantel of PEACE is now available…See More
May 3
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Spreading Our Wings By Emmanuel Dagher... And ... There Is An Inner Awakening Blossoming ... And ... Support Of The Universe By Natalie Glasson & Archangel Michael

Spreading Our Wings By Emmanuel DagherIt’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!March will serve as a highly active month when it comes to our personal growth journey. The inner shifts we’ll experience will help us spread our energetic wings, so that we can transcend the previous limitations we’ve…See More
Apr 26
fantumofthewinds M posted a photo
Apr 26
fantumofthewinds M updated their profile
Apr 23
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

The Most Powerful Breathwork To Integrate Your Highest Potentials

Activate and embody your highest potentials with this cutting-edge Guided Breath work Meditation.See More
Apr 23
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

You Are A White Fire Seed Atom Of All That Is By Ronna Herman & Archangel Michael

You Are A White Fire Seed Atom Of All That Is ByRonna Herman & Archangel MichaelBeloved masters, in the very beginning, each of you were one of the Holy Innocent Ones, a brilliant Spark of the Supreme Creator. When it came your turn to externalize and awaken, you suddenly were aware of your godliness as a White Fire Seed Atom of the ALL THAT IS.Then came a startling awareness of your own conscious “I AM Presence” as an individualized Facet of the Creator. This awakening of Souls has…See More
Apr 20
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

The Miracle Is In The Mirror By Linda Dillon

The Miracle Is In The Mirror By Linda DillonThis past weekend, the Divine Mother utilized the energies of the Equinox to begin ushering us out of the Pause and ignite Her Divine Reset. The Mother shared with us that when we place restrictions upon ourselves we are denying our birthright, our divine authority, and our capacity. “You are not restricted, child – in any way,…See More
Apr 14
Dave Stevens posted a discussion

Power Of Truth By Natalie Glasson & Master Kuthumi ... And ... Be Love In The Center Of The Storm By Ann Albers & The Angels

...Dare To Be Different By Pamela Kribbe & Jesus/JeshuaDear friends,I am Jeshua, your brother and equal, who has lived as a human being among humans. I am with you, although not physically, but in and through your hearts. You are connected to me as a bearer of the Christ energy.  The Christ energy is one of connection, of being one on a level outside time and space. I…See More
Apr 12



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Planetary Summit needed to banish ignorance, criminal misuse and abuse from 'revealed' religions elements

Started by Founder. Last reply by Laura Berry Oct 8, 2015. 10 Replies

Some posts ago I discussed regarding an urgent need to review thru an international summit, some particular aspects of the so called'revealed' religions. The emphasis was especially made re the intolerant side of these religions (Islam, Judaism,…Continue


Started by Founder. Last reply by Rodney Feb 20, 2015. 13 Replies

Freedom is one of the basic rights of human race, a real basic need for every real free spirit, especially for us Neopagans, that we are open minded spirits.We heard about this meaningful case of Edward Snowden. Now, in my sincere opinion if Snowden…Continue

I find this pathetic..

Started by DeAngela Shuli Lynne Greenberger. Last reply by emily pratt-lozano Apr 7, 2020. 84 Replies

Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link…Continue

What Could Be Our Religion

Started by nurul azam. Last reply by nurul azam Dec 4, 2013. 7 Replies

some days ago i was talking with some people in a local teastall,they are just daily worker and they are also very poor.they are talking about god,i ask them why you afraid,they told,it doesnt matter, thats the way we survibe.i think they are…Continue

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To all cherished members of this community - We do not welcome spammers here and delete them!

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Synchronicity as a tool

Posted by Patricia Bryant Resnick on May 24, 2011 at 8:04pm 4 Comments

I've just had a little reminder of the message that synchronicity sends to us. John Lilly referred to it as coming from the CCC, Coincidence Control Center. I see multiple coincidences as a message from…


Present Energy

Posted by purple dolphin / the Charmed One on June 24, 2011 at 5:05am 3 Comments

Hello all I am looking for others to share expeiences or just plain frienship.. Please hit me up at anytime....

The City

Posted by nurul azam on January 14, 2011 at 1:30am 1 Comment

i am happy today
my pocket is full of money

a n d

i am going to market, to buy ..

some tears for cry


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