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Laura Berry posted discussions
1 hour ago
Laura Berry replied to Cassandra's discussion What made you follow the path you are on?
" My soul compels me. How can you go against the purity of the soul instilled that is of the higher will. 2. I don't  know about that, their is much unknown and there is so much violence.  3. I don't know of my…"
1 hour ago
Kristin Barton replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
"True.  In Traditional Wicca, the Athame has specific uses and symbolism.  You describe something closer to Eclectic Wicca based Neo-Paganism, which is basically what most solitary Wiccans practice."
1 hour ago
Laura Berry replied to Mooncatcher's discussion Are props really needed?
" The meaning of ritual is of meekness as I understand the meaning of it. Lighting a candle is taking time away from yourself  to be a participant in the place of Source of enlightenment. Getting what you want  is not always…"
1 hour ago
Laura Berry replied to John's discussion Crystal Balls
" A crystal ball is any mirror that you chose to see yourself upon, it doesn't matter where you find it, as it  is always a space upon some wall of where you judge yourself. The mirrors glass is of magic, and it reflects an…"
2 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Silvio's discussion Animal Sacrifices in Wicca
"    The Source of creation does not destroy in unnatural ritual. Natural death is of peace in aged spaces, we seek to do no harm, what their karma will be without real need, who knows?"
2 hours ago
Pagan Priestess~ added a discussion to the group Pagan Witches

Sekhemet The Heart Of The Diamond

Sekhemet is an Egyptian Goddess of magic, strength and courage. She has the head of a lion & carries a scepter, sometimes a sword.Like the diamond, a deity has many facets. Each facet is beautiful and can be used to access the Heart of the Diamond. When we speak to Sekhemet we are accessing Universal Power.See More
2 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
" What I read is continually  more of the God and much, much less of the Goddess. That mind set is out of balance  with the Earth. All in Source is of balance in equality in peaceful creation, God and Goddess in complete equality.…"
3 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
" How is Christianity positive? It says that violent and unnatural death is the way to heaven? How would that  ever be a positive in the sense of actual creative action in REAL awareness?"
3 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
"   The knife as it is known in Wicca. The dagger, the knife is symbolic of the male as phallus as it represents the penetration of intercourse.It was also one of the first tools created by early humanity used to cut the umbilical cord of a…"
3 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
" Christianity affects nature through Lent, where you can eat fish as you understand that the Source chose the MALE to be known upon the Earth. And the sacred cow rejoices!"
3 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
" So you believe the Source chose to come through a male to be known upon the Earth?"
3 hours ago
Pagan Priestess~ commented on Laura Berry's blog post WHAT IS A GODDESS?
"This is true...any woman who owns a des would be wise to go there.....however, I've heard that to be a vegan is to experience death....I am not so I'll have to forgo the pleasure....I am a shadow worker and humbly will remain so until my…"
3 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to ryan's discussion Mix between Wicca and Satanism is possible.
"   The exclusionary voice is the heart of ignorance. The reconsideration of Satan is of Source. Did your god say 'I cast you out?'  A divine being does not turn away but ALWAYS  embraces. We are a human…"
4 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
" How does Christianity affect nature?"
4 hours ago
Laura Berry replied to Cianna Johnson's discussion questions for wiccans by a Christian
4 hours ago



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Planetary Summit needed to banish ignorance, criminal misuse and abuse from 'revealed' religions elements

Started by Founder. Last reply by Laura Berry Oct 8, 2015. 10 Replies

Some posts ago I discussed regarding an urgent need to review thru an international summit, some particular aspects of the so called'revealed' religions. The emphasis was especially made re the intolerant side of these religions (Islam, Judaism,…Continue


Started by Founder. Last reply by Rodney Feb 20, 2015. 13 Replies

Freedom is one of the basic rights of human race, a real basic need for every real free spirit, especially for us Neopagans, that we are open minded spirits.We heard about this meaningful case of Edward Snowden. Now, in my sincere opinion if Snowden…Continue

I find this pathetic..

Started by DeAngela Shuli Lynne Greenberger. Last reply by Brenda Thomas May 18. 79 Replies

Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link…Continue

whaT cold bE our religiOn

Started by nurul azam. Last reply by nurul azam Dec 4, 2013. 7 Replies

some days ago i was talking with some people in a local teastall,they are just daily worker and they are also very poor.they are talking about god,i ask them why you afraid,they told,it doesnt matter, thats the way we survibe.i think they are…Continue

Blog Posts

ISLAM a threat to Freedom

Posted by Founder on November 15, 2015 at 10:04am 3 Comments

11 September NY…PARIS Nov. 14 2015...We need to see clear this. Modern ISLAM under the coverage of his 'mysticism', is in reality a belligerent belief. Long gone are the days of Mystical Sufism. Al Qaeda, Isis are only extreme expressions of this…


Cherished Members - Please block messages from any Spammer suspects.

Posted by Rebecca (Community Moderator) on August 10, 2011 at 3:00pm 1 Comment

To all cherished members of this community - We do not welcome spammers here and delete them!

I'm talking about the person-bots who start up profiles only to be able to post comments on your profile with messages like "buy this" or saying…


Synchronicity as a tool

Posted by Patricia Bryant Resnick on May 24, 2011 at 8:04pm 4 Comments

I've just had a little reminder of the message that synchronicity sends to us. John Lilly referred to it as coming from the CCC, Coincidence Control Center. I see multiple coincidences as a message from…


Present Energy

Posted by purple dolphin / the Charmed One on June 24, 2011 at 5:05am 4 Comments

Hello all I am looking for others to share expeiences or just plain frienship.. Please hit me up at anytime....


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