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Ok, so while I was "Journeying" I found this one animal: Blue Pheonix. Can anyone explain what this could mean????

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It could be one of your spirit guardians. And blue flame burns hotter than red flame. Other than that, I don't think I can help you.
Oh ok, thanks! ^^
Thank you!
The Phoenix is a symbol of regeneration and healing. It rises from her own ashes and renews herself when needed. The color blue within the context of flames does mean that it burns hotter than the typical red flame. If the Phoenix is indeed your spirit guardian, then perhaps you have something to learn from her. You may need to look inwardly and see what lies in wait for you on the other side of yourself. Perhaps there is a challenge ahead that requires you to completely burn your own ideas and renew a new set of such ideas. Look at yourself and the things that are in your life right now, such as a current strife or maybe some kind of challenge that you need to face in order to really move forward in your life. I really hope this helps.


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