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I grew up Christian, but I have since chosen to accept Pagan beliefs and worship the goddess as well. There has been quite a debate among my peers and friends that says that I can not be both. What do you think?

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Yes I do think it is possible to be both christian and pagan.  Look into the way christians where before it was brought to Europe.  Reincarnation the male/female God/dess, it was all part of it.  I think they called themselves essenes or something like that.  I suggest you jump on the net, information is everywhere as to what is was all about before the thought police got to it.

anyway I hope this helps



  I see someone has been doing their studying! Yes, the Essenes were a deeply mystical group within the right faith of the Jews. They were not into all the political crap that Jesus called "prostitution." It was one of his first visits after his awakening to his potential. During the crusades so much was forever lost, your thought police in action! Some have accurately channeled some of that work, but some is also corrupted by our modern mindset! Aleister Crowley channeled some very accurate guides, but with him as with so many it drove him to the brink of madness.

If you check the Christian prophets, they were not always glued together very well! God/dess mind and human mind do not always mesh well when they have something to say. Only the Budda and the Christ were, by and large, unaffected except in power and peace. The crusades ended the common man's ability to see these similarities for themselves!


Cygnus III

my ealiest church going experiences at the age of 6 are of a large local baptist church my great aunt and uncle and my cousins..then from age 11 i grew up in a smaller country baptist church {northern indiana} until the age of 17...i was an every other sunday attender, i read my bible and said my prayers...i ALWAYS studied other religions and had curiousities about other religions and stumbled onto Wicca...i liked it ...but did not pursue until many years later...an incident at church one time {the pastor told the congregation that it was his way of teaching the bible and no other way, his interpretation} i did NOT like that... it was that AND i just wasn't as moved by the sermons anymore...so i dabbled in a few wiccan books here and there...and found other people who dabbled and wanted to get more serious...together we found an actual group that worshipped together at every full moon, solstices, etc... there was a catholic lady,  a jewish lady, a seventh day adventist girl and myself and my friends...i asked the same questions you ask now...and came to these answers...i still believe in God...i Believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins...and i still pray at least a few little prayers a day...i aslo believe in the Goddess and other deities, moon worship, etc...i am not sure if it is wrong or not...in my heart i feel it is right...

    other reasons i feel it is right is the facts other people posted on here already....i hope you find the answer you are searching for

I am so thrilled this has opened up the discussion between you all. While I haven't been able to practice the way I truly want to, I have decided to continue on no matter what!

 There you go man! Spirituality is from the inside, not any external place ot thing! What brings you inner peace and light is where everyone should be. I have never been a "normal" Christian by any means! When I found the Magickal path, I lived it to the fullest, but it did bring me back to a rightly ammended Christianity. In my Church I never denounce what I've followed and I have had success only with the pastor, so we keep my broom closet life under wraps and I can even play music in my Church. Ask someone to forget or denounce what has done their life great things and you will meet severe hatred. Accept that these things have brought you to a better understanding; and then prove it, you will be a quiet but learned secret! Is that not what the occult is anyway; hidden knowledge!

Cygnus III

I think you can. I mean, originally the roots of Christianity had a Goddess as well. She was forgotten because leaders wanted to focus on a more patriarchal society and religion. I still find good things within Christianity, although I can't fallow that path whole heartedly any longer. 

I have a Christian friend that knows that I am Pagan, and she is supportive, mostly because she's skeptic about a few things within Christianity. She believes in a gender neutral Creator that she calls her God, and she believes that I have split it into two and worship them as two separate but equal beings. If they try to tell you that you can't, just try going with the thought that the God and Goddess are the two different sides of one Creator. It might get them off your case about your beliefs.

But, in general, no one can tell you what you can and can't believe. Hell, you can believe that I'm an over ripe singing banana, and although people may think it's just a little odd, they can't tell you if you can believe it or not. Go with your heart, and trust your intuition. There're many paths in life regaurding religion, and everyone has a different way of believing, and that is all. 

Those are my thoughts, use them or don't use them. Have a blessed day, and keep safe.^^

Hi Heather,

  Very astute and accurate reply!!! Love the humor, you certainly do not look like a "singing banana" to me. Even the ancient Jews knew Elohim was the feminine aspect of Godhood. As well there are many positions on the tree of life, no these are not the highest of the high, but it is our goal to know what is possible (in this lifetime) of this unknowable spirit. What a conundrum, right! Not so much as you would think! Men wanted a man's world, so maybe we should look further back than the "Tea Party" for who actually was the first lineage, which makes more sense!!!

Cygnus (Mark)

Many highly respected witches /wiccan go to christian functions, so why not. Most of us do go to churches on occasion, weddings, baptisms, funerals etc  it's just shows respect for other people beliefs and shows that you care enough about them to be with them during those important moments in their lives, respecting their choices,  you are also in your right to expect the same respect from them in return.  It's something we do in our family. My family are very involved in the Catholic church, some are priests. We respect one another, makes for interesting discussions.   

Long live this endless thread.


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