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Following the amazing exact predictions of Paul the octopus I'm wondering if animals can beat humans in predicting events. If this is true then I think it's about time to "redeem", among many animal lovers, the infamous Roman Emperor Caligula (37-41 AC) that was using as favorite counselor his own horse called "Incitatus" that became also senator of the Roman senate. Maybe Caligula wasn't at all so foolish...!...lol

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While he might have been able to understand his horses predictions, it doesn't subtract from all that Caligula did. The man became insane and corrupt with power. Not exactly the shining light of roman power. Although I do suppose most of the roman emperors did have something wrong with them after gaining power.
But ur right about animals predicting events. Many animals tend to know of impending disaster long before it happens. Watch "The Day After Tommorrow", it is a good representation of what animals would do just before a storm of that magnitude.
Dear Silver,

Wait!! The anti-Roman sentiment is notorious!...Wasn't my intention here to speak about the Roman emperors, but about the animals hidden powers. I do believe that the particular physical and spiritual structure of animals give them some strenght regarding an intuitive knowledge which is instead lost, unused and then forgotten in most of the humans.

Silver, I disagree with your superficial remark regarding the Roman emperors... let me tell you that today we know that a lot of the historical reports were faked at art, sometimes totally invented or at least badly reported. It is really simple to understand, cause many reports were made by enemies of the Roman empire, mediocre historians, jealous Greek writers, or by Christians that hated Roman Paganism. Just to mention one emperor: Nero. Nero was always depicted as an idiot and monster. Read instead the "Praise of Nero" made by Gerolamo Cardano, where the emperor is seen as a great emperor completely reversing the usual concept about him!...

Then the Hollywoodian style alike "legends" about many Roman emperors needs to be taken with a lot of suspicion, since they were created by anti Roman and anti Pagan writers and thinkers.

Probably they were some "bad" emperor, like always are bad people in this imperfect world, but a new and fair deep revision of the Roman Emperors lives is needed here!...

It is our duty as Pagans to defend our glorious past from gratuitous, and worst, fake attacks of anti-Pagans, ancient Rome included!
Lol I love how that turned into a discussion about the Emperors, I myself have always been a fan of the Republic over the Empire but there were great Emperors. Nero was very intelligent but he was a monster to some people, wasn't too nice to the early Christians. Nero did inspire the Revelation of John as his name was the mark of the beast. Caligula was a monster to the senate, he started out a great Emperor but then he was struck down with a high fever. After the fever ended he changed (probably from the mercury they were giving him as medicine) and was a bit of a monster after that. Now there were guys like my favorite Augustus, Antoninus Pius, Vespasian, Marcus Aurelius, and Serverus Alexander who were all good men and wise rulers. oh and Commodus was just cool, imagine if our world leaders still acted like that guy? Obama in a fight to the death with Kimbo Slice at FedEx Field in Landover Maryland, lol. sorry it was way way off topic, I think Octopuses are very intelligent animals and our understanding of them is still very little. Most animals can tell a change in the weather before it happens (including humans) because our sinuses act like natural barometers, it's more heightened in animals but there are plenty of people that get headaches before a storm. If animals can predict the future I imagine it depends on the animal, time isn't linear we just see it that way. Whoever killed my cat Luciano seemed to catch him off guard so he didn't see that coming. And that person better hope my dog can't do some remote viewing and locate his ass (just assuming a guy killed it) cause he doesn't want me to find him.
I agree that animals have a sixth sense about them..If you watch when a storm is brewing all the animals head for
shelter if it going to be a hard rain or alot of wind blowing..
Apparently many people think about the clairvoyance or other similar phenomena with animals, often pets.

Here's a great article about it:

Here is a brief excerpt from that article summarizing
Rupert Sheldrake, author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (Three Rivers Press, 1999), believes that animals have abilities that humans may have possessed at one time, but somehow lost. Through his extensive research, he has concluded that there are three major categories of unexplained perceptiveness by animals:

* Telepathy - a psychic connection that some pets may have with their owners through connections Sheldrake calls "morphic fields." It is this ability that enables pets to "know" when their owners are on their way home.
* The Sense of Direction - this ability accounts for the "incredible journeys" some animals make to be with their owners, including homing pigeons.
* Premonitions - which may explain why some animals seem to know when earthquakes and other events are about to occur.
Not to deny or dispute that, I think it's more that we've lost touch with that and other abilities over the centuries. My fiancé has the gift of precognition that both visits her and she can actively use. Also, because we've lost touch with said talent - what with information being so vast and communication being so close to live conversation, thanks to technology - we've mistakenly learned to not listen to out pets (or however you want to label them) when they try to tell us of these things. I, for one, have started relearning about these gifts we have, and it's not impossible for us to attain the connection we once had; not just to such fantastic abilities, but also to animals. I think this is a very mild wake-up call to everyone who still believes in the things that can't be explained by the religion of science.
I think that Animals definitely are better at telling when something is going to happen then we are. For example A friend of mine always knows when a big storm is coming not because of the news, but because her dog is scared of lightning storms and will constantly get all cuddling and licking her hand lol.
my dog Barney KNOWS when I'm about to take him for a walk - he gets all excited before I've actually got his lead etc...he seems to know what I'm thinking about a lot of tings really .... clever...
Morgana, such is precisely my point; pets can be trained, but they never ignore their instincts whereas humans can be dumb enough to ignore their reactions.

Cameron, I thank you for that bit of proof and I have a dog who does something similar. He only hates loud noises, but he'll also start to cower when a storm is approaching.

Helen, that little story sounds like simple conditioning; animals are intelligent and can memorize routines as well as remembering the sound of a certain car pulling into the driveway or even seeing one person or another. He could just be remembering where you keep his lead and sees you going to it, but I won't completely discount any psychic or precognitive ability.
sorry my 'little story' didn't quite hit the mark :( I did actually mean he 'knows' without all the little 'routine' bits ... can be any time of day...without me going for the lead etc ... he just seems to read my mind... about lots of things - but I won't bore you with my trivia
*smile* As I said before, I'm not discounting anything; just offering a different explanation. But, if you want to back that up, feel free to do so.

"Question with boldness - for if there is a God, He must surely prefer bold questions to blind faith"
~Thomas Jefferson


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