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Freedom is one of the basic rights of human race, a real basic need for every real free spirit, especially for us Neopagans, that we are open minded spirits.

We heard about this meaningful case of Edward Snowden. Now, in my sincere opinion if Snowden did what he did with the only and real goal to defend privacy and Freedom, then I'm with and for this man. Freedom is a thing that needs to be defended as one of the supreme goods.

Our fathers and ancestors, worldwide, fought for freedom, dying in wars to defend their own lands, countries freedom! So that our freedom is an absolute priority on everything else. That's the core of the problem in my opinion, this is way more important of any possible act of rebellion against laws-rules by Snowden, as he acted to protect freedom. That's the real issue. We CANNOT give up our right to privacy and right to be free. No claim of any nature can take from us this basic right!

Many of the world governments in our days are trying their best in a before unseen united effort to control our lives. Everything can be a valid claim (or better be called excuse) to enslave us more and more, to the point that Orwell's sinister predictions are watchin' us always closer and closer. But a future world of fully submissive, robotic and enslaved people is not exactly what a pagan free spirit, or a wise man, will dream, want or die for!... 

I cut and paste here from Wikipedia a selected portions of what it says for 'United States' "... The first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights, were ratified in 1791 and guarantee many fundamental civil rights and freedoms...."

".....California Constitution recognizes inalienable rights, and articulated some (not all) of those rights as "defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy."

Yes, the history of US is based on a research and defense of freedom and privacy!!!...

Now, I saw last night Spielberg's movie about President Lincoln, a man that was firm in his defense of black people from brutal slavery, meaning 'Freedom from slavery'. Lincoln was adamant, firm and inflexible: no slavery admitted! At the same time I add 'Freedom to privacy!' NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CONTROL OUR PRIVATE LIFE. No man, no government.

Watchin' similarities with Snowden's case, thinking of Lincoln, I think that we need to be adamant and inflexible regarding defending our right to Freedom. Then regardless of any political ideology and as a neopagan free spirit I say loud: FREEDOM AND PRIVACY NEEDS TO BE AND REST UNTOUCHED FOR ALL OF US!

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Greetings Founder (how appropriate),

    As we begin to face times of a virtual "State Church" this conversation is desperately needed. We could lose work, disability benefits, food stamps, and even our physical freedom. I wrote something very similar on WitchVox when the fundamentalist Tea Party began to threaten what we both speak of, and even more. With no real interest expressed, I began to wonder, are Witches and Neo-Pagans becoming "sheeple" too? In the 1950's England, and a bit later America eradicated all Witchcraft laws. In 1970 or '71 homosexuality became legal (I was still treating these people straight out of institutions in 1978 as Iowa law refused to change until it was in APA print in 1975), they are trying to make this a criminal offense once again. We must cherish our freedoms!!! We must fight for our freedoms!!! If we do not take these rabid individuals seriously we may all meet in prison (or the asylum depending on the choice we are given, if any choice). I know enough Christianity to easily hide out, but I would be miserable in my being. It is much like the area I live now, the nearest coven or grove is over 140 miles distant. It makes me sorry for those who must travel hundreds of miles to be married, or have their marriage recognized. I am heterosexual, but this is a freedom we must all prepare to fight for. If it can happen to even one, it can happen to you.

Hi Mark, sorry to reply so late, your post it is totally agree by me.

Fundamentalism, from any part is coming it is a dangerous thing to be avoided at source. We need to regain control of freedom (to fight for it!!!) and to get out from our outrageous submissive ignorant behavior. We are all trapped here more or less! It is an herculean effort today, surrounded by so many illusory 'truths' and fake prophets, charlatans that their only goal is to accumulate money and power. I'm not a fans of chaos, and this is the era of this powerful agent of brutal matter. To escape from it, we need to re-position ourselves in our inner center. How? Following the pagans masters of western civilization, before the (unfortunate) advent of Christianity. The Roman Paganism showed to be really 'open-minded' letting people being free in a contest of basic rules. Certainly a man as Snowden in Rome would have been valued for his message to his people, and only if his actions were considered not following sincere goals then he could have been condemned. Probably he would have be seen as a hero, I guess. Old Rome was not perfect, ok, but what is perfect in this world? Surely they were tyrants among good rulers and emperors, and some exquisite thinkers, philosophers like Pythagoras, Empedocles, Proclus, that told us and showed us marvelous and good things that can help us to re-connect with our superior source. I strongly believe in that tradition, always in the respect of freedom of choice for each of us. It is a long issue to talk about, but sooner or later we will re-start the reconnection with our source, at the end of this era of chaos and deprivations, which are insanely accepted hands down by us!

Prior to the election of 2008, I penned a very similar work on Witchvox. Do any of you know what this Tea Party, and other ultra-conservatives want? They have been caught at Churches stating that they want to see Christianity as our state religion. As well, they seek to force so many into poverty that the resulting chaos and war will bring on Armageddon and Christ's return, to sweep them out of all the problems first. Some would say, what a bunch of whack jobs. Still, they stand ready to remove our freedoms, put witchcraft laws back on the books, and to create chaos "such as the world has never known (NIV Bible)!!!" I respect all faiths and was raised in Christianity, but when it is used to create chaos (they have to know the majority will never accept their drivel) I cannot help but think of what Anton LeVey once said, "You can fool people regularly, and it is not as hard as it seems (my best transliteration of what he has said)." Snowden is a hero, the weight of the presidency is heavy with all the secrets they must keep, and the sad fact is presidents do not know them all. Perhaps even concerning aliens, or weapons in space that we put there. Could these lose their orbits? With all of the conspiracy theorists, I am glad we are getting some unvarnished truth. Privacy, as we once knew it, is far into the past. It is up to all of us to get it back. Bravo founder!!!

Cygnus III

Thanks Mark!

I believe that Snowden did what he did to open the eyes of US people in good faith. I'm not american but I lived long time in the US, so that I permit myself to have an opinion about this story...however, besides any personal opinion on Snowden, I was caught negatively by president Obama dismissing the whole story in a extremely superficial way. And unfortunately I saw a lot of people following him mesmerized, blindly. This is not good, people needs to think wisely using their own head and examining carefully the elements on the table. In the case of Snowden was immediately evident that he had a compellent message to deliver to all of us! So that it is really unfair, to say the least, and far from evidences that he can be seen as a traitor.

I also felt this post of mine being unwelcome even here, a community of neopagans, that needs to be instead free thinkers, instead of blind followers of the establishment...well is also true that many people here are young, so that maybe are less 'experienced' or interested in freedom of people older like myself. Probably also cause they believe that they are free already. Instead in my opinion our freedom is becoming much more tiny every year and the establishment (not just in the US) is defining our freedom of lives, choices and worst, of thinking, more and more and more. That's bad, really bad. We need to rebel to this form of mass control. I stop here cause this issue can take pages and pages...I guess that you understand what I mean...

I know, this subject could take up paragraph upon paragraph!!! I deeply appreciate your attention to this issue. I am ready to take my health care degree and move to Canada. Where I can easily get ministry approval for chronic pain management. It is our rock stars who kill themselves on these useful drugs, or those who try to live like them. Not pain patients, unless they decide to end their life. A patient may apply for this in Canada too. Talk about freedom, plus others that are illegal in America.

Cygnus III


to me he was a hero , and what cat he let out of the bag should have been related to the american peoples , their is just to much being kept from us , its as if government says one thing and does another and this has been going on for years. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away , our kids now must recite the pledge , the law passed separating church and state is a joke and the supreme courts ruled its ok to pray at public meetings , I rather have logic here. one push forwards, only means one step back .Its as if we are living in two worlds, a do as we say, not as we do world. their are now so many laws on the books, that a person doesn't even know, weather they are right or wrong. life is just not as simple as it once was.             

Freedom?...!!!... is being taken away from us everywhere in the world everyday, not just in the US, in the name of religions, recessions, security reasons, taxes...and etc. Leaders claim new challenges and problems all the time, but in reality they just want to control you. Similarly to what major religions did with naive ignorant masses.

We are the new slaves controlled by the 'digital' establishment of the 'digital' world. With the next abolishment of cash, governments will control our incomes/money through banks and credit card company. They will know exactly every penny we earn and computerized programs will do the rest. Cell phones and computers, connected to security services, will tell them were we are located everywhere in the world.We will be 100 % traceable, spotted and our money will be taken under any possible reason or excuse, in the name of the needs of the country. Our privacy will be over and freedom, at least as intended for centuries, gone. This new total control over the masses will be made in a ratio never seen in history. At this point Snowden's revelations are like a mild breeze vs. a terrifying hurricane!! Unfortunately, I will bet on that next scenario.....

 this comes as no surprise to me , they already know , if the moment you are born , a statement is sent to your parents to register you for a SSI card , and with that card everything about you becomes record . some called it the 666 I laugh , its your SSI , we are all numbered and accounted for .

Yes, but will go further bad, with the banishment of cash and so on... trust me bro...etc....

 Oh I know , the USA is in a bad way , regardless of what the headlines read , their manipulating numbers. and all is not as it seems. and with us poking our heads in others countries affairs , we are going to find our selves in another great depression . its not going to be long now. 


Briefly: First we need to regain control of our right brain, thinking with OUR brain and not to be directed and told at will like submissive puppets by governments and related fellow interested friends. Entities that are interested only in their own pocket, not to mine and your wealth. Then, realizing the 'game' made at our shoulders, we need to get back control of our life and get back our FREEDOM!!!

I agree it took a lot of courage for Edward Snowden to expose the NSA and thier spying on American citizens I think he is a hero for standing up to the goverment and protecting our right and freedoms


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