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Ugh! This is so frustrating. I've been fascinated with neo-pagan religion for some time now, but I;m not sure which religion would be right for me. I seem to connect mostly to Astaru(sp?). I believe in more than 1 god/goddess, equality, reincarnation, everything being connected, and SOME types of rituals. I can't seem to find the religion that connects with me the most, or I can't find enough information by myself.


Can anyone possibly mentor me or help me understand?

I would be greatly appreciative.


Thank you soo much.

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hi Stefani


have you tried mixing it up a little?  I mean if you find a bit in each path that you like, why not take those parts and put it together, there is no right or wrong in what you believe in in neo paganism.  I myself have mixed it up, I worship deities from 3 different paths. 



I know how you feel, Iam in the same boat. I know what my beliefs are and they all point to neo pagan. Iam just not sure where and how to start if that makes any sense.

hi Amy


well to start, I wouldnt focus on the magick aspect, I would look at the different paths and study those and find out what one, or what parts appeal to you and follow those, then  focus on the deities, and perhaps finding the type of pagan/neo pagan you want to be.

Picking your religion is allot like dating and finding more about your partner. Once you and your partner have the same meanings ideas then is it. Stefani if your heart is shared with this religion and you feel passion towards it. GO for it like nothing else chip at it then only you will renew and be in another light.And its all but experiences you may have had with other religions not every relationship fits and you have to move on.
jason is right [there is no right or wrong ].when you find or feel something right or wrong about your faith than it came to be confused and harmful to you,just follow your heart,its yours and its always take care of you.so far i feel myself.
first, you might try not thinking about this as religion.  try thinking more along the lines of how best to express your spirituality.  the reason there are so many different thoughts is that there are so many of us.  did you notice there doesn't seem to be any one person or group incharge, telling everyone what to believe?  for example, i was raised catholic.  i'm celtic wiccian now..  i started exploring my cultural roots and became very connected to the celtic path.  my husband, raised luthern, has a very eclectic spirituality.  much like you have expressed.  i keep holidays, sometimes he keeps them with me sometime he doesn't.  but both of us are comfortable with our own personal expressions of spirituality.  good luck on your journey.   second and probably most importantly, read.  read everything, question everything.  stay far away from those who insist they have all the answers.  they don't and they don't want  you to think or question.  when you start to feel comfortable you will define your own spirituality.  blessed be.

The answer is to have an eclectic craft you take what parts from others that you like and mix them all up it effectively creates your own personal religion but if it works for you then it is right.

Choosing this religion is like buying a used car, but you test drive what car suits you!


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