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It appears that this site is mostly dead and the members arent all that interested in being on here

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I think you are right, doesn't really seem like too much is going on.
it seems like mostly just spamming.

Hey all, I think we go through phases of activity... sometimes it's quiet...

However, if you watch the activity log - we are here!

If you see spamming - please alert me... We take measures to delete that all the time.  So I think Fox Dragonsclaw is wrong about that.

it was there, but its gone now, so idk if the account deleted it or w.e but there was a lot of spam on here

It'all about you folks to post here and to move the' waters' of this community.

When I created this community wasn't meant to be a busy discoteque, Las vegas style or like a busy Twitter app, with all kind of hyperism and annexed sparkling junk. I just tried to create a solid pagan community.

I also tried as an example, in previous blog, to have a serious analysis of many bothersome issues among religion problems, but I felt that my invitation was kind of not-welcome by many members. Even more I felt that my interference here in blogs and postings was not appreciated, since people can see that as a kind of control trying to decrease their freedom. I also realized that a lot of folks here are really 'young souls' and in my humble opinion most of the time inexperienced and detached from a real 'traditional' line of serious Pagan knowledge. So that for the most I gave up in my personal postings.

Anyway I'm planning for the future new sections for neopagan.com, with some surprises...

However I know that nothing is perfect in this world, but to say, like you said, that this community is dead seems really too much... as a sage said "Be as it may..."...



Its always made sense to me that people who don't know what they're talking about should just sit quietly and listen until they learn enough to contribute something useful. Since I am new to this site I most certainly fall into this category. Unfortunately, I was born with an opinion about everything, so that's always been a problem for me. But I'm pretty sure it still makes sense for everybody else!  Social networks have an ebb and flow to the participatory nature of its members, due in large part to how well site directors keep things fresh and interesting.  I have the privilege to be a moderator on a bi/lesbian social network that has been lively since its inception three years ago. We have a core of active members who log on most every day, if for no other reason than the fear that they might miss something new or exciting going on. If our members don't log in for weeks or months at a time, we simply suspend their membership so the site doesn't get cluttered up with deadwood, and only the dedicated members remain. I'm hoping I haven't joined Neopaganworld too late, or if it is simply in a lull, that it will soon brighten like the waxing moon and enjoy a cyclical rebirth.

Dear Bethany, don't worry you're free to show your opinion anytime here!

Whether I surely can appreciate and understand personal perspectives, however I repeat: This community is meant to be a free pagan community, furthermore I will say not just Pagan but for all the free spirits. Wasn't and is not meant to be directed (or refreshed...) by me or anyone else.

It is a symbolic and omenic community!

From time to time I put an eye on it and that's it. As I said it's about the people to blog and post, I'm not the director or the father of you.

In the future I'm planning to expand neopagan.com with more content, but I believe that this community, which is part of neopagan.com, will stay like is now. I don't think that I have to express continuously here my personal thoughts, which sometimes, due to my particular 'traditional' perspective can be misjudged and sometimes not welcomed. I realized more and more through time, that this communities needs to be considered as 'your' community, so that even if I'm the founder of this site is not really 'belonging' to me.

Finally here there are all the toys and technology to have fun and I invite you and everybody here to fully express your creativity.


If I will change idea about the direction of this community I will let you know, for the moment enjoy this neopagan.com or at worst, look forward for a better community around!...lol

Sincerely everything in this world can be better or perfected, however I feel that this little community is really cool.

- Founder

The comunity is what you make of it.  If you don t like it the way it is then add something new.  As for me I like it as it is as its easy to navigate around for the computer illiterate (like me) and Ive learnt quite a bit from its members by "surfing" the sites it contains.  As a solitary I dont have much exposure to teachers other than our beloved Mother and books and while I could wish that the chat room was a bit more active the site suites me well. Keep up the good work as its a great site for beginners and oldies alike

I like your impressions sharon!...Your reply give me the opportunity to reveal another key factor element: when I choose this web platform I had in mind to create a community where the people of the community would have been an extremely important creative power: exactly, your creativity folks here is needed to make this community more and more interesting and useful!

So that my direction as a Founder is minimal, neither I want to shine as many superegotistic folks always around managing and controlling!...instead the people here are the journalists of this community-magazine. Surely from time to time I appear to give my honest opinion... but I will be always mostly in the back....

I hope that my basic perspective is clear now to all....have fun!

i just joined and i think its a zombie site not pagan everyone and thing is dead lol
katrinka, I try to decode your english...and I'm not sure your about meaning, however I love horror movies with...Zombies and vampires...have fun!
This site might seem dead to some but, as was said people can come and go, i have been a member for a while and i see the activity rise and fall. Plus not to long ago there were people who were "attacking" other members on their beliefs, so it is safe to assume that some might be just hanging back for a bit to make sure its safe.


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