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It appears that this site is mostly dead and the members arent all that interested in being on here

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I agree. It seems like that. Unfortunately I cant be on here alot bc of school.

The site is not dead, I personally do not post a great deal on here but this is because I may not have an opinion on the post, but that does not stop me from reading all the reply's. If however I do have an opinion I will post it as I have here.

So if you think it is dead then the best thing to do is think of something interesting to post that will get the attention of others, If I had something I wanted to share then I will post it.

Keep up the good work folks it will only die if you let it.

I agree with Sharon nobody enjoys being on this site because most people you talk to are solitary and or just don't want to interact with any of the members which is pretty sad. And their are people who are new to this and try to find direction. I'm fairly new to this but the odd thing is you ask people on the web or even at your local wicca/occult book store. They can't even tell any covens at all. And some of the topics are interesting but not believable.

Thanks Jerry - I thought I was the only one with that problem!!  Paganism and the Path has not taken off where I come from and so being solitary and hedge is almost a given.  Ive learned by thinking alot and getting my hands dirty - and sometimes burnt - so my guides and guardians tend to work a bit of overtime !  Books are fine but practice and improvising as the occasion arised is even better and loads more fun.  I find that teachers are a bit hard to find as your very right as most tend to avoid the subject and are a bit lothe to teach - dont know why?

Thank you sharon

Just trust your instinct Jerry and you cant go wrong.  Your guradians and guides will not lead you astray if you are willing to listen to them.  My "little inner voice" and intuition have never let me down.  Above all just remember the Law of 3 (rede) and alls good.

Sharon thank you things take time and I believe your a good person.

well I am here and have been posting not spamming and I would love to read others views on certain things posted here. This site is not dead, just taking a break sometimes life does intrude on cyberspace and priority has to be set this does not mean we don't come to see what goes on, just that we are busy but we do check what goes on...

I totally agree, I live part time in Canada and in the US and no matter where you go people tend to keep to themselves, I have a good friend whom I do rituals with on occasion as well as my daughter who is following the path as she is doing research on my family tree, she found out my grandmother (who raised me till age 7 then passed away) was Basque. So she wanted to know more and found out my grandmother was also a "wise" woman.  So here is my titbit for today BB

My beliefs are still with Sharon.

I dont always agree with some things and this is one of them.  I feel that its all good and well to know the past but the journey is in the here and now.  Its not about where you have been but were you are going.  Past knowledge is ok in order for mistakes not to be repeated but one must expand ones horizons and live life to learn and grow.  Sometimes the past can hold you back if you dont let go and live.  Prepare for your travels but be prepared to take an off the beaten track every now and then - lifes more exciting that way

like any one in this world individuality stands tall in many places within havoc...many people dont feel like they can stand out without fearful of an attack...may people are on here...its just how u cross paths with them that matters :)


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