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He who knows people can make heaven on earth, he who knows himself can make heaven in himself. Yet prophets and crazies know nothing but do both.

Hint: Hey, Descartes it’s not: “Cogito ergo sum” but:  Cognito ergo sum”, cognito or not cognito is the question here...

i proposed the above misquote and hint to get your reactions to a basic method / tenet in the Gnosis (not just Christian)

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Many on this site have felt this and chose a personal path towards this purity, as opposed to the path to the Gods of the dirty deeds - and many have suffered experiences that justify their choice - but that's another worthy discussion...
I have another...
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is considered crazy, and locked up or stoned to death. Assuming anyone can aim their stones.
Love this conversation!
I think therefore I'm a individual free spirited being!
I wouldn't know myself because it likes to hide in the shadows behind close doors but as it goes I have no key to the shadow behind the door. To me answering a question with another is a naive blissful answer.

The key to the shadow is to embrace it and love it; it is the shadow side of yourself and always present. It's like being afraid of your left hand. There is much strength and wisdom in your shadow

Read some Jung and know that the shadow can be as much a tool as is the conscious. It isn't bad or good; it just is.

Answering a question with another question, when done mindfully, is a useful tool, known as the Socratic Method. Carried too far, it just makes you want to strangle the opposition. Used correctly, as a tool, it can enlighten and inform all involved.

For many orientals, this shadow is in fact "the superior self" (as refered to by Paul Brunton, or H. Blavatsky since 1910). I feel that there is a good chance that - as i read it in "emotional intelligence" - there is a second, deeper conscience from where we get a flow-back of knowledge. This deeper knowledge is what comes to surface in the process of true illumination.
Which also makes me think of group consciousness, the group mind. And that also depends upon how we define the mind. Is it only local, or is it a channel for an outer source of information? Or both?
Fear of the shadow prevents one from exploring all of these issues. And I can't imagine a fulfilling life without that exploration.
To know thyself we have to learn to understand what we actually want to know. Try to know thyself without getting prepared may misguide.
Latural law is not good or evil - it just is.  I believe its the choice of man that makes the change.  At the end of the day its all about the choices we make and the road that we take or follow that makes the difference.  Kindness is not necesserily met with kindness and demands are not necesserily met with respect but to know yourself and your capabilities can take the sting out of any scorpions tail.

So far I feel, life is meaningless. Being selfish we bear some responsibilities on our shoulder. Majority of our senses are very poor. Actually we are confused always if we think. We have no job in our life. We live as our genes provoke. Everything we see may be real but we do not need to feel responsible for anything. Who cares? 

I have found life takes on more meaning when you invest in others.Ive done volunteer work at a rescue mission and a no kill animal shelter.That may not mean anything from a detached point of view,but at least it feels more meaningful.


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