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He who knows people can make heaven on earth, he who knows himself can make heaven in himself. Yet prophets and crazies know nothing but do both.

Hint: Hey, Descartes it’s not: “Cogito ergo sum” but:  Cognito ergo sum”, cognito or not cognito is the question here...

i proposed the above misquote and hint to get your reactions to a basic method / tenet in the Gnosis (not just Christian)

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I think therefore I'm god
I thought so too, but at times, I stumble, the knowable eludes me and feel imperfect and I am only what I think I know.
If you dip a cup into the ocean is it still not the ocean in the cup? It may not be as majestic or overwhelming with it's beauty and size, but it's still the ocean. We are cups filled with the divine, we may not see ourselves as impressive as a god, but we're filled with the same spirit they are. When all returns to the universe our cups will be emptied, then you'll know what's it's like to never stumble.
thanks. imperfection is already included in knowing. there's not much I can do but polish it little by little. right?
you're a living and breathing lump of carbon. all of the life in this universe has no right to be alive we're just matter yet we are alive, Alex my friend you are a shining example of a perfect design
right you are. we must be humble, though: our atoms are the same since a bit after the big bang and will remain unchanged and the same for ever. what's "alive" compared to that? even perfect knowing is piffle... perfect design only because I think? do we at least create with our thoughts as many say? At times, I'm afraid that we already did .... what say you?
It's a perfect design not because you think, it's a perfect design because you should not be. Nothing should at all, not even the atoms we speak of. If the theory of the multi-verse is correct I imagine most universes are filled with floating particles, quarks and leptons aimlessly coasting through the cosmos. Everything in the universe is so perfectly fine tuned that matter may exist, everything on Earth is so perfectly fine tuned that life may exist. Crude lumps of carbon are filled with the essence of the divine so life can exist, and when the carbon returns back to the Earth that divine spirit will live on forever outside of time and space because that is the realm of the divine. If the universe is created and not a random act of chance then it's creator must exist outside of that universe in order to create it. Einstein has shown us that time is directly related to matter therefore before matter there was no time. When we pass from this world to the next we leave not only the psychical matter behind we leave behind time and thus our existence is eternal, what's more perfect than that?
you are right [a shining example of a perfect design, and nothing but some chosen words]we can manupulate those words or we can compose this words many ways,in that way we are god,god of our own imagination.
I too concur this theme , because that's something special.

"I am a man,man is mortal therefore i am a mortal man who thinks"am i mortal only because i think i am ?.

prophets believe they are hearing the devine voice giving them an unwaivering faith in their beliefs.

 crasies simply have never had the thought,that they could not.

one must know themselves to be at peace, it is not about knowing eveything but about knowing who one truly is.


It is very similar to Mary Queen of scots saying "En ma Fin git mon commencement" (In my end is my beginning). 





Who one truly is depends so much on how blind we are to our human(subjective, blind) condition that, indeed, as Mary Queen of scots, we must reach for the reference point of our deaths in order to be illuminated as individuals. For a whole culture to survive it must have the tradition to reach beyond death for its transcendence. Traditionally, we did this by inventing the Gods - a very dirty deed indeed... Yet God exists in a pure and natural way, just like a convergent series has a limit in math - except we die before we reach that limit. "pure and natural" has its own laws with magic included... a subjective human conscience is a dirty intruder here...


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