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He who knows people can make heaven on earth, he who knows himself can make heaven in himself. Yet prophets and crazies know nothing but do both.

Hint: Hey, Descartes it’s not: “Cogito ergo sum” but:  Cognito ergo sum”, cognito or not cognito is the question here...

i proposed the above misquote and hint to get your reactions to a basic method / tenet in the Gnosis (not just Christian)

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I dont entirely agree that ones genes play a part.  Its the choices that you make.  The child of the getto can grow to be a powerful billionare with drive and intelegence enough to seize opportunities that present themselves. An alcoholic can clean up and become a respectible member of society.  Poor people can become the president of a Country like our Nelson Mandela.  If one never gives up and follows the path with clear goals in mind then the world is at ones feet.  Just be ever mindful of the Golden Rede that what ones sows one will one day reap.


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