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A lot in life that happens you plan, but there is so much you can’t plan for to happen. Deaths, breakups, divorces, and even more. A Rap artist by the name of Coolio asked for someone to tell him why we are so blind to see. That the ones we hurt most are you and me. If one is for say 23 will they live to see 24? The way things are going now a days most would say yes you will live to see 24, but in truth no one can ever be sure. So much can happen in a year good things or bad things a like. What is the goal in life? To strive to live right. Well then I have to ask how far should one go? In my own thoughts Money is not what is the important. Yes money is important, but I do not think we should kill for it. Nor should we steel it yet there are people who are so blind that they are unable to see that there are other options left to them. Yet they choose to sell death to kids. “Power after money. Money after power.” If this is what we teach people in the status system to live, then how do we have the right to teach? Let alone preach about it. A wise man once told me. “Never loose sight of what is truly important.” We all have our goals, but a lot of the times we forget what we love; what we cherished. When I was younger I wanted to be like Steve Erwin. I wanted to work with animals possibly be a vet. It was something I wanted d to do. I bet if I met up with my previous self he would kick my butt for some of the choices I have made. Lets face it it’s harder to grab on to our dreams especially when there is so much to influence us. So I ask you are you happy with your life? I’m not and that’s why I plan on changing that I plan to go back to college. I want to do something with animals, and that’s what I am going to go for. I am going to pursue what makes me happy not because of money, but because it’s something I love and that’s what I’ll stand by. The question is what will you stand by?

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It's not always easy to listen to our elders. Sometimes it's not easy for the elders to always listen to the kids I think as well. My family is mostly well they make good money though even though I know they could/would I felI can't ask them to help with some things because I feel that I would be making myself out to be less capable then I truly am. I feel that if I can't do this on my own terms then I don't deserve it. Is that a bad thing I wonder?
Hi Careron, the questions that you are seeking answers to can be answered by the belief in karma and karmic contracts. The concept has a foundation in predestiney and everyone in your life has a purpose to fulfill. Everything that happens to you has a timeline that it is filling by contract. You made before you where born. Something to think about. Oh yes there is one more thing, there is lifes in this life. Peace to you and yours.


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