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I need a teacher who can teach me in the ways of spiritulism and being able to see them or just help me broden my sight to understand more things like elements and stuff if anybody could help and will stick with me pleese post :).

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Hi, I'm Ryan, I'm a witch,  and as I understand it you need a guide, right? well....  you can ask me anything you want, okay? Waiting of a your question .... bye!


http://www.gerrystarnes.com/ Gerry Starnes is a Shamanic Preactitioner located Austin, Texas. Check out his event calendar and classes he offers, I higly reccomend him.

I need a teacher like this too. Please help.

i found speechinthesilence.com and the Thelema101.. helpful ...might check it out?

I also need a teacher like this x)
Btw I am Marisa and I am new to This site

i can help yooou love james

I will help you just ask and i will help you.....


i will help also sexy love james


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