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I have recently been reading up on the Necronomicon and the Old  One os the Lovecraft mythos and am wondering if there is anyone who would talk to me about it.

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Interesting subject to bring up. You don't find many pagans interested in that line of myth. Where do you want to start?
well ive been having dreams that resonate with the throne and i was looking to see if anyone has felt the same pull ive found a pull towards one of the old ones and was wondering if that was a sign that maybe the myth resonated with my higher self. have you ever felt that way? or known that maybe this waas a spiritual path to look into? i know that i dont want to leave the great mother that ive worshipped the past years but i feel like the old one im pulled too seems to resonate within me. where is a good way to start with the feelings and knowings i have?
Dreams are a good place to start a new path. There are time markers that are imbeded in our minds that go off when the time is right. If you are drawn to a old one then you need to investigate that passion. High magick and low magick do not go hand and hand. If you are drawn to a new path, go down it for a while because you can always go back to the old path if you choose. If you choose the path of the Necronomicon, you will find not many pagans will be interested. The old ways before our time are hidden in stories and myth.
its strange because im only attracted to the 2 goddesses of the path but no others so its strange because i feel no connection with Yig Yog Sothoth Cthulu or any of the others. Just Barbelzoa and Shub-Niggurath. Maybe if i worship there hebrew and greek counterparts i could find fulfillment. do you think that that would be a good attempt because its confusing me?

I understand an attraction to Shub Niggurath and her equals in other myth. What makes Barbelzoa attractive to you? Greek myth is very easy to find information about. Now Hebrew gets a little more hidden. Old ones go back several thousnad years before these myths copied them. You might look at Lilith as a Hebrew goddess.

I find it interesting why you would be drawn to the first dynasty. Most old myths are written about the second dynasty. Modern myth is from the third dynasty or the children of the second dynasty.

i think my attraction to Barbelzoa is that i wouldd like to bring the earth back to her original state of purity and understanding of which it was until discrimination and prejudice brought forth terror an destruction amongst us. I woul like to help restore order to this chaotic world in which we live. and ive also had a connection to Sekkhmet and my greatest connection is to my Goddess Hecate. So i think ive foun a new connection to Shub -Niggurath or maybe her counterpart  Lillith or maybe Baphomet. Would you know anywhere I can find information on Baphomet or Lillith?

Lilith will be very easy to find information about. There are many stories about her and her childern. Google her name and you will get a simple overview. I take it you are leaning toward High magick. There are many good books that will deal with demons and sprits. You will have to dig deep if you really want to understand her.

Baphomet there you will run into trouble. There is so much miss information about her. You will have to separate the new from the old. I don't know if you can get good information on the internet. You may have to dig into older books to understand the myth. You have Levi Baphomet, then you have Templar Baphomet, then you have Gnostic Baphomet. If you dare then you get to go down a couple more layers. They are talking about different pantheons.  


would you happen to have any book recomendations on either lillith or baphomet and ive read of baphomet in the encyclopedia of wicca and witchcraft that was very brief by Grimassi that made reference only to the symbolism to i believe it was templar Baphomet. and would you happen to have recomenations for high magick as well? any would be helpful if you could. Ive recently also been studying Levayan Satanism.

I am not the best source for High Magick information. I practice Low Magick (nature magick). High Magick has a different patheons than I do. When I practiced  Necromany I did not run across any Angels or Demons so I don't believe in the Hebrew mythology.

The Secrets of High Magic by Francis Melville is an overview of that tradition. Any book by Aleister Crowley or the Golden Dawn would be good books.

Images of Baphomet is an Arab Satyrs god. The Templar Three headed goddess of Wisdom is very different. Gnostic god of wisdon is even different. 

Satanism is a new tradition. If you look into the old Hebrew mythology lucifer is a diferent god than todays lucifier.

yes lucifer is dofferent and thank you.


Yes, Lucifer was a great king of the 7th dynasty of Babylon. As well, he is the bringer of light and knowledge to man. Have you ever wondered why we can speak or write down our thoughts to travel through time to another? This is the work of Lucifer. Beyond 5,000 B.C.E men communicated by drawings and had no organized language. All of a sudden language and writing appear. This is our greek interpretation of the magick of Thoth. Thoth was the inventor of writing and language!

 There is a saying that goes, "There is some truth in all fiction." The descent of the goddess is very nearly the Goddess rituals of Wicca. The works in the Book of Solomon have very intricate rituals of calling demons. If one has belief, it gives a "mythos" reality. Need this be dark, only in the eyes of the ignorant, but it requires great care. As all true occultists are encouraged to seek psychological balance is what I believe the prelude refers to. If one delves to deep, balance is required. I know of persons who claim these things are reality. It is also thought that Aleister Crowley used the name "the Mad Arab" during his experiments in Egypt in 1904-? and it drove the women around him insane. So there are many schools of thought on the subject, I am a student of Crowley and find great humor in his work as well as gems of a King if you know how to look. The old ones even have a place in scripture, "And then there was light and the darkness knew it not." Which gives credence to a force darker than any satan and, in fact, make any image of satan look like a kindergartner throwing a tantrum!

 Some gates and some doors are closed and locked for a reason. There will be a time, but that time is not yet here. I hope I live to see it, but until then I must, by oath, prevent it. All true occultists will know the time.


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