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I have been working on redoing my book of shadows. I have gone through the note book page, the scrapbook phase, the hand held computer phase and the man am I disorganized phase.

Now I am going, well I don't know where I am going. I still have a large file on line, and on my thumb drive. I also have some small notebooks, where I am planning on keeping lists of herbs and crystals. Maybe one with a few favorite spells. Stuff that I will also keep on the hand held, but to use when I can't get at the hand held. (yes the battery died one day and I was lost without my cable)

It got me to wondering, it has been a long time since I wrote anything by hand in a BoS. It's been a long time since I hand wrote anything.

Back in my student days, my teachers insisted everything in our BoS had to be written by hand. I had a scrapbook size book, chipboard (thin) cardboard cover bound with ribbon. It was well before the advent of personal computers. Well well before the advent of hand held computer and the web.

So my question is?

How do you keep a Book of Shadows? Do you have a book, or a set of files on the computer? Do you have both, or something special?

Bonus question - How many people have one of those fancy leather hand bound hand made paper books that your afraid to use (like me)?

Fibro witch

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