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Agnosticism, science, and any scepticism in which a God doesn't exist is defiant of acknowledging fact as valid for concern.

In science there are 3 attributes of our existence that scientists work with on a daily basis in everything they do; Mass, Light, and Space.

God is described in the google search dictionary definition of the word 'God' as "a thing accorded the supreme importance appropriate to a god" and if personified is "a being or spirit having power over nature or human fortunes" - EVERYTHING has power over nature and human fortune, so maybe you should say hello to everything in Existence and respect that what, and who if conscious, you're working with is GOD and that everything of mass, light, and space is His body, including your useful human being.

The Christians can't explain how God created Himself as everything you see, touch, taste, feel, and hear to be God, but they can tell everyone that their God influences, rules, and has complete control over every aspect of men's lives, as do men's surroundings. However, what rules men's lives today is 'the way things are' which is something men in society created, but therein is the existence of a God, so you cannot tell that in some form another God doesn't exist in anyone's mind - who is you're personal God?

Mass, light, and space - to each their own - are Gods, and with all of them combined present us with God and His face. God's face, or surface appearance, is rather conditional. Everything provided to mankind free of charge is love - God's love.

So, with that said and understanding that what a God is, is a form of being having any particular influence over your life, how can you refuse the existence of even yourself as God? - not to say that any of you are God, but rather that you are Gods of the Almighty.

Who are you to speak otherwise about any existence of the Gods or the one true God who rules all the Gods through their very surroundings?

Verily, I say unto you that I exist, so do our surroundings, and so do you.

Is the exiatence of your God so hard to explain that you can't find Him, yourself, or something in your life to resemble that of being a God, even if money?

The Christians owe God - Pan - an apology of unprecedented good will toward mankind.

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