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some days ago i was talking with some people in a local teastall,they are just daily worker and they are also very poor.they are talking about god,i ask them why you afraid,they told,it doesnt matter, thats the way we survibe.

i think they are right,no matter its true or not,but they need it because they just need to survibe.

now what is true

is it a philoshopy

its a logic

its a faith

its a power of something beyond the sky


i think its a power of my own,what is hidden in this earth where i born,i just need to know how to call it.

there was a man onley one man achive that sound to call the mother and the earth answer him and when he listen that sound he just gone.his name gautam buddha.

i think no one came for us

          no one come for us

we just need to know ourself,because everything is here,right in this earth.


[ what you think people ]


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I think that when all is said and all is done, this is the basic fundamental idea... I think that everything is right here - but not just in the earth - inside of each of us, inside of me, inside of you.  Inside.

Do we have to be able to give a name to it, no

we all have our own different way to reach our goal, through the path we walk or the beliefs we have but in the end it is the same goal.

It may not look the same and written down it would read differently every time but our path will take us to our goal.

It will be different for every person here but just because it is different does not mean it is wrong.

As long as we act together with love for fellow man and the earth then we have nothing else to worry about.

This is my opinion you may not agree and quite frankly you do not have to.

Awesome insight!

Boss. Well written.

I think you're totally right. Good way to put it into words (:

What I believe is that the earth is not only our home but the the driving force behind all of our love, our health, our dreams, etc. and the less and less that we humans take care of Mother Earth, the more and more those dreams and that love fades and the less people feel that they are empowered or blessed because there is no divine power that is coming to fix all of our mistakes. More people need to see that we alone have that power and that we need to act upon it and not wait for something to fix all of our problems because that will never come. 


You are ever so close, and ever so far away as well. What we have is the most ancient of faiths, but this being so does not make us superior to any other faith. We are to respect all faiths and points of view, as the light of truth shines into them all, and all are to make us shine. If your current faith does not set off a spark of the light of the God and Goddess (or God/dess) you are serving the wrong aspect of faith. Many choose a mystic path that simply hides the light until one suddenly discovers enlightenment. They believe they serve darkness, but only the Great Akashic spirit experienced the "Dark night of time." There is no darkness of consequence, for now. I did mean it when I said you are both very right as well as wrong as the search for that meaning takes a lifetime to truly understand, but your wise words show you to be on the journey. Read the Carlos Castenada book, "The Journey to Ixtalan," you will immediately see what I mean. This book is long after Carlos needed any drugs to touch the other side.

thank you for your deep sight and for the book you suggest [The Journey to Ixtalan].i will.


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