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So many times I've often wondered when people say they are "pagan" exactly what they are referring to.

Yes I realize it is to each individual to choose how they see something, yet to make a statement simply to impress someone is wrong.  I have come to realize how few truly understand the term "pagan".  So how does one answer to this when approached?


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I (not very publically yet) call myself a Christopagan becuase I see many concepts that are considered pagan, to not necessarily be truly pagan, AND I feel that the organized church has twisted the true definition of Christian so badly, that I ALMOST don't even consider myself Christian anymore, but technically I AM, and I think a lot more people are a lot more Christian than they realize, and that this is NOT a negative thing.
That's one of my answers, which I don't necessarily give, unless a person's seems VERY open...I will say I am very unorthodox Christian, and intentionally havent been to church in years, largely becuase of that.I might tell them that I've come to some conclusions that are very odd, and then if they want me to elaborate, I will try to, very carefully.

Thank you for your honesty, wish many other would be so. I am a Pagan and I am proud of who I am, now that is not to say that I tell everyone.  Even in this day and age, there are still those who would see us burnt at the stake.  So called "goody two shoes" Christians.  There was a day many years ago I was searching for something (call it religion) and when I came across a book on Pagan/Witch I suddenly found myself at peace with myself.  I haven't looked back since, now I see many things differently than I did then and my comprehension of it has seen some changes. Yet, to the principle of it that hasn't changed and I am peaceful again, something I wasn't then.  I do appreciate what you say and there are many who are as you.  If they would examine their own minds they would see the difference and act accordingly.  blessed be.  

Since I am new here; I will be short. I am pagan because I take responsibility for my actions and not pawn them off on some Deity.


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