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I must confess. I am new to the Wiccan path, in it for a few months. I want to learn all that I can. I know that we learn everyday.

I have read that most of us here are new to the Pagan world; whatever path it may be. I decided to follow this path because of beliefs I have had for years. From the first time I heard the word Wicca, I wanted to learn about it. I just got into it this year offically. The reason I waited this long was because I did not know of anyone who could teach me.

The women in my family (from my mother's mother's side) have been into Wicca for many generations. Which they neglected to mention.I can not ask my grandmother anything, for she is no longer with us. My mother does not know anything about Wicca either. So that does not help at all. I found out about my family being Wiccan because of another Wiccan. She told my mom because of one of her abilities. I can not learn under her, for she lives in Houston and I, in Perryton. She told my mother that after I have learned what is needed to contact her. I really don't know how I will know if I have am ready to contact her. So, I am learning on my own. I have books and am enrolled at www.magickaschool.com.

Well I am sorry for rambling on (like I always do).
But my questions to you are...

1. What made you follow the path you are on?
2. How did you decide to go with it?
3. Do you believe you will continue on this path until you pass?

Sorry I ask so many questions. (this is my second set of questions)
I would just like to get to know the members of this community more.

Blessed Be

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hey, umm, to answer your questions, i haven't yet found my path although i was supposed to be raised catholic. (there seem to be a lot of us who used to be catholic) although i never believed it. since i was a kid, i was interested in myths, legends, folklore, and thought it would be great if there was something like that for me to believe in. i heard about wicca somewhere (dont ask me where) when i got into my teens, and just dove into it. since then i've just been looking into paganism for a religion that i can believe in. although i've kinda been quite about it because my family would probably think im possessed or something. i would like to find a path that i would be able to follow the rest of my life and be confident in, and i think im pretty close.

hope this helps,
Patrick and I are peas in a pod. I left the Catholics when I was 16 and now I want to form a Wicca Church in White Water, Ca. I was ordained July 25th, 2010 in the ULC and our ONE tenet is "Harm No One". I had given up on ALL the Churches so I figured the best way would be to form my own. I love Wicca and I have been following it for years, unbeknownst to me, and now I need to study it closer and deeper and find out all about it so that I can talk with my parishioners once I get a few, but I have to build the building first. Lots to do, TONS to learn. Need INPUT!
Yesterday's Update! I learn new things daily! The woman who runs New Age Concepts in Yucca Valley explained to me that I need to learn the path, and intern with another coven, before I can have my own coven or weekly "services", rituals, etc. But I'm still going ahead with the church anyway, since we are a Universal church and we employ MANY religious beliefs, but hone them all down to the ones that make the most sense and have not been abrogated by someone upstairs in the hierarchy.
1) I tried several different religions trying to figure out where i belong and i hapened to stumble upon a journal of my grandmothers journal and found out that all of the women in my family are wiccans so i decided t study it further.
2) I started reading and found that alot of the principals and beliefs in the wiccan system are exactly whati wanted to have in my religion.
3) Of course i will. I finally found somewhere i belong and every wiccan i talk to makes me feel like family. I will continu on the path for long after i pass away.
i have just been drawn to everything unexplainable. I really put my self in a cataory.. just do what feels right.. I read alot .. mess with herbs. meditate and try to help people through tarot....I believe I will follow my heart where ever it takes me..
1. What made you follow the path you are on?
2. How did you decide to go with it?
3. Do you believe you will continue on this path until you pass?

I must confess, as most have, that because of the way i was brought up I was mainly Christian. I do however believe I was some what lucky due to my early break from my roots. During the 90's and early 2000's there were many world events that I as a child could only watch. Eventually, sometime after 9/11 (i was 13 years old), I started seeking what everyone else claimed to have attacked my country. This lead me to explore religions in the middle east, working my way east i learned about India, Nepal, the Shalion Monks, China, Japan, Korea. Slowly i studied religions spanning Russia (and bordering countries), then into Europe (which i dreaded for a long time). Eventually i found my self in the Americas, working my way from the southern tip of Argentina north all the way to Canada. I have not traveled the world, but because of my studies, the people I have met (and still talk to) and the things that I know I feel as if i don't have to travel the world to have a decent understanding, and a sense of knowing that I am not alone in my search.

It is my understanding that the end of the path, or at least this path, is death. People always talk about "a path" as if it is a choice. Sure on some level it is, then again all paths lead to the same place in the end, they just take different routes.
I have found in my life that sometimes there is nobody to turn to in life. Nobody gives you answers because nobody has answers. I asked myself what do you do when you are all alone? Most people turn to their religion for answers. I never actually believed in "religions", it was something man made to me. I do, however, believe in a way of life. I've come to realize that the answers I have been looking for are within myself, I just have to learn how to find them. Neopaganism is about living in harmony with your spirit and the world for what it is. Everything that i have read so far about wicca and pagan beliefs have fit what i have been looking for. The problem that i have is I too need a mentor because i live in a small town where it's hard to gain information. My library doesnt have any books on the subject and i dont know where to begin. As for sticking to this for the rest of my life, I couldnt tell you.
1) Like vovl-concisus-vita i was raised as a Christian and i always doubted those beliefs and to them it was a big sin. When i was younger i was all into magick. it has been something i have been into for a long time. well doing research i read about Wicca and thought it would be more me than a Christian. )O( 2) i didnt decide to follow the Wiccan path till just recently because like yourself Cassandra i did not know of anyone that could teach me and still dont till this day but ive done some research online about it and im learning as much as i can. I do not have any books yet but i am to go next month to get 1 or a few. )O( 3) i do believe i will follow this path until i pass )O(
Hello Cassandra,
Don't feel bad about asking so many questions or rambling on, I'm new to the Path as well and I have no one that I can turn to too teach me either. I chose this path because I've always felt a draw to it, but never had the freedom as a child and young teen to explore it. I didn't really decide to go along with it, I just began researching it and found that I already believed in my Goddess, but that I just needed to remember that I did. I do not know if I will continue with this path until the day I pass, I can't tell you what I'll be doing tomorrow, but if I do then I know I did something that was important to my soul. I hope you are in good health and learning well :)
Blessed Be
1. Science, observation about nature, different cultures, various beliefs combined. basic morality of all societies
2. Well I decided to go with the Greek and Roman gods because they speak to me on a level others don't but I believe they all exist (as in all religions and gods) in one form or another. praise Nyx, praise Erberus, praise Athena,praise Zeus!
3. Yeah I see myself following this path for the rest of my life. People want the divine to be structured and rigid, this way is right and that way is wrong, the divine is far more complicated then that
Hi Cassandra! Welcome to the world of Wicca :)
1.) I decided to go on this path because about three years ago, my aunt told me of an ancestor of mine who was a shaman. I looked into shamanism, and somehow it lead me to Wicca, which matched some of my beliefs too.

2.) I decided that I would give it a try, and I if I didn't like it I could always go back. That's one thing I like about Wicca: there isn't a strict dogma and you can go about it any way you want to. I decided to delve into the nature path and connect with animals and spirits, similar to Shamanism. I don't do many spells, just mainly celebrate the holidays.

3.) I'm not sure. My life is constantly changing, so we'll just have to wait and see. :)
I've been brought up as a wiccan. I followed my grandmother until she passed away. She taught me more than books ever have! I fell inlove with Wicca and alchemy. She was a great alchemist. I'll continue because it's become my philosophy. I messed with black magic when I was 16-17, but now I know better.


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