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I must confess. I am new to the Wiccan path, in it for a few months. I want to learn all that I can. I know that we learn everyday.

I have read that most of us here are new to the Pagan world; whatever path it may be. I decided to follow this path because of beliefs I have had for years. From the first time I heard the word Wicca, I wanted to learn about it. I just got into it this year offically. The reason I waited this long was because I did not know of anyone who could teach me.

The women in my family (from my mother's mother's side) have been into Wicca for many generations. Which they neglected to mention.I can not ask my grandmother anything, for she is no longer with us. My mother does not know anything about Wicca either. So that does not help at all. I found out about my family being Wiccan because of another Wiccan. She told my mom because of one of her abilities. I can not learn under her, for she lives in Houston and I, in Perryton. She told my mother that after I have learned what is needed to contact her. I really don't know how I will know if I have am ready to contact her. So, I am learning on my own. I have books and am enrolled at www.magickaschool.com.

Well I am sorry for rambling on (like I always do).
But my questions to you are...

1. What made you follow the path you are on?
2. How did you decide to go with it?
3. Do you believe you will continue on this path until you pass?

Sorry I ask so many questions. (this is my second set of questions)
I would just like to get to know the members of this community more.

Blessed Be

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wow... i started this topic almost 3 yrs ago & it is still going... i will say that durning the last couple of yrs i have learned alot about myself & the craft... i have met several wonderful ppl... & i love it & do not regret it
Wow, that is along time, but you asked very good questions. :) I am very happy for you & that you have found yourself.
1. I was never actually happy with the Catholic religion. I always felt scared, & always worried. it drove me mad & it hurt. The church people were the meanest people ive ever met, they would pinch me & even step on my fingers. It was too much destruction & cruel acts for me. I accept people how they are & i dont think they should be punished because they love the same sex for example.& Because I am an easy going person, & i didnt like how they said people were always burning, burning, burning. I couldnt take it any longer & so i left. I was so confused & lost but a friend introduced me into Wicca.
2. I was & still am afraid to tell most of my family, they are all hardcore catholics, & so i had to "Hide in the Broom Closet". But as i got older, i was getting more & more into it & finally, my life revolved around it. I cant tell you how i feel about it for there are no words to describe it except..i was at peace with myself.
3. I believe so. Because without Wicca, i would of been a tormented & confused person who could no longer sleep at night because I would be so troubled. I believe in Wiccan with all of my being, & I just love it.
Blessed Be
"Harm no One" is ALL that controls me and as such my World is as I make it and "God" is whomever I deem to be "God". For a while I had given up on ALL religion and I felt weak and then one day I felt that I could NOT deny God Him/Herself. I realized that I was a child of The Creator of Love and that the Love within me and all the Love I have for others is the representation of My God and Myself, after all, don't we measure people by how much we love them?

The present world is a tad messed up right now so I try to stay away from it. I only watch Brian Williams News b/c I like him and I trust Anderson Cooper and his News but I ignore most others. Whenever I feel even the slightest amount of fear building within me, I do ALL in my Power to connect with my Higher Power and relax in the "Love" and wash the FEAR from me. It always works and then, once I am Fear Free, I can continue to manifest good things around me and affect my environment in the proper way.

I don't answer my door unless friends call in advance, and I never answer calls from strangers, but I still have this sense of who I can trust and who not and it rarely lets me down, and only if I have been allowing too much Fear into my life. To me, Fear And Paranoia are created by the govt to control us and to keep us in our mental prison. We need to live outside that prison when we are on our own and slip inside it whenever we need to talk to "authority", for only in that way will "they" not see that we are only conforming on the surface, not deep within, and therefore not target us with Fear and Mental Anguish.

Wicca, to me, means a freedom from guilt, fear, authority, and the constant threats I received while being a Catholic. It represents my Love for Life and my desire to be Free, while supporting me fully and allowing me to commune with the Universe and Fate and to fulfill my destiny, of which I am still not totally sure but I feel it is to guide people along the path that will bring us to the next Age or Era, the Age of Aquarius, and at the same time suggest that we all follow the alternate path to the 5th Dimension. We all have the opportunity to uplift from 7 to 13 hertz and 3D to 5D. 5D is merely knowing the Truth about the TRUTH and 4D is Enlightenment, empathy, compassion, knowing others thoughts, and learning to balance with others, IMHO.

I have made Wicca make sense to me and I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as far as Loving my neighbor, but perhaps not so far as to believe He was a God, but still a totally awesome dude. If only His Christian followers could also be so Christlike and not so hateful and vengeful and downright evil and sinister, for the most part, and YES, I realize that there are a LOT of Kind and Loving Christians out there too and for you I give kudos for following Jesus among those who seem to oppose His teachings 180 degrees.

I am not pleased with any OTHER path so I will follow Wicca to my grave and beyond, unless I change my mind in the meantime, but I have already abandoned ALL other religions and formed my OWN so I doubt there will be much to change and when it comes up, I can simply change everything and that will be fine since it is MY religion and "God" is a pal and will go along with almost everything I ask. As it should be. Amen.

Love and Good tidings to all,
I'm not new at this; I've been practicing since the '70s. Anyhow, I had an interest in the Goddess and folk magic; that's how I got started. I read voraciously and had the good fortune to meet some very talented teachers.

1. I am a Worshiper of Nyx our Great Goddess. I follow this path for the simple reason that She has always been there for me and I am forever greatful to Her.

2. I have felt Her presence numerous times. While in a trance once I saw Her. She was pleased that I am so devoted to Her.

3. Yes i do believe that I will follow this path until I pass. For it will be merry meet....part......and merry meet again to be with the Great Goddess Nyx.

I grew up in a very Christian household. Some very traumatic events happened to between the ages of 9 and 12, and that pretty much snapped me into reality; there is no all knowing, all loving god up in heaven looking down on me and protecting me. It just didn't exist. So, I started trying to find a religion that actually came across as believable. I looked through a lot of things. Then one day, in my research, I came across Wicca. Being curious, I went on a bunch of websites (this one included, although I don't think that I have posted on here until today) to find out what it was all about. And it just kind of clicked. It made sense. It was the kind of thing that I had thought my entire life but was too afraid to say. I researched it for a year, then decided at 13 that I would initiate myself. My friend, Luna, and I went through this whole process together. I adopted the name of Crystal Wintercast as my magickal name, and she adopted the name of Luna Stormwolf. She and I aren't nearly as close as we used to be, but we still both follow the path. Since then, a few of my other friends have found interest in Wicca because of me, and I taught them what I know, but let them know that I am far from an expert and that there are many books and websites that can also help them decide if this is the path for them. Three of them have stuck with it. I know that this is the path for me. I was called to it. This is who I am, and this is who I'll be. Nothing can change that.


Merry meet and blessed be. :)

Congrats on finding your direction, Crystal Wintercast.  I went so far as to become ordained in the Universal Life Church, mainly b/c they have ONE tenet, "Harm Ye No One" just like the old Wicca, but it also allows me to form my religion in the image and likeness of my followers, currently only ONE, but we are on the rise!  The important thing, IMHO, is to be yourself and believe what is comfortable for YOU, and KNOW that whatever YOU believe will be placed into reality EXACTLY as you imagine it.  Feb 10, 2011 is the beginning of the new period known as "Conscious Co-Creation" and it will herald the beginning of many new manifestations.  We must all realize the importance of the spoken word and how powerful it can be, and is. 

Congrats again on finding yourselves ... tell friends so that they can experience it as well.


Live life with passion and be excellent,


1)One day I met a friend who was Neopagan and I started studying the religion,then I fell in love with it and it makes me feel more alive than anything else in the world.

2)I hated the other religion I was on at the time.

3)Yes,yes I do.

1) I wanted to believe in something.  I was raised Christian but just could never feel apart of it.  With Wicca, I can feel it, it feels like it is a part of me, it just feels right.  2)  My wife was wanting to learn more about Wicca, so we both decided to study it and once we got out first book "The Inner Temple to Witchcraft" we were hooked.  But I will say that we are still very new to the path.  3)  I know my wife and I will continue down the path for many years.  We both agree that it really speaks to us and feels right.

Blessed be to all!

1) I was born and raised Lutherian I choose this path because of dreams and visions.  I am self hyptonic and when I was a kid I would see things durning these trances and they would come true weeks later.  I have strange dreams like one time I met a very beautiful woman and she told me her name is Gaia and that I should seek her.  So I started meditation ,reading books and through that I learned that Gaia is a mother goddess and the woman I saw was my inner goddess because she looked just like my true self immage.  Another one I meet a family of raindeer in the woods only they had oak branches for antlers and a little girl in a white dress was rideing the adult female holding a baby male and she said "Do you like my raindeer?"  Then I locked eyes with the adult male and heard the name "Father Oak" repeated to me.  That name was repeating over and over in my head for days after.  My other reason is the earth mother saved my life durning my dark years through a close friend that is wiccan.  2) I started with books then moved into spells and then just stopped for personal reasons. 3) Yes

1)Like you I'm with the same online school and thats how i got into wicca

2)my very first meditation, I astral projected into a forest, I was meet by the white blossomed one she lead me throw the forest into a valley in that valley i was confronted by a big old rustic oak solid table sat at the table was the green man and other people, he asked me to sit down, i did, he said to me i been waiting for you my child par take in some food and drink i hesitated he said go on, then why did you wait for second invitation, i said its polite he said polite i said yes curtisie he said most people help themselves i said that would be rude, unfortunately legs had gone numb and he said i had to go.

3)Ever since then iv carried the love he gave me in my heart, and the world is brighter to me, colours vibrant, yes i will keep going studying my heart out and evolving with each step, blessed be


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