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I must confess. I am new to the Wiccan path, in it for a few months. I want to learn all that I can. I know that we learn everyday.

I have read that most of us here are new to the Pagan world; whatever path it may be. I decided to follow this path because of beliefs I have had for years. From the first time I heard the word Wicca, I wanted to learn about it. I just got into it this year offically. The reason I waited this long was because I did not know of anyone who could teach me.

The women in my family (from my mother's mother's side) have been into Wicca for many generations. Which they neglected to mention.I can not ask my grandmother anything, for she is no longer with us. My mother does not know anything about Wicca either. So that does not help at all. I found out about my family being Wiccan because of another Wiccan. She told my mom because of one of her abilities. I can not learn under her, for she lives in Houston and I, in Perryton. She told my mother that after I have learned what is needed to contact her. I really don't know how I will know if I have am ready to contact her. So, I am learning on my own. I have books and am enrolled at www.magickaschool.com.

Well I am sorry for rambling on (like I always do).
But my questions to you are...

1. What made you follow the path you are on?
2. How did you decide to go with it?
3. Do you believe you will continue on this path until you pass?

Sorry I ask so many questions. (this is my second set of questions)
I would just like to get to know the members of this community more.

Blessed Be

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Was raised christian but knew it wasnt for me. It seemed to be a religion based off of fear, hate and control. I am lucky that my family is supportive of me being pagan, and upon researching my interests i found it and that it suited me. I will always be pagan its a huge part of who i really am. I finally found myself. <3

 I've never grown out of the "I believe in magic phase". Even in grade school (6-8th grade), I was interested in being a wiccan, and was called a witch before I really became one. I never really felt right with the belief in one god and that single god being male. When I looked around I saw that everything comes from a being that has both genders, no genders or there is more than one being different genders. one god in one gender just didn't make sense. 

I got really into it in high school after I found that I had a very strong case of empathy. So strong I needed to learn how to close myself off because it was growing. I started reading back up on it and it just really made sense to me. 

It was hard because my whole family is Christian. They are not ignorant though. They DO know that wicca and all of this does not mean "satan worshipers" -well, my dad doesn't...but he's also racist and sexist and so on..... so he doesn't count. I'm not going to tell them yet, but my fiance does know and accepts me. :)

I tried to not stay on this path, but I keep being drawn back to it, so I believe that my beliefs won't be changing too much....however, anything could happen. 


Well to answer your first question, I have always been interested. I have some friends who are pagan and when I listened to what they had to say I became further interested, then I started looking on line at articles and stuff.

To answer your second question after reading some articles I decided to proceed forward, I am writing my own Book of Shadows and I set up my own altar.

To answer your third. Sure why not?

I had been interested in Paganism for some time, but I then found a Traditional training coven and was immediately filled with a desire to undergo formal Wiccan training and initiation.  I am now a 3rd degree High Priestess who runs a coven in my Tradition.  In two years, I will retire from leading a coven, but will still be involved in my local and national Trad in various ways, from teaching to regional coordination and stuff like that.  Once you're a HPS, you kinda don't stop serving, although you can change how you serve.  I look forward to not running a coven...I love it but it's exhausting and expensive.

 My soul compels me. How can you go against the purity of the soul instilled that is of the higher will. 2. I don't  know about that, their is much unknown and there is so much violence.  3. I don't know of my future path in any way.


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