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We do not do anything wrong, I do not understand why Christians have so much hatred towards Pagans and Wiccans ... They think we worship the devil, but apparently they are very ignorants about this, because Pagans or Wiccans, do not believe in the devil....the devil is an entity invented by Christianity, inspired to ancient Sun God, Pan. Over the centuries, Christians have condemned to the stake, so many innocent people accused of witchcraft by the mere fact that they did not believe in the Christian god. Does that this is right??
The Christians, before you condemn something that they do not know, think of the terrible things that they did, and then they can tell who the bad guys!
Here in Italy, Paganism and Wicca are not widespread...and there is much ignorance about this wonderful religion ... There are covens, or witches, but very few, the Italy is horrible! for tourists can be fascinating, but for those who live there, and knows the Italian lifestyle ... is horrible, please believe me! Not only about Wicca, but in everything, there is a very closed minded, that I personally hate...
Be Wiccan, here in Italy it means to be a monster ... are all ignorant ... (sorry for venting ... I needed to talk with someone who understands me)

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This probably goes with what Dunnubháin was saying.

This includes our major holidays as well, in fact holidays such as Christmas and Easter are both pagan holidays adapted to coincide with the christian beliefs of the supposed Christ's resurrection and rebirth. Both also pagan concepts as the dying of the sun god at Yule and rebirth of the sun god in the spring during Ostara. I fail to believe that an ordinary man can die and come back to life; it is a myth to me.

This is kind of going off topic as I go on to further explain this myth a little further. I have studied some with the jewish faith to see what their true belief in the story and to me this story makes more sense then the christian story. In truth Jesus failed to fullfil their prophecies and they did not accept jesus as a messiah. Reasons being he did not usher in an era of peace or call all of the jews back to israel.

As with all religions, the new ones come along and take over the previous sites of worship, and become the dominant factor,this was done in the past due to the use of latin, as it was the language of worship, money transactions, and law.

Generally speaking we follow a spiritual belief, one that is not christain or muslim or buddaism, its one where we feel we have lived in hell until our belief set us free, we dont need to convert or force others to our belief, just be ourselves, be free, whether your a witch or wiccan, or a pagan, or goth, or vampire, it dont matter.

Its like 2 children playing the mine game, its mine, unless its broken, then its yours.

Sadly there are mental,crazy people in every religion. (there's one guy who believes pokemon are evil etc)...the main problem is that they ARE indeed ignorant. They do not know. But no one is really going around to tell them. We need to cure their ignorance. Get the word out. I had a priest once that said two of his best friends were wiccan and one was gay. This is a Catholic Priest btw. It all depends on the person. 

I can really appreciate your comment. I still lean very close to Christianity but there are experiences I have that cause me to seek answers outside of the Christian religion (it's deemed too controversial). It's not only Christians, it's ALL people who are closed minded and simply put...uneducated. Many Christian traditions were adopted from early Pagans by the Roman Catholic church in order to aid in converting more people to their church. It was all very political and twisted really. 

Ignorance is everywhere. 

     Is this a bad space to speak of the angel called Satan? In the religions of the west, as was deemed by the Christian belief system, the devil was an enemy created by an imperfect creator.  As Jesus cast out the angel, he also denied his perfect source. So who is Satan? I believe he was an angel given to earth for final proof of the spirit, if it was ever needed, and he can contact; it is called possession by some, and in this contact there is real FAITH in the realm of the spirit. What you believe of your source, you also believe of Satan. laurel. 

Lucifer (Satan), Michael & Gabriel were the highest choir of angels. Also known as Archangels. They also formed the trilogy by individual meaning. They specifics slip my mind at the time but Lucifer represented infinity. Jesus was basically a direct link to Lucifer (for lack of better words). He became jealous of Jesus being deemed the savior of the world. Because of this and his acts against God he was cast from Heaven. That's the best way I can explain it in every day words. Just Google information about Lucifer the Archangel and you should find sufficient archives for your questions. **Please note that Wikipedia is NOT a credible source.  

Lucifer is known as the Fallen Angel and Bearer of light...when one belongs to a group their cause becomes yours and what you can do is become a prototype for what you believe is the correct annunciation of whatever they represent. Our contact with the Divine is through the Arch Angels, we contact them at the Temple and calling of the Quarters. I a student of Paganism and will be a Teacher, something I can do befitting my age...all I can suggest is find your niche....wicca is not that new and is actually reorganized witchcraft. I've been a Gardnerian quite a long time and am finishing my degrees. Blessed Be!

Because tolerance is a thing that only certain people in this world can understand.

The hate comes from the lacking in their faith itself. In the New Testament, Christ and Satan are mentioned in turn. The problem is the source of their savior is also the source of Satan. How can they explain this away and still say Christ is of perfection? The thing is THEY CAN'T and it has to bother no matter what they proclaim. The Devil is of the Father, and the father is of the Son. This spiritual logic will always dog any Christian, and it will until the end of time. Next time you see the Pope on TV or wherever, think of the Sistine, with the Father creating Adam then Eve, then look down to the Serpent, and look up again at his source, the Father.  

To understand why Christians hate us,You must first understand how they have been taught through the ages.From the very beginning of the Christian faith when paganism reigned.It was based on a matriarchal society and belief.There was a time when the chief of a tribe was to peform the great rite.He was the supreme sacrifice.That was done in order to insure the fertility of the crops and meat as well as good child birthing.As villages became Kingdoms the King was the sacrifice.Well many Kings did not like this form of practice especially when it meant also that the woman was the main pivotal character.If a man wanted to rise to power he had to marry a woman of power.So they developed a Patriarchal belief system that took away the power of the woman.And gave it to men.In order to do so they had to make people  believe that the old ways were bad so they developed this story and called it the bible.It outlined the laws that the churches use even to this day.They are not about to change the story back to the old story anytime in the future.Sorry about where you live but in the United States there are people in certain places here that think the same way.

    We as Pagans think the same  all over the earth no matter the continent. As Pagans we BELONG to the earth, and we do not say 'UNITED STATES'  'OR UNITED ANYTHING'( insert name of declared  country here:  ) as it is actually a statement of division to speak so.  WE are of the Earth and we know our SOURCE through the natural world shown to us through all things that walk  upon and fly above it. We know that we are the family human in unity and never in destruction. We as Pagans do no harm, as we also know that our Source did not chose man before woman, or son over daughter. Blessed Be In Unity As You Do No Harm in any way.. 

Any group fears what they will not comprehend.


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