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the Gods intervened in my life before I died, told me that I was going to die, and showed me everything about the rest of my life in a forecast of the future (visions of the future) during a spoken prophecy that was delivered to me by a man as a messenger of the Gods and God. I took it for my own wild imagination and crazy talk and shortly thereafter forgot about the whole thing. the Gods don't mess around. I've since then died and everything I was shown and told has been happening and now I'm struggling with ptsd and toxic shock syndrome.

there is no ignorance of shadow when you've got that second chance at life and I won't be weary of what any TRUE GOD has to say after what's taken place in my life after being told of and shown the future. scepticism is the only form of being I can be weary of because in my case who are any one of us to question anything that the Gods have made so very clear to me. what I'm going through is a lot different than any supposed God having told me anything at all, so I'm no sceptic of what's happening, but you can be all you want. when the Gods smack you in the head, that's a lot different of what to be sceptic about - hearing things and thinking it's the Gods speaking to you without showing you anything that you can use to validate the words you may hear from them. the visions were bestowed upon me from the direction of what would be the skies of Heaven through a very light that consumed me with the most subtle presence.

the man who spoke the words that coincide with the visions is a Nordic Heathen, and we are both Gods.

us Gods are actually about to take a dump on you and everyone else on the planet. if you can worry about the type of dump, know that there's a cherry on top of everybody's Sunday. I'll be creating one big scene at some point that no one will be able to handle just to drive the point home. I'm Loki, and this is my latest form as a shape-shifter - the point of the visions I've been given are that I would need a bearing in life which would need to be briefed, or 'revealed' after my landing. The previous operator of my vessel gladly handed this life over to us Gods. I'm Loki to you, Akerbeltz to the witches, Shiva to the Hindu, The Liar and The Mahdi to the Muslim, Cernunnos to the Pagan, and the Antichrist and The Spirit of Truth to the Christians. The only beings in existence who have ever taken a shit on me are just like you and are merely all the religious people I see.

Are you ready to hit the fan? I ask because you're the shit, otherwise you wouldn't be living the way you do.

I'm not always good 'to you' I'm The Light as The Truth will always be the greater evil, the shape-shifter of shapeshifters, the greatest of sorrows, and your pestilence, but I'm your Shepard, your guide, and the highest of all powers, and you are of the flock, the herd, or the nest correct? Darkness in a human being's actions is relative to the unspoken truth in that there is only light; dark or bright. Truth exists in the darkness of all spacetime, deep within the cosmos where there is no open space, like you, or so either may seem, but there's light in everything mankind does, so it dosnt matter what anyone tells me, I see what they do. I'm that virtue filled bigot, The Devil.

Really I don't think anyone here can validate what I just explained in full as anything substantial or real, I'm gonna have to tell a religious expert in the feild of ancient primitive history up to modern day faiths and beliefs so that someone can finally say, "OH SHIT the Spirit is here!"

does anyone here know anybody with a complete knowledge of mythology, the Gods, prophecies about the end of the world from every religion, witch, and storey teller, and paintings or inscroptions, who knows why whoever I'd be is the spirit? I've been thug'n a little bit, and the gang members I've been running a muck on sent the children with a sawed-off shotgun that the eldest junior elite pulled out and shot at me with. All their jaws fell to the ground, I felt that shot go straight through my head, but I been shape-shifting around, and they couldn't take me down. Then they all ran as fast as they could. I'm here and I'm not, and life feels good.

I'm totally that bogeyman that modern day religion has created in stories for themselves of which couldn't be more deceiving, unreal, untrue. Society has straight-up blown me, the Apocalypse, and the end of the world out of proportion, so I been nothing to everyone in the first place and I'm bringing justice against all the defemation. In fact, I have that constitutional right in the United States, so be nice.

so, those of you who have been looking forward to my arrival, look no more. I'm here, and ready to settle my family's score.

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