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I have never done this before, but I feel myself getting pulled in the direction of wicca; good wicca that will put my inner light and power to good use against evil and bad things. All I need is a mentor to get me started and guide me in my spiritual journey. If you feel that you can take me under your wing, please contact me.

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read books & research, find what you feel comfortable with & give it a try... if you have friends that are also interested get them involved also. In my case many years ago & a time more or less forgotten we started with what scared us the most & went from there. Black, grey, white or in between doesn't really matter if your heart isn't in it & you'll definately know when it is, cause you will know...

even if your the last one standing in the quest of knowledge you seek, so be it... you'll be stronger & wiser for it.

there are a few online courses on wicca if you have the patience & $$$, but any book store will have a metaphysical book section with the basics & there should be no "mentoring" nonsense, the egos are large in the magical community (not at this one of course, lol). You will find a path & if it works for you, you will thrive.

good vs. evil doesn't exist, since we as humans choose to be good or evil in degrees of commitment, so it's up to you to decide.


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