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Just curious for everyone's opinions about being a solitary Practitioner versus part of a Coven. Personal experiences and examples would be great :)

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Ive tried a few covens but never found the experiences good ones.  Ive always felt uncomfortable in crowds and being forced to participate when i feel nervy was not a good experience for me. 

 I prefer Solitary as I can concentrate better and have more leeway to experiment and grow at my own pace.  Im more into the natural ways so Solitary is a good way for me.

 Coming from a reserved country that still frowns on "occult goings on" learning materials are hard to come by but out Mother teaches a lot if the eyes, ears and sences are open to it so I have a ready teacher right there, the internet is always available and my guides and guardian is always ready to treat singed fingers when things get a little haywire in crafting - so its all good.

I know the feeling of being the odd one out in a christian family - used to hide my cards and runes under the matress to avoid the inevitable fight. Solitary is only as lonely as you want it to be and I find that I always have teachers be they human or otherwise.  You can learn alot on a Natures walk if your eyes and ears are open enough to Her Voice. 

Blessed be


Sometimes being led is not so great and getting lost is better as you see more.  Ive done alot of traveling in my life and feel connected to all sorts of places as a result though the ocean is still my favourite place to just Be.  Being in a coven I feel restricted to their rules and that makes me nervy.  Solitary is the best way for me as its more eclectic and broader in scope - and I like to improvise so my guardians get to work overtime when I try something new.
When in doubt be a Solitary. Learn as much as you can. If you feel like you need more teaching or whatever, join a Coven.

Coverns are Ok for formal teaching but I feel that it narrows the study field a bit - just like school sylabus.  I prefer a Solitary path as the path ot the proverbial horizon is wider



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