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I have seen and collected many images of Cernunnos and they differ greatly from each other. My favorite images of Cernunnos come from the Gundestrop cauldron and the cave paintings in France (see image on Herne's group Primative Pagans). I always invision the Antlered Lord with the lower body of a stag (fur and hooves), long wild hair and beard with a huge rack of antlers, carrying a spear. How do you invision Cernunnos? Is he completly man except for the antlers? Does he always have his ram headed serpent or hounds? Share your insights.

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The image from the cauldron fits with my personal thoughts. I have felt him on the Hunt once on a solitary night in the woods. Though I didn't "see" him, the image of a powerful lord with antlers, long hair and beard, carrying his spear and accompanied by his hounds is the one I FELT.
I see Him as antlered (of course) and with the legs and hooves of a stag. Perhaps because I'm gay, I picture Him as very handsome and with a large phallus. Hairy arms and chest. If I picture Him with a beard, it is short and well-kept. I also see Him with long flowing hair. A torc is the only thing I imagine Him wearing.


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