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Nature seems to be a popular theme so let's C what U Got!
These should only be photos of yours that you own.
Also - if you use the "image" icon above your post, rather than attaching a file, it embeds directly so we can see images immediately.

I'll start with a three of my own, all taken with my iPhone...

#1 is "Rosie" the donkey... caught her in a quizzical moment...

#2 is a cool view from a hotel room I was in...

#3 purple trees on a special night in Rome

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Those are some cool pics! I especially like the purple tree and the inquisitive donkey.

Here's a couple of mine. The first is a shot of the moon taken during the lunar eclipse (in February I think)...

Here's one of a turkey vulture flying past the moon. I stood there watching this guy circle for about a half hour, waiting for him to fly past the moon so I could get a decent shot. I was beginning to worry the moon would go down before he got around to it....

Here's a closer shot. I dunno why the vultures kept following me. Musta looked like I was ready to drop....

Here's a deer crossing the railroad tracks on a foggy morning....

Here's a shot from up on the hill that same morning, to give you an idea how thick the fog was....

Hills of fog....

Beatiful! I also love the dew on the flowers.
Donna said:
Here are three that I like.

I love moments when the dew is captured in nature!
Beautiful shots Scott!!! Wow... good camera?
Rebecca H said:
Beautiful shots Scott!!! Wow... good camera?

Thanks Rebecca. I use a Canon Digital Rebel, which is a pretty decent camera. I also have a 300-500mm zoom lens, which helps getting close-ups of the critters. For some odd reason, they don't seem to like it when you run close to take a picture :)
Scott I absolutely love the deer in the fog and the vulture with the moon(it's my new wallpaper).

Those are great shots, Luna. I've never been able to get a decent rainbow picture.

Does your camera have different settings on it? I read somewhere that the brightness of the moon is just sunlight. Basically, it's just a sunny day on the moon, so just have camera settings set for a sunny day. I tried it, and that usually works out pretty good.

LunaShadow said:
Blessings everyone! All of your shots are so beautful. Nature is my fav subject along with my kids. LOL. I live on a farm and have wonderful subjects. I also love sunsets. I love the moon but really need a better camera. I'm working on that one, just cant afford it yet.

My best of the Moon.

Somewhere of the rainbow comes to mind. I took this one right out my front door after a rain.

Those are all really good!!! Here are some of mine I tend to favor Black and whites...


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