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Comment by Bob God Taylor on March 16, 2013 at 6:14pm

The American Dream 

by Bob God Taylor

The American Dream

is merely a scheme

wherein one aspires

to live beyond one's means.

Our value system

is wholly synthetic;

it's pathetic;

we can have nothing real.

But we feel

and we live in a real world

of Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars.

Brand new cars,

bigger houses and green lawns

are nice

but can they bring one true bliss?

Look at this:

an old god in His garden,

drinking deeply

of the Earth and the Sky,

sharing water

with the gods all around Him,

this is true bliss,

and it makes the gods cry.

Comment by Derick Falconstar on March 18, 2012 at 7:39am

Dark Mood

By David D Cutchall

Is that Blood dripping from that Rose

 Drip, drip, dripping on the ground

I walk these halls I hear no sound

Was that a scream I heard before

Is there someone behind this door

Hiding there Waiting for me

Is that Blood upon the floor

did I see it there before

No It was not there

Shadows, gloomy dark and deep

are you waiting there for me

Waiting for my soul to keep?

Comment by Derick Falconstar on March 18, 2012 at 7:38am


By David D Cutchall

Alone atop a distant hill

Standing there

So silent and still


What do you think

 as you glance my way

on your busy, busy day

 Do you see me standing here


Beneath me lies one so still

Beautiful she was upon this hill

She sleeps


Some day you may be alone

Sleeping under a standing stone

upon a hill

like me

Comment by Derick Falconstar on March 18, 2012 at 7:35am

Vampire Feast

By David D Cutchall

My days are filled with hunger... My nights are filled with blood.

Along these streets I wander, a soul in search of love.

 My restless heart is waiting, for one to come along..

 to thrill me with her laughter to touch me with her song.

And then, again, I spin my web, of pain and dark deceit,

 and then I see her lying there, lying at my feet.

 Her skin so white, she is so cold, I can not look away.

 My tears are falling on her eyes, she'll not see another day

.Again I walk the lonely streets in search of new found love..

 to find a moments pleasure feasting on her blood

Comment by Erin Nichole Ouellette on March 7, 2012 at 5:54pm

A Sex Dream

by Erin N. Ouellette


The breeze blows my curly hair like a rusty brown banner. My clothes lay in tatters, upon the ground. He is searchng for my eyes but I turn so he does not see the fear inside.  The aspect of the horned one is on him, I can see the antlers of the stag upon his crown. He grabs my chin and forces me to see. We lock eyes and I see his tenderness and desire. He kisses me long and hard, I can no longer resist, and match him in intensity. He runs his hands through my silky tressels. Then down tracing the "v" in my neck to finally settle upon my breasts. We draw apart for breath and he looks at me admireing his gift.  He spins me and pushes me up against a tree. The bark is rough, hard, and damp with dew from the lateness of the hour. the musty smell of a forest fills my nose and my nipples grow hard from the cold. My moans and screams are the only words exchanged. His hands hungerly search for my breasts as he savagely ravashes my virgin earth. This whole rite has taken on an animalistic vibe. His groans answer my moans and with one last deep thrust he plants his seed. Sadated for now we collapase in a filthy sweaty heap. Finally he takes me into his arms  where I feel safe. The last thing I see before I fall asleep are the animal's stunned expressions of envy.

Comment by lena hope morris on February 23, 2012 at 11:05am

kiss me

words in a lovers ear

hit me

screams of anger and fear

leave me be

sobs of fear and confusion

emotions let loose by our toungue

never will we live in harmony

never will we feal complete

pain and agony is to close to thrive

our hearts and souls trying to break free

are caught by an unbreakable net

so we tear ourselves apart

hoping some of the peices will drift through

but instead they sink farther and farther into the great abyss

Comment by Erin Nichole Ouellette on February 20, 2012 at 6:00am

My Knight Owl

By Erin N. Ouellette

Will I ever find your love?

Just like a rose I need love to grow

and bloom in the great mother's care.

Watch over me my knight owl,

keep my dreams pure and free,

let me soar with thee above the trees.

With the passage of time my leaves,

may wither and fade,

but with your love I can regrow them each day.

Seek me my knight owl, find me this night,

keep me safe my love for I will love thee.

I feel cold no one to hug me and keep me warm.

My petals fall off and skatter upon the ground,

but with your love they can also be replaced upon my crown.

For now though I will stay warm in the great mother's embrace.

Climbe high my knight owl,

seek me out, thy loving mate.

Devour my bad dreamsso I do not turn gray.

For if I trun gray my beauty will fade,

my leaves will wither,

and I will cease to try.

I thank thee my knight owl for find your way.

But will I find love? you say

Yes, I know I will in your embrace.

Comment by lena hope morris on February 17, 2012 at 4:31pm

what lies in between the fold of our lives

hatred love retribution

what do we long for

romance money sex

what is it that makes us retch

what is the truth

who are we

we lie to ourselves

we lie to our loves our family

we know not the truth

for we've hidden it from our own eyes

what is love 

is it a feeling

is it a sense

what may it be that will set our hearts free

sitting laying in the dark

i whisper songs to a child

never before seen 

eyes gold as the sun

skin pink as clay

face tender and shapen in perfectness

the tears that fall from her eyes come from us

all she see's is our lives destroyed by our own

held tight in my arms she clings and begs

begs for the light and the dark

begs for whats right in both to come forth

not until she's aged will it come to be

and yet she yearns to stay young

Comment by Jillian Anka on February 15, 2012 at 8:32pm

A Childs Tears

(Child sex abuse)

By Renee’



It was a different time and place

A little child’s innocent face

She looked so sweet and dear

Yet she cries silent tears


Deep within she’s in such pain

Feeling so dirty, hanging her head in shame

She lost her innocence at a young age

And locked in a painful cage


No freedom, no escape

This child is raped, and abused

Continuously used

Leaving her confused


Being used by a sick man

Forcing this child to do his will

With a slap of the whip

Her blood he would spill

Holding her down with a forceful grip


Locked in an eternity of shame

She accepts all the blame

No! It’s not her fault

She is being locked in a vault

Raped and abused


Seeking within her mind

Can things be any different?

Her fear is her deadly serpent

Is there anything she could have done?

What if she would have run?


The shame

The fear

Forces her into silence

Keeping to herself all the violence

Painful tears she hides


The continuous rape

Is shocking beyond belief

She can’t find any relief

This evil deed happens again and again

Her tears flow like heavy rain


First one, is how it began

Then two and then more

These men took her

And they did their worst

Her insides almost burst


Not one did care

Only at her little naked body did they stare

Leaving her bloodied and hurt

Each rape, would send her to hell

Her pain and fear is all they could smell


With every touch

A part of her would die

Oh God! All she could do was cry

This sexual prison has no gate

Every rape is sealing her fate…


Stop this pain!

Take this child out of the rain

Set her free!

Let her be

Stop this abuse!

Child abuse is a mortal sin

May God never forgive them!








Comment by Erin Nichole Ouellette on February 15, 2012 at 6:07pm

Visitor in the Night

By Erin N. Ouellette

How dare you touch me, grab a hold of me with bone white hands.  Look at me with thy experssionless vossage mocking me so.  Cast thy own self upon the desolite shores.  Black is thy color with red thy card, reds stains upon a black robe.. Cowl always up?  Ha the messagner of fear is afraid of being seen. Cast thy self into the void, at least there thy face shall go unseen.  Angel of death is thy name, I see no wings, just a dirty broken old bag of bones.  Let go of me you horrible thing.

But thy touch is cold and thy words are none.  How, how could this be happening to me?  Let go of me, let go of me you horrible filthy thing. Let go of me ugly. Let me be, leave me in peace not in dread.  I hate you , I hate you, you bringer of doom, messagner of death, you servent of hell...............


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