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I personally get tattoos for a reason or i like to think i do. I only have two so far but i do plan more i just need to get the images i have created in my head on to paper.

Anyway,what i mean is do you think so many people just get them to fit in a be like oh i have a tattoo. Because whenever someone sees the one on my wrist they say oh cool look at mine. Sometimes i just want to say just because i have tattoos doenst nececerally mean i want to see yours.

I found this wonderful tattoo saying which i do plan to get.

"The Tattoo is the mark of the soul
it can act as a window
to which people can see inside
or sheild us from those
who cannot see past the surface"

Do any of you agree, that the art of tattooing is getting flushed down the toilet?

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Not so much that, but getting a tattoo will nearly always mean something different to someone else. The art of tattooing has been perverted by American culture, in a sense, from what many other cultures do. I see mine (the ones I have and those I've yet to sit for) as outward evidence of who and what I am.
I have three tats that I gave a good amount of thought over. I took me 20 years before I got my first one. Took 30 years before I finally got my nose pierced. That was due to the jobs I had and the people I was around. I love my tats and my piercing and I really don't care what people think....these are for me and my reasons!! My kids and I have tats in memory of my youngest son who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 16. The one on my back is a Celtic knot in blues and greens that represents my children, the world(Gaia), my beliefs and thats why it's on the base of my spine-it's my foundation. The one on my ankle is Hawaiian because it's my favorite place to be.
I think all lot of people have hopped on the bandwagon and just put slop on their bodies just for shits and giggles. Sort of like yuppie wanabe Harley riders. Just have to get past the BS and be yourself...tats, piercings and bikes are a way of life, not something that's put on or changed like the current fad.
*smile* Fantastic. Those are the two laws of tattoos that I followed with my first two and will continue to: design it yourself, and give it meaning. It's a shame, though, that tattoos for bragging rights, fashion, or acceptance are chiefly looked at as the rule as opposed to the exception. Yours are a refreshing change of pace because they have deep meaning to you and there was tremendous thought before even getting them. Piercings have most often been a matter of taste just because there is no real need for them. The right one(s) on the right person do look very good, though. Kudos to you.
I just wanted to state that every piercing that I have put in/through my body has always had a significant rite or passage. It , like tattoos, has a long history and is deeply embedded in ritual. It is on the person if they do it for the fun of it or if it truly has a meaning. I have not, nor will I, ever get a tattoo or piercing that doesn't have a meaning. With this said I think piercings are just as important as tattoos.
I think there is a lot of us out here in the tattoo world that puke at the site of someone getting flash because it is sheik for that point in time. I think most people who are truly into tattoos get them because of the meaning or rite of passage that they have completed.
All your points are very good.
The two tattoos i have are there for a reason my three stars on my neck, people always say to me you got that because some singer has it, i was like no i have it for my two sisters and brother. We all live apart yet we see each other and stay in contact. And then the one on my wrist 3 butterflies and a ribbon again for people i love my mother and two Aunties. I got that one done on my 18th last year 10 days after my Auntie Joanne was cremated, the ribbon because she suffered cancer an extradinary 5 times. Aged 39. So my tattoos have a lot of meaning.
Thankyou for all your comments.
tats are sexy
but should be tasteful and have a meaning

I have three tattoos, and I agree with everyone that a tattoo should have meaning to the person that it is being created on. I didn't like the fact that like five years ago, it was the "cool" thing for everyone to go out and get "tribal" arm bands. I know so many people that went out and did that because everyone else was and it was the cool thing to do at the moment. I mean to each their own for sure; I personally don't do names on my body, I get a symbol to represent that person. I have one for my father after his death, and though he'll always be my father I'm not in it for the names all over my body. I think kids are ok cause they'll always be yours, but high school kids that go get their bf/gf names on their body GIVE IT MORE THOUGHT!! Too many people have to get cover ups on their bodies due to this fact.


By the by, Merry Meet all. Love the art on this page that I have seen :-)

I personally have 7 tats, and all of them have meaning to me or symbolize a stage of my life.  I have a pentacle with a rose tattooed on the back of my neck I'm quite proud of, and a monarch butterfly with the words "just when the caterpillar thought the world was done, she became a butterfly" around it, which is how I feel after being abandoned by my husband of 26 1/2 years,  I am truly in metamorphisis, trying to identify and create how / who I want to be as an individual rather than as a "couple,"  Probably the reason why I also have navel, nose, tragus, and eyebrow piercings, as well as multiple piercings in both ears.


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