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Tired of hearing of Lilith being the dangerous Archtype-like wtf.....

Lilith was superb,and she thought for herself,and strong.This Xtian story of her is such bs,and the thought that strong women should be punished has carried through time and is time it ended-for good! Women are "allowed' just like men to exist,to be who they are,and survive without turmoil.Holly wood is known to control the masses because it is owned by the Illuminatti *don't care if I misspelled that) which is run mostly by men.Need to get over themselves-cause if they are intimidated because women are smater than them,just accept it because men will never win that arguement!

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Sometimes I feel like this world is one fucked up experiment and god is nothing more than a spoiled rotten little brat,who messed up with one of his toys....but noone is cleaning it up

It is up to us females to once again

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