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budhaw born in earth in many time,many place,with many face and many creature.before his nirvan this born is called bodhi shotto.is it possible by the way of meditation we can be a bodhi shotto in this life.what you think

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I personally think that One will not know until he tries. If you set your mind on a goal I believe that it is indeed possible. Though it will not be easy nothing ever truly worth while happens very easily for the most part. Though I can't say to much for I'm unfamiliar with the subject.
i am not exprience or i dont try because i dot know the perfect way of that.but i saw the paintings of azanta[its a very old cave of budhist priest in india]i just saw the paintings and i read a lot of things about those paintings and its history and i found and realise that it is possible.another thing is i sawthe very old relogious of hindu mythology that they belive and they have many leagend who were born like that. so i merge this two things and belive that this possible but i dont know how.thank you for your openion
my pleasure. If you have any links I would love to check out the picture that you saw.
i colect some pictures and i add a album[azanta] today.if you like to read some thing about that i can send you.thank
indian arciological website are not so rich and informative.i dont know why.i can give you a name [azanta cave]you can chek it maybe you can get some information here.if you want to know this[azanta cave]you must depends on books.because about azanta cave paintings many writters wrote many books.and every azantas paintings has a mythical story if you dont know that story you cant underestand properly that paintings.i have a lot of books about that.
one of very rich and informative books is_[azanta aporupa]it means_beauty of azanta.writter_narayan shannal.


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