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Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link


Which is completely uncalled for. It bothers me that We never harm a thing and yet Christians like this have to spite Us and automatically begin the unwanted  discussion of this DEMON if you will that We are all supposedly banned to. Pathetic. I hope Kharma runs her course. Figures that they get to spit on Us while We sit back and watch.. and wait.

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Christians don't like pagans, and never will. They are great hypocrites.


melissa, most don't like us, but some are tolerant, and a rare, cherished few do like us

my whole family is christian, they have no problem with it, my preacher grandfather even bought me a pentagram. my bf is too, (i chewed him out for this, but was still appreciative) he punched a guy out because he called me a devil worshiping b****. not all of them are bad

You know what i find most disturbing are people who are pagans and think it's a exclusive right to be one. Also most don't want to share any experience long live the dead site.

Perhaps it's worse in the USA, people here are largely indifferent as far as I'm aware. Of course, there are always exceptions !

this is true.  to paint all christians with the "pagan haters" brush is the same as saying all pagans are devil worshippers.  there are open minded persons everywhere.

Yes humans are always labelling people and a quote I love to use is "have you ever noticed that when people are labelled their faces disappear," and this is true with Christians views of other people, it also means that even a close society like ours has people who think like this, which says if we don't want to all be labelled then we shouldn't label them. This also means that you should try to prove people wrong that we are bad and to not fight them, but to accept that they may not ever come to terms with what we believe and that also gives us room to expand, find ways of at least minimising bad opinions to not encourage them any more.

well said :)

Quite an...interesting...article. The way the world is today allows everyone to have their own views but that doesn't mean you should condemn someone for having a different belief in something than you do. /eyeroll. Just as Melissa said, Christians are hypocrites, but I can't hate them, they're just naive to the way things really are. 

This isn't all Christians, every group has their radicals. I try to remind my self of this kind of stuff after reading that kind of shit. It helps me keep a positive and loving attitude 

I'm not surprised at all...I used to ear these sort of things...there are plenty of this people in Italy, they're all taking for Truth the words of the Pope but no one can think with his own mind, like a group of sheep!!! Even in my school there's a priest who actually told us about paganism and Wicca and he condamned it so I decided to leave the class 'cause I couldn't stand him no more...now everyone knows that I'm wiccan but I don't care ^^ 

Blessed Be 

Voxifera L. Diana )O(

Christianism in essence started as a popular derivative religion, made from the ashes (and doctrines) of Roman Paganism (Mithraism in particular..) to be 'appealing' to the masses of the empire, especially the low level classes and also the less intellectual beings. Mithraism was known in the Roman Empire well before Christianism. I mean, to be clear, before Christ himself. Paul of Tarsus, also known as Saint Paul, is the 'mind' of Christianism, the man that shaped the Christian doctrine on the Mithraic model. Many philosopher of the time watched at Christianism as a religion of 'naive' ignorants, compared to the deepness and complex paradigms and doctrines of other philosophical currents...

This way started the fight (and hate) of the Christians vs. Pagans (viceversa)...we are talking about more than 2000 years ago...

However, putting aside particular cases like this one, to make short a long ,delicate and intricate issue, I believe that the problems of today world ( and of yesterday...) rely first on ignorance. Hystorical ignorance (to ignore our real past) is followed by 'soul ignorance' (and viceversa), the rest is just an 'emanation', a natural consequence of these two.

My fellow friends, there still a long way to perfectionate the Human genre...let's keep walk in the right direction. I believe that free spirits are moving in the right direction, if right can mean anything. As I think, that nothing can be really 'right' or perfect on this imperfect plane of material manifestation...(well, under a deep philosophical dual perspective, we can also say that this imperfect plane is 'perfect' in its imperfection...lol...)

In now way we are perfect or anything close to being human although in the public eye we are monsters. The world can be a cruel planet indeed and sometimes people stand in the way of progress. They think we are a flawed religion , but even in our own instance we outcast our fellow members. 


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