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Melissa Kara
  • Female
  • Stockton Durham
  • United Kingdom
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Melissa Kara's Page

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Maybe Looking
Zodiac Sign:
Do you remember your past lives?
Egyptian Priest/ess
Path or Tradition:
Servant of Aphrodite and Hathor
Do you have a religion?
Magic of choice:
Wicca, Runes, Natural Magic
Where you perform rituals?
inside your house, forests, ancient ruin, mountains, valley, hills
How do you perform your ritual?
With perfect love and trust.
Cemetery of choice:
Skorpios Island ( Ionian Sea - Greece )
Forest of choice:
Forest of Dean
Beach of choice:
Anywhere on the Isle of Harris
Among my preferred tools for Magick rituals:
Magic sword, Other
What about Drugs?...
I like, Viva Caffeine!, Viva Nicotine!
What about dancing?
I dance around a mystic fire
Food orientation:
Vegetarian's dilemma: Do you think eating meat is a crime?
Hell Yes!
Favorite food:
Spaghetti, Pancakes, Lentil soup, Macaroni & cheese
Type of Ethnic food you like:
Italian, Greek, Spanish
Preferred beverage:
Favorite Movies:
The Craft.
Favorite Music:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Books:
Inside the Silent Land by Paul Brock. Anything on Neuroscience
Favorite Quote:
I think, therfore I'm dead
Favorite Website: (Info Only - no other communities please)
Partner Preference:
Searching for a Neopaganic adventure?
Neopagan relation
Preferred Car:
Range Rover
Any Pets?
Erotic Orientation:
S&M, Tantric Sex
Sex Drive:
Erotic,Tantric, SexMagick status:
Goddess of Love
People you like:
No one
People you hate:
Everybody but especially neo-liberals
Political Orientation?
How would you like to end up?
Green burial
If you will be mummified, where?
Egyptian pyramid
Favorite Archeological site:
Best City in the World:
An Old Egyptian Vampire is inside the Great Cheope Pyramid at Giza, do you enter?
Yes but with a Garlic collar!!
Do you like Italian "Pandoro" Cake?
Don't know
Alien of choice:
I hate Aliens!!
About this site:
Don't know..
Do you hate our Questionnaire or...??
Hell yeah!!

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Melissa Kara's Blog

Colloque Sentimental by Paul VerlaineIn the old park, deserted in the frostIn the old park, deserted in the frostIn the old park, deserted in the frost

Posted on December 2, 2011 at 6:06am 2 Comments

In the old park, deserted in the frost

A while ago two shapes came drifting past

Their eyes have died, their lips become so weak

That they can hardly speak

In the old park in the frost

A ghost was reminiscing to a Ghost

-Can you recall our ectasy of long ago ?

-Why stir the memory? why do you want know ?

-Does your heart still beat at the mention of my name as ever ?

Do you still see my spirit in…


ThanksGiving is not what you think !

Posted on November 24, 2011 at 11:35am 7 Comments

The first official Thanksgiving Day was declared by John Winthrop, governor of Massachusetts Bay colony in 1637, to celebrate the return of the colony’s men from an expedition in which they participated in the massacre of over 700 Pequot Na...tive American children, women, and men, in what is now Mystic, Connecticut.…

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At 2:03am on March 11, 2014, NICK WILSON. said…


At 3:59pm on December 1, 2012, Fenrirson said…
Hello and how are you?
At 11:40am on January 31, 2012, Kheltic_Ryder said…

Thank you for adding me. I look forward to getting to know you.

At 11:22pm on January 23, 2012, Jillian Anka said…
Like a flash of life
Like a madman screaming
The criminal cry
Bella roaring pain,
As the rage of love
As an assault of joy

I see a spark of life
I hear a young minstrel sing
Beautiful roaring scream
Of joy and sorrow,
So extreme
There is a love in me raging
A joyous,
Magical feeling
Be Happy
Be Blessed
Be Peaceful
At 11:38am on January 20, 2012, Jillian Anka said…
The meaning of you
By Renee’

You are the sun in my day
The wind in my sky
The waves in my ocean
And you are the beat in my heart

All my dreams came true the day that I met you
I Love You!
You are the sunshine of my life
Thanks for brightening up my world
With the warmth of your Love

You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul
I love You with all my heart
I want to be your arms
I want to feel your touch
I want your lips on mine
I want to feel your smooth skin against mine
I need you so much

I want to stare into your eyes
And never look away
I want you to hold me in your arms
And tell me it’s okay
I want to kiss with a passion that only we can share
And when I fall down I want you to be there
Next to me
To pick me up and hold me in your arms
Keep me safe

Put your head to my heart
Hear the beating of my burning desire
As your love flows around my body
Close your mouth around mine
And taste all I am
Feel my heat
Let my desire be your fire
You light up a fire deep inside me
Every time you come close to me
See the pure, raw love I hold for you
And let us burn together
We can already see each other’s flames flicker in ecstasy
Together as one
Always and Forever

Looking into your eyes I can see your beauty
Looking into your soul I can see passion
Looking into your mind I can see intelligence
But looking into your heart I can see the world
My world
A world I want to keep forever

I never tell you enough
How much i love you
And how much I care
If you look inside my heart
You will see it beats for you
You are always deep within the caverns of my heart
You are in my thoughts every moment of every day

I wish I were a tear
So I could roll down your cheek
And drop onto your lips
And be your taste
That fills your heart with my love
I love you

Love is the passion we feel inside of our hearts
That we can't hide
Sometimes we pretend to hide it
But the desire burns us
More and more
Until the pain grows and grows
And it never ends

"Passion" a word which involves so many of my feelings for you
I feel it when we touch
I feel it when we kiss
I feel it when I look at you
I feel it when you make love to me
For you are my passion
My one true love

I envy any girl that has ever hugged U
Cuz in that 1 moment
They held my whole world in their arms
You are my Passion
There are some things in life that catch your eye
And then
There are those that capture your heart
Your pursue is to enslave my heart
Imprison my soul
You are the spark
That ignites my desire
You are the flame that heats me up
And sends me to places no one can
I love you
I am you
At 7:07am on January 19, 2012, Yarrow said…

Merry Meet and thank you have a great day Blessed Be

At 7:09pm on January 16, 2012, Carol Wheeler said…

No matter how bad things feel like they are
Just hang on
I know things will get better.

At 8:26am on January 12, 2012, Yarrow said…

Hi how are you thanks for accepting my friends request Blessed Be

At 9:15pm on December 30, 2011, nurul azam said…

At 8:16am on December 28, 2011, Founder said…

That's fine that she was a good friend...good for you..but what about? Will this alone give to her the power to break community rules?...


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