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It appears that this site is mostly dead and the members arent all that interested in being on here

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[ yes this site is dead when you think you are tired in your activities.but there is a lot of things,many peoples from different lives,if you try if you have such an eye to see,i think you will never be sorry for that,its not dead.just try to understand the peoples mind try to feel their lives.

Just like leaves of a tree die in autumn and green in spring so creativity flows back and forth in its own cycle.  Times of lull bring thought and perspective before the cycle of creativity of life and beginning starts once again.  This site is the same with its lulls and growth spirts so keep things in perspective and work towards a better family and all will be well.
Nothing dies, everything flows...etc...

[Just like leaves of a tree die in autumn and green in spring so creativity flows back and forth in its own cycle ]

thanks for this words,i am looking for this words to reply but you did.its a perfet word and example.

Glad to see the comments and knowledge about ebb and flow, quiet vs dead... etc.  For those of you laughing about thinking this place is dead, you are here... Zombie or not!!  Lol...  Regardless, this site is really what the members make of it.  For those who hang out and actually get to know others there is a depth and freedom here that is extremely valuable.  I've had a lot of great communications with many members and am very appreciative to also get perspectives from across the globe.  Very cool. 

Being pagan is all about ebb and flow.  if you dont bend with the winds how can you grow??  just like the site one needs to add new things to grow and improve.  Sitting and complaining about it isnt going to help but action works!!

I think those that complain need to think about what they want and add something new and invigorating rather than ride on the backs of others.  Its just like life that those that whine and complain are those that are least productive and usually never try to add anything other than criticism!


sadly, this seems to be just another site for fluffy bunnies and children who like to play at and pretend to Paganism.  Very disappointing.  More fuel for the fires against us.  I fail to see anything very constructive here. 

Being a Fam Trad. witch, I am discouraged by this kind of misguided attempt to educate and collect others of like mind.

I understand the desire to do so but this is clearly not the right format.  Editing postings for content and relative subject matter would be a good place to begin.  I saw one most disturbing post titled, "vampiric wiccan" or some such nonsense.  Please!  That's just idiotic.  Why would you have such moronic diatribe on your site? 

Oddity is not a pagan virtue and those in such need of attention ,as the one mentioned above, have too many negative things going on to even begin to address working toward the faith. 

The paths are many, no doubt, neo-paganism has only so much fact to look to, the rest we take on faith , etc.  Has anyone told all these seekers that what they believe is their reality?  Do they have any idea that thoughts are things?

I applaud the site owners efforts but I have serious doubts about the intent and the current result.  After 48 years of work and study in the faith I feel sure that I have a far better grasp on what I write about here than any of you here presently.

Hear me now, playing at this is all well and good for the moment but you may soon find yourself in a not so "fun" situation of your own making.  Be careful what you say and do, the rule of three can be brutal and unforgiving.  If you find that laughable, you do not belong on this path.

Well said 43yrs old will be doing my 3rd degree on beltain Gard witch Blessed be


I'm equally as fascinated on peoples opinion , but human beings are like Bill Maher in the public eye. Everyone hates him , but watches his show. It's human culture to look at websites that have healthy discussions or watching the fireworks run wild.

?????  I was merely stating that the site is open enough for things to be added and it can be livened up if the users want to so complaining is a bit pointless.

As for me Ive been on the Path sinve I was in the first year high school and am now 40 so do the math.

Happy Halloween to you - Im from South Afreica so its not celebrated yet.

Gosh I hope it's not dead I only just joined up. I think instead of moaning about things it would be better to keep active on here and others would do the same. Well let's hope so :)


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